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Men’s Guide to Self-Care Before the Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, a guy is responsible for much more than just putting on pants and showing up on the day of his wedding. These days, more and more men are embracing a self-care routine in order to look and feel their best on their wedding day and everyday. Grooms, maybe you’ve never thought about this before. So, here is a little insight on how you can ensure that your mind and body are ready for one of the best days of your life!

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Maintain your Mane

Nothing’s worse than a bad hair day, right?  Wrong.  Imagine having a bad wedding hair day.  Avoid this catastrophe completely and start planning your wedding day hairstyle ahead of time.  Meet with your stylist and share your day of vision. From there, they can help you determine how often you’ll need to come in the days leading up to your wedding. Are you someone with male pattern baldness in your genes? Or perhaps you are beginning to experience hair lossLook into Finasteride to treat male pattern baldness and possibly promote thicker hair. A stylist may even suggest taking a biotin gummy to promote healthy hair growth so that you’re hair is full and flourishing on your big day. If you’re someone who prefers to go hairless on top but want to make sure your facial hair is looking right, consider investing in beard oil.  This product will keep your beard feeling silky and smooth down any flyaways for a polished wedding day look.

Break a sweat

Working out has benefits that stretch beyond just losing weight.  When you exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling also known as happiness.  Working out also helps you maintain a healthy skin complexion, so you don’t have to stress about starting an extensive skincare regimen. Physical activity even increases energy levels. That means you’ll be feeling less tired and more awake to help your significant other with wedding planning! However, if you are looking to lose a few extra pounds before the wedding, that’s great too. With a healthy diet and other positive life choices, exercise is just another component that can help you reach whatever goal it is you set for yourself. Remember, this doesn’t have to stop after the wedding either!

Catch some Zzz’s

In order to function properly, it’s recommended you get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.  It may sound like a lot, but lack of sleep can deeply impact you both mentally and physically.  Not getting the proper amount of sleep leads to memory loss, premature skin aging, moodiness, irritability, and even decreased sex drive, which we all know isn’t good if you’re thinking about a honeymoon!  If the stress of wedding planning is beginning to have an affect on your sleep pattern, consider incorporating essential oils into your night time routine. Women aren’t the only ones that can use oils for their benefit! This is an all natural way to calm your mind and body down and fall into a deep sleep that will leave you feeling well rested and ready to take on your big day.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Still recovering from that bachelor in Vegas? Great! You’ve got the perfect reason to drink water.  Like lack of sleep, dehydration can affect you both mentally and physically and you can’t take any risks in the time leading up to your big day. Not drinking the proper amount of water can lead to headaches, drying of the mouth, skin and eyes, low energy, and a feeling of disorient.  The common water consumption recommendation is eight, eight ounce glasses per day. This is also known as the 8x8 rule. If you have a hard time remembering to drink throughout the day, buy a fun bottle and turn it into a competition. You can even challenge your future spouse as their water consumption is just as important!

So you may have realized by now, that bride and groom preparation isn’t that different after all. It all comes down to the basics, and the key is to give yourself time to prepare!


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