How to Not Look Hungover (Even When You Are)

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Whether it’s too many back-to-back holiday parties, one too good New Years Eve party or just too long a night out with friends, it’s easy to end up hungover, exhausted and dehydrated this time of year. The problem is you still have to get out of bed and do it all again in the morning. So what are ways to make yourself look and feel better? We asked 5 men for their own personal hangover cures that get them through the next day.

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How to Not Look Hungover

Antacids and Sweat

All the acidity (and 2AM Cali Burrito) is not your friend this morning, instead of trying to power through what feels like a stomach ulcer, make sure to take some antacids to help you keep your lunch down.

Then head out to a sauna or for a jog. Get all that alchy out of your system by pushing it out through work, tears and sweat.

If you’re a superb individual, and plan out your night – make sure to take a B12 vitamin before you go out drinking to ensure that you don’t wake up feeling all that disgusting.

— Asa Vaquera, Influencer

How to Not Look Hungover

How to Not Look Hungover

Concealer and Bronzer

I was the make over expert on a popular reality makeover show where 15% of the participants were men. Everyone of them showed up on reveal shooting day at least slightly hung over. It can be daunting so I understand the need to have a few drinks the night before taping a makeover for international TV.

None of the male participants had ever worn makeup. Every one of them were gobsmacked surprised at how a bit of moisturizer, concealer under the eyes and a light dusting of bronzer eliminated any trace of a hangover and made them look better than they ever did on a perfect day.

For any guy who likes to indulge, but doesn’t want to look like they did, especially at work, invest in some concealer and bronzer.You will look so good you might even get a raise.

—Fred Connors, Founder

How to Not Look Hungover

Eye Drops

While I love a good night’s sleep more than almost anything, I also like to unwind from time to time and have a few drinks with friends. These days I play it cool more often than not, but like most people, I’ve definitely overdone it before. So how can you give the appearance of a good night’s sleep when really you were up late imbibing? It all starts with the eyes.

Nothing says “hungover” like red eyes. That’s where eyedrops are life savers. In particular, I’d recommend looking for the ones marked “redness relief.” Use them throughout the day and not only will your eyes look more clear, but you’ll feel better too. And after the days over, go home and get your Z’s.

— Chris Brantner, co-founder of and lover of Shiner Bock

How to Not Look Hungover

Ice Cold Bath

Sometimes, after work, I like to have a few bottles with some of my personal friends. This usually happens every Thursday because this day is usually the most hectic day for my business. Sometimes, my buddies and I would end up drinking more than we should and I get drunk.

When I have to deal with a hangover, I usually take a really cold bath in the morning to wake myself up. It helps to keep the blood flowing, and it helps me stay alert. When I say cold, I mean an Ice bath. It instantly takes away the hangover and brings me back to normal in the morning.

— Jason Perkins Founder and CEOSan Diego SEO Firm

How to Not Look Hungover

Avoid Hangovers Altogether

I was 12 years old and witnessed my aunt turn away a glass of wine at a Christmas party due to an allergy to sulfites. I had no idea what sulfites were at the time. It wasn’t until I began studying chemistry in college, and later in graduate school, that I learned more about sulfites — how they are used and the negative effects some people have to them. I developed a way to remove these chemicals from wine, hoping it would allow people like my aunt to drink wine again. Much to my delight though, I discovered my solution also minimized or got rid of the “hangover” I all too often experienced after drinking wine. Imagine being in your 20’s and discovering this. It was a miracle! Therefore, in surviving the holiday season, I try to avoid hangovers altogether by removing the sulfites from wine with Üllo.—James Kornacki, Founder of Üllo

Hope these tips help you get through your day, looking and feeling better. Thanks to all the guys for providing their hangover advice.

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