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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Need gift ideas for the man or men in our life? Look no further. There's something for every guy in this holiday gift guide. Whether you're looking for something budget-friendly yet chic, or high-end and unique these 26 gifts are sure to wow any fella in your life.

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Lifestyle Gifts for Him

Writing Collection Hexo from Faber-Castell.

Write to create is the theme for the new fine writing collection Hexo from Faber-Castell. It which sets the stage for the creative force of writing as an analog counter-trend the ideal tool for making ideas grow. Hexo's look is both striking and stylish and brings a whole new perspective to creative writing, doodling, and sketching.

Available as ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain, it makes a useful gift for guys who value creativity and quality writing instruments.

Best Men's Fashion Gifts f

Kenny Flower's Holiday Collection

Keep the party alive this holiday season with Kenny Flower's Holiday Collection. These holiday-inspired tropical shirts are bound to make the perfect gift for your favorite person this Christmas and Hanukkah season.

Each shirt's limited edition print pattern is layered on top of its breathable and light material, which makes it perfect for those living in tropical weather or those simply looking to travel somewhere a little warmer.

Man in black SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set by Tani USA

Best Luxury Base Layer: SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set by Tani USA

Whether your man enjoys his days out on the slopes, or just wants to keep cozy while lounging at home Tani USA's thermal set provides luxurious comfort no matter where he goes.

It works as a superior base layer with moisture-wicking materials that are softer than silk and doubles as the perfect pair of pajamas. This set is a huge step up from your run-of-the-mill thermals and will keep him comfy when the weather outside is frightful.

3 Vince Camuto Boxer Briefs

Best Loungewear: Vince Camuto Boxer Briefs and Loungewear

We all know that guy who lounges around in a T-shirt riddled with holes and underwear that should've been thrown out in 1995.

If you love the one in your life, Vince Camuto's boxer brief set and loungewear is the perfect way to upgrade his lazy day game. With shorts and V-necks comfortable enough to sleep in and boxer briefs that are both fashionable and functional, there's a set to fit any style and budget.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Business Casual Collection: Buttercloth Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

If you know your guy is in need of some new dress shirts, or just isn't great at ironing the ones he has Buttercloth offers casual and formal button downs that require no ironing.

Looks can be deceiving. While these shirts are not only wedding-approved (complete with staying cool despite dancing all night), they are as soft as a jersey knit t-shirt, making traveling and long events feel a lot more luxurious. This would be a great addition to any man's wardrobe, especially those who work in an office, travel often, or just like to look (and feel) sharp.

Coroa Yoga Pants For Men

Most Unique Casual Fashion Find: Coroa Yoga Pants For Men

Yoga is good for the mind and body for both men and women, however, the gear tends to be marketed towards the latter of the two. If there's a man in your life that is a yogi, wants to get into yoga, or just likes to tag along and try new things Coroa Yoga Pants are made by men, for men.

These pants are calf-length and made out of super stretchy and durable materials that not only move with you but also give more coverage in places where guys need it. Even if he's not really into yoga (yet), they have products that function in areas beyond yoga to jogging, and gym, you name it. For men on the move, Coroa doesn't miss a beat.

TINYHI Men's Pre-Tied Satin Formal Tuxedo Bowtie

Most Unique Formal Fashion Find: Tinyhi Bow Ties

A gentleman is nothing without his bowtie. If you've got a charmer in your life, Tinyhi Pre-Tied bowties are a high-quality and unique addition to your man's attire.

Each bowtie is hand-sewn and features fun patterns that are far from bland.

Perfect for classy gents, cocktail parties, or an evening out there's a pattern for any event. If you're looking for an even more one-of-a-kind piece, you can even request a custom style to be made for him.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide
2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Outdoor Activewear: Ridge Merino Wool Boxer Briefs and T-Shirt

For the fellas that love to spend their time in the great outdoors, even when Jack Frost is nipping at their well, everything Ridge Merino offers wool boxer briefs and t-shirts to help stay warm and dry.

Wool is great for regulating temperature, and as one of the main materials in their briefs it's a good thing to have during the cold season. Their wool T-shirts run slightly slimmer and longer than your average tee while maintaining a ton of flexibility and comfort. These are perfect for climbs on a chilly day, or even as a single layer for workouts indoors.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Waterproof Hooded Parka Nima

Best Outerwear: Sherpa Adventure Gear Waterproof Hooded Jacket

If you're looking to get something that looks good, feels good, and does good - Sherpa Adventure Gear's Waterproof Hooded Jacket blends utility and style to create a coat that gives back to Nepali communities and keeps him warm. Their parka is extremely comfortable and soft with the flannel-lined interior that is even included in the pockets.

The exterior is waterproof and serves as an excellent wind barrier and the collar can zip close to the chin, making it possible to lose even less body heat or have leaks where wind can get through.

This is a perfect parka for both treks in the city and on the trail, for avid adventurers or morning commutes. For a great all-around winter coat that helps continue education and provide jobs, look no further.

Best Men's Skincare

Perfectly Posh Best Face Forever

Best All-Around Self-Care Kit: Perfectly Posh Skincare Products For Men

Perfectly Posh does an outstanding job of emphasizing the importance of self-care, especially for the hard-working fellas out there.

Unfortunately, a lot of skincare products are made with the ladies in mind, so guys have a hard time settling for scents that don't resonate with them. Enter the men's line of Perfectly Posh. They offer an extensive line of men's skincare that smells amazing and works wonders.

From gender-neutral body scrubs to exfoliating face washes and face masks made specifically for men's skin. Not super into facial cleansers or masks? They also carry hand lotion to help heal the men at work. For a solid all-around skincare routine, Posh has something for any type of guy.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Luxury Skincare Line-up: Leland Francis Products

Leland Francis is a cruelty-free, vegan, and natural beauty and skincare brand created by Dillon Peña and inspired by his grandparents.

They offer high-quality, handmade products for many types of skincare needs. For men that could use an in-home spa day or recover from dry skin, Leland Francis body oil provides loads of vitamins and hydration to help skin bounce back and bring some luxury into his skincare routine.

For a more lavish cleansing ritual then black rose bar uses charcoal to exfoliate impurities and rose oil to help reduce signs of aging. Who doesn't love a good multi-tasker?

The lip and eye balm is a small batch mashup of avocado and shea butters that can both soften chapped lips and help reduce bags and wrinkles near the eyes. If you're looking for an upgrade to any man's skin routine, Leland Francis is sure to impress and decompress.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Jack-Of-All-Trades: Fork & Melon Wash and Lotion

One of the more unique ingredients used in Fork & Melon's products is watermelon seed oil. Boasting a number of skin-nourishing benefits such as detoxification and better blood circulation Fork & Melon brings a new twist to skincare in two super versatile products.

Perfect for the minimalist or guys that like their products to do more than just one thing their cleansing wash is great for everything ranging from body to face wash, all the way to bubble bath and hand soap.

Follow up with their hydrating cream for body & hands to keep after washing, or even as an aftershave to soothe irritation.

Their bottles can be refilled, making this a sustainable choice as well. Whether it's by the bathroom sink, in the shower, or near the bath Fork & Melon's wash and cream keeps men's skincare simple.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Budget-Friendly Buy: M. Skin Care Age Defence Eye Cream and Hydrating Lotion

On a tighter budget this year? M. Skin Care offers an extensive line of men's skincare products that are both quality and reasonably priced.

We all get a little more tired and haggard with less and less sunlight and harsher climates throughout the cold seasons. M. Skin Care's Age Defense Eye-Cream is infused with caffeine to help reduce puffiness around the eyes and help look a little fresher than before.

Their Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion is a great front line to help keep skin healthy and hydrated regardless of wind chill or dry air. Safe to use around the eyes, and a soothing way to start the morning or end his night M. Skin Care delivers solid products that won't leave a hole in Santa's pocket this year.

Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleaner
Rugged & Dapper Moisturiser

Freshest Of Feels: Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleaner and Moisturiser

Rugged & Dapper creates men's skincare and grooming products that focus on only the good stuff fine fragrances and feeling fresh. Their products are formulated with natural and beneficial ingredients exclusively for men.

The facial cleansers that are tailored to men's skin, aiming to effectively remove dirt, oil, and impurities while keeping the skin balanced and hydrated. The moisturizers are designed to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin without feeling heavy or greasy and also offer additional benefits like anti-aging properties.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Newest Skincare Line: 2(X)IST Wash

Best known for their men's underwear line, 2(X)IST is shaking it up and offering their own line of men's skincare products. Their shave cream is a whipped, minty, and refreshing upgrade to any man's shave that provides a closer shave and smoother glide.

Chamomile and charcoal provide a calming detox in their reasonably priced exfoliating scrub while grapefruit and green tea work to brighten and repair damaged skin with their refreshing face wash.

Renew and replenish moisture and hydration with their exceptional face moisturizing gel, complete with nourishing ingredients such as coconut water and Vitamin E. This skincare line-up is one of the newest ways to help him stay fresh and one step ahead of the rest.

Best Men's Grooming

Yaupon Teahouse

Best Wellness-Focused Products: Yaupon Teahouse

If you've got a guy that could use a solid self-care day, but aren't quite sure what to get Yaupon Teahouse offers a variety of wellness-focused products for men ranging from natural beard oils all the way to herbal teas.

Yaupon is a really unique brand that is reintroducing yaupon, a medicinal plant with an extensive list of health benefits such as being high in antioxidants to even helping fight cancer.

For the guys that need a night to come down and recenter, the Ancient Detox Tea Bath helps soothe muscles and promote restful sleep.

Feel good with your gift by knowing that Yaupon Teahouse's products are fair trade, natural, and 100% organic. Perfect gift for all-around good vibes and an improved grooming routine for both beard and body.

Solid Fragrances

Best Solid Fragrance: Fulton & Roark

For the busy professionals and weary travelers in your life who long to not smell like the airplane they just hopped off of Fulton and Roark Solid Fragrance provides luxury fragrances in a compact and travel-friendly metal square.

Completely portable and downright snazzy, F&R's squares can actually be refilled with new scents and come with a variety of scents such as tobacco and leather and cedar.

Their fragrances are out of this world and because of their portability it's easy to freshen up between meetings, after a long trip, or even post-workout. For fellas on the go, these solid colognes make a great gift that can be refilled time after time.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Beard Kit: The Beard Club

Know a guy whose beard rivals Santa's? Know one who wishes theirs did? The Beard Club offers products for both new growers and reincarnated Vikings.

If your fella is hoping to see some new growth and improvement to patchiness, The Beard Club offers beard boosters such as growth oil and vitamin spray to help pack some nutrients and moisture into his skin and promote healthy growth.

For the fellas with an unruly mane, tame it down with their beard brushes and combs. Or help him combat the itch that winter brings with one of their great smelling, hydrating beard oils. No matter the stage of beard growth, The Beard Club has something that he'll love.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide
2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Grooming Products For Sensitive Skin: Dapper Guru Shave Soap And Shave Balm

No man likes feeling like his face was assaulted by sandpaper after a sunburn. For a lot of us, however, it can be quite common after a shave. Harsh chemicals tend to do a number on our faces, which is where Dapper Guru comes in.

With their passion for creating natural skin products without harsh chemicals comes handmade beard and grooming products that soothe rather than scald.

Their Cedar + Peppermint Aftershave Balm not only smells and feels refreshing but also comes with ingredients that we can all identify and feel good about. With this power combined with their shave soaps, he's in for a fantastic lather and shave that will leave his skin feeling happy, hydrated, and Havana-approved.

Billy Goat Beard Oil

Best Vegan/Organic Grooming Product: Billy Goat Man Organic Hemp Beard Oil By Homemade Betty

Made from scratch with only 100% organic ingredients, Billy Goat Organic Beard Oil is an award-winning vegan beard oil that keeps both the planet and the millions of beards in it happy and healthy.

A collection of cold-pressed jojoba oil along with sweet almond oil, goat milk, and avocado oil creates a lovely crisp aroma that leaves candy canes jealous and beard hair soft and clean.

If your man has been on the naughty list, boost his good behavior with a gift that is eco-friendly, fair trade, and lead-free.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best General Grooming Bundle: V76 Bestsellers Holiday Kit By Vaughn

Whether you're down to the wire on last-minute holiday gifts, or want a give him a group of products that play well together Vaughn's V76 Bestsellers Holiday Kit takes the stress out of choosing a grooming set for you. The kit includes V76 Molding Paste, Beard Oil, 4-in-1 cleansing foam, and comes in their super sturdy canvas DOPP bag. 

This makes for an awesome travel companion as the DOPP bag comes with a small hanger on the inside perfect for setting up at the hotel or wherever he needs to get spruced up without taking up counter space.

Their molding paste is gluten and cruelty-free and provides a pliable and flexible hold to give his hair some body while helping it keep from going wild throughout the day. The 4-in-1 cleansing foam is a flight-friendly product that does it all and brings a whole new meaning to packing light.

It works as a shaving cream, facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo, fits in any travel bag, and makes cleaning up a breeze. Finally, their beard oil softens and hydrates beard hair and the skin underneath for a smooth post-shave experience leaving a nice, woody scent that lasts for hours. The best part? The holiday kit saves Santa a good chunk of change.

Art Of Shaving Bourbon Collection

Best All-Around Shaving Regimen: Art Of Shaving Bourbon Collection

Know a fella who decided to take on No-Shave-November and now has a gnarly, untamed neck sweater? The Art of Shaving Bourbon Collection works as a terrific trio to help him get the cleanest, closest shave. Their pre-shave oil softens beard hair and improves razor glide.

In combination with their Bourbon Shaving Cream and after-shave balm razor burn is a thing of the past, making his cheeks smoother than a Frank Sinatra cover band maybe even smoother than that.

The bourbon collection features a woody, bourbon amber aroma with just the right amount of sweet and musk. Pairs well with gents who enjoy a nightcap, cigar, or just like to smell as good as they feel.

Gucci Mémoire d'Une Odeur

Most Unique Fragrance: Gucci M'moire d'Une Odeur

Gucci's first universal fragrance is both unisex and timeless. If you know someone who doesn't like musky and heavy colognes or super fruity perfumes Gucci's M'moire d'Une Odeur is a great middle-of-the-road fragrance that embraces individuality and thinking outside of the box.

Fragrance notes include top notes of Roman chamomile for a slightly floral start, heart notes of jasmine petals and musk for a healthy mix of light and heavy, and a smooth finish with cedarwood, sandalwood, and vanilla base notes.

This fragrance can honestly be used for any occasion and any season, making this an evergreen go-to for virtually anyone.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Hair Care Products: Mack For Men

What do hats and harsh winds have in common? Other than making life exceptionally colder they both exist to undo his hairdo. Luckily, there's a hair product line that managed to keep even Spiderman's hair under control. Mack for Men offers both pomade and styling clay, neither containing parabens and both full of organic ingredients.

Their ShapeShifter pomade is a medium-to-high hold with an amazing smell and nourishing ingredients such as organic beeswax and green tea extract.

Their HydroClay is another medium-to-high hold product that boosts the natural texture of your hair and is packed with the same natural ingredients. Best part? Both of their products are reasonably priced to keep Santa's budget just as healthy as his hair.

Unique Gifts For Men

Box with 7 different cans of beer

Best Subscription-Based Gift: Beer Drop

Make the holidays a little bit hoppier for the beer guru in your life. Beer Drop is a three-tiered beer subscription where you can try new brews from the microbreweries of Colorado that fit your budget and taste.

With different rates per subscription and a quiz to help navigate taste preferences, this beer club is a customizable way for him to find new favorites by having a cup of cheer delivered to his doorstep every month.

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup
Hydro Flask Cooler Cup

Best Gift For Any Guy: Hydro Flask Cooler Cup And Limited Edition Wonder Collection

There's not a lot of moments that are better than brisk mornings and hot coffee. Unfortunately, that cold morning air can do a number on the temperature of said coffee, leaving you with a lukewarm cup of joe at best.

If you've got a coffee lover that is tired of subpar java, Hydro Flask's limited edition wonder collection is able to keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Prefer a cold one?

They also have a versatile 12 oz cooler cup that can serve as both a can or bottle cooler or a cup to pour your beverage into. No matter what time of the year, his drinks will stay at the optimum temperature during any season.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Home-Improvement: The Regulator Bed Sheets By My Sheets Rock

It's one thing to cozy up under a blanket, but it's another thing if you wake up all night from overheating and sweating in your sheets.

If you know a hot sleeper that could use a little more chill, My Sheets Rock provide 100% bamboo rayon sheets that regulate temperature and reduce humidity and moisture.

Not only do these transfer heat and help guys get way more Z's, they are luxuriously soft and lightweight making it a breeze for fellas to rest up before a new day of festivities.

Genuine Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

Best Gift For Men On The Go: Genuine Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

The Rustic Town Travel Kit is a great companion for men on the move. It's the perfect size to carry nearly anything for any skincare or grooming needs, is super deep for larger items.

With a water-repellent and durable exterior, this travel case is ready for any adventure he can throw at it.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, celebrate with style and give the gift of class and care for the men that matter most in your life. 

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