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11 Long Top & Short Sides Haircuts: Unleash Your New Style

Explore men's hair fashion through our conversations with hair and style experts who unveil their favorite haircuts with a long top and short sides.

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These industry insiders have shared their insights on hairstyling trends. From the edgy Undercut to the timeless High Fade Combover, each cut packs a unique punch and offers at least some versatility.

With these expert insights and clear guidance, you might even be swayed to experiment with these haircuts to create a style that represents your personality. Your hair is your canvas, and these cuts provide a palette of options to keep you looking stylish and on-trend.

Best Long Top and Short Sides Haircuts

The Disconnected Undercut

long top and short sides haircut

The Cut: Most men's haircuts that have shaved sides and a long top are undercuts. That means, the hair on the top is quite long and the sides are noticeably shorter. It was probably named an undercut because originally the hair up top was so long that it could hang to the side covering the shaved edges.

Barber Lingo: If you have long hair, you can simply ask for an undercut and specify the length you'd like your hair on top - possibly to wear in a ponytail. Always bring pictures to make sure you get the exact cut you're looking for.

Styling Tips; The best type of products to use for this cut is a matte pomade, a clay or a wax. The shiny look for men is definitely out, so you'll need something that has a matte finish and provides a lot of hold.

- Ghanima Abdullah | Cosmetologist |

The Pompadour Bald Fade with Side Part

 Pompadour Bald Fade with Side Part

The Cut: The Pompadour Bald Fade with Side Part, combines classic and contemporary styles. The side part adds a touch of sophistication, while the bald fade keeps it current and fresh. It's a great choice for those seeking a balance between professional and trendy.

Face Shapes: This is a versatile cut that can flatter most face shapes. It's particularly complimentary to round and oval face shapes. The side part and voluminous top can help to elongate the face. However, men with long, narrow faces may want to consider a different style as this haircut could make their face appear even longer.

Barber Lingo: You might name the cut to your barber. Mention that you'd prefer a cut with blend of classic and modern - a bald fade on the sides with a nice side part, and a voluminous pompadour on top for that timeless look.

Styling Tips: For this style and cut a medium hold pomade works wonders, allowing for some flexibility while maintaining the structure. The side part should be neat and distinct, a comb would be handy for this purpose.

- Arrogant Smith | Hair Consultant |

The Undercut Quiff

undercut quiff hairstyle

The Cut: The Undercut Quiff is a trending men's haircut characterized by its stark contrast between short sides and a voluminous top. This dapper style exudes a modern edginess.

Face Shapes: Typically, oval and square face shapes can pull off the undercut quiff with aplomb. Round faces might find it accentuating their width, so a little caution there.

Barber Lingo: When at the barber, ask for an undercut with a long top and specify how pronounced you want the contrast to be. Show them a picture if you can!

Styling Tips: Styling it? Use a matte pomade for a natural look or a shiny pomade for a glossy finish. Remember, less is more.

Men feel more confident with hairstyles that differentiate from the side to top lengths. Interestingly, while pocket watches and haircuts may seem unrelated, both are timeless symbols of style. But here's a fun twist: just as pocket watches aren't for everyone, neither is every haircut. It's all about personal expression.

- Matt Smith | Co-Founder | AmyandRose

The Caesar or Edgar Cut

caesar cut

The Cut: Some individuals ask for the 'Caesar cut' - sometimes also called an 'Edgar cut', which is basically short on the sides and longer on top, creating what looks like mini bangs over the top of the hairline.

Barber Lingo: Few actually know what a Caesar cut is (barbers even struggle) and a picture is the absolute best way to ask for clarity on this particular name for the haircut desired.

A lot of times it is just a three on the sides and finger length on top, just enough left to style and to keep grandma from telling me to get a haircut over Thanksgiving break.

- Madison Dufour | Writer |The Exquisite Find Hair Blog

The Faux Hawk

faux hawk haircut

The Cut: The Faux Hawk haircut, short on the sides and long on the top, is a less drastic alternative to the traditional Mohawk. It allows for the edgy allure of the Mohawk without committing to shaving the sides of the head completely. It's versatile and can be styled to look either casual or formal, making it popular among men of diverse fashion sensibilities.

Face Shape: The Faux Hawk haircut is versatile and suits most face shapes. It's particularly flattering for round and heart-shaped faces, as it elongates the face and gives a more chiseled look. However, those with a very long face may want to avoid this style as it further elongates the face. 

Barber Lingo: You could ask your barber for the sides short but not shaved, and a taper to a longer top - with the centre being the longest. Let your barber know you'd like to style it upward and aim for a look that can be both casual and formal.

Styling Tips: The Faux Hawk haircut will benefit from a styling mousse or gel, that can give hold and texture to create the hawk-like height and tapering.

- Lauren Udoh | Hair Creative Director |

The High Fade Combover


The Cut: In a combover with a high fade, the change from the shorter sides to the longer top is pronounced. The longer hair on top contrasts more sharply with the fade that begins higher up on the sides and back.

Face Shapes: They suit people with oval faces because they generally have balanced proportions. People with square and rectangular faces can also easily pull this cut off since the cut can add softer edges to the sides of the head, creating a more rounded and symmetrical look.

But, beware - this cut could highlight a facial imbalance by emphasizing a larger jawline and narrower forehead for people with triangular faces. Additionally, combover styles may be difficult for diamond-shaped faces because they already have a distinct, angular aspect.

Barber Lingo: You should be very specific about the lengths you are looking for, and emphasize the desired length of the hair on top. Specify the length (in inches) that you want on the sides. Ask your barber to give you a high-fade on the sides. Finally, bring some reference photos with you so that they can get a general idea of the type of length in the front and for the fade you are looking for.

Styling Tips: Start by applying a sea salt spray to damp hair to give it volume and texture. Then you’ll use a blowdryer to guide your hair in the direction you’d like it to go. For a combover, it typically goes to the left or the right. Next, you’ll apply a hair product to help hold your hair in place. I recommend a hair cream, which provides a medium grip with a natural appearance. It's a flexible option for a softer, more laid-back Combover.

- Nate Masterson | Hair Expert | Maple Holistics

The Modern Pompadour

shirt sides long on top hairstyle

The Cut: Embracing a 'Modern Pompadour' offers a blend of vintage and contemporary, featuring short sides and a pronounced, sweeping top.

Face Shapes: This style often suits men with rectangular and round faces, providing a harmonious contrast and visual interest.

Barber Lingo: When communicating with your barber, request a 'Modern Pompadour' and discuss your desired length and volume on top. Be descriptive about the fade you prefer and the taper should be minimal meaning there's quite a difference from the the sides to the top.

Styling Tips: For styling, a high-quality pomade or wax is essential to ensure the top maintains its shape and luster throughout the day.

- Anastasios Moulios | Founder | Beardlong

The Spiky Hawk

Spiky hawk hairstyle

The Cut: Lastly, the Spiky Hawk is an adventurous and bold choice. The spikes add a sense of rebelliousness and fun, while the short sides keep the look tidy. It's a go-to style for men who love to express their unique personality through their hair. The wide range of styling options also makes it a crowd-pleaser. This haircut's popular because it manages to blend tradition with style versatility.

Face Shapes: The Spiky Hawk, with its edgy and unique style, is a great fit for oval and diamond face shapes, as it accentuates the cheekbones. Yet, it might not complement those with round faces since it could give an overly full appearance.

Barber Lingo: Ask your barber to keep the sides in a tidy taper and the top longer so you can style it into spikes. Let them know if you're going for a very bold look or not by specifying the leng of the hair to the front.

Styling Tips: A strong-hold gel is your best friend. Apply it to damp hair and shape the spikes using your fingers.

- Lauren Udoh | Hair Creative Director |

The Modern Quiff

modern quiff

The Cut: One trendy men's haircut with short sides and a long top is the Modern Quiff. It's defined by short, tapered sides and a voluminous, upward-swept top.

Face Shapes: These cuts usually flatter oval and square face shapes, emphasizing their features. However, if you have a very round face, you might want to explore other styles, as this can highlight roundness.

Barber Lingo: To get this cut, just ask your barber for a quiff with a skin fade or short sides and specify the length you desire on top, typically around two to four inches.

Styling Tips: For styling, use a good pomade or wax to create the voluminous, upward-swept look. Apply a small amount, work it through your hair, and shape it into a quiff with your fingers. This style exudes a blend of sophistication and boldness.

- Joe Manktelow-Pimm | 7Gents

The High Fade with Textured Spiky Hair

long top short sides haircut

The Cut: The High Fade with Textured Spiky Hair is perfect for men looking for a youthful and dynamic haircut. The spiky texture on top adds personality and the high fade on the sides accentuates the length on top, giving it a bold and playful vibe. This haircut is popular among men who want to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd.

Face Shapes: This cut is ideal for men with square or round faces. The high fade can elongate the face while the textured, spiky is fun and edgy. Men with thin or fine hair should avoid this style because the spiky texture could highlight their hair's thinness.

Barber Lingo: Tell your barber that you're looking for something youthful and dynamic. Ask for a high fade for the sides that will accentuates the longer, textured, spiky hair on top.

Styling Tips: This style would require a hair wax or gel with a strong hold to maintain the spikes. I also recommend using texturizing spray to add more depth and definition to this cut.

- Arrogant Smith | Hair Consultant |

The Fade Cut

short sides long top haircut

The Cut: The Fade Cut is a go-to choice. It features a gradual taper on the sides, creating a clean, sharp look, with longer hair on top for styling versatility.

Face Shapes: These cuts generally flatter oval and square faces. However, gents with round faces should approach with caution, as it can emphasize roundness.

Barber Lingo: When talking to your barber, simply ask for a fade cut with short sides and a long top. Specify the desired length on top to get your preferred style.

Styling Tips: To style this cut, go for a good pomade or wax for a sleek look, or a matte clay for a textured and natural appearance. Apply a small amount and work it through the longer top, shaping it as you like. It's a versatile choice for various trendy looks.

- Joe Manktelow-Pimm | 7Gents

Final Thoughts

As we delve into the world of men's hair styles, we've tapped into the knowledge of experts who've shared their favorite long top and short sides haircuts. These pros have given us the lowdown on the hairstyling trends.

With the guidance of these experts and clear communication, you can confidently experiment with these haircuts to reflect your personal style. So, whether it's the edgy Faux Hawk, the suave Pompadour Bald Fade with Side Part, or any other style, these long top and short sides haircuts are your ticket to standing out and staying ahead in the world of men's hair.


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