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What is Sea Salt Spray and Why You Need it

One of the best things about summer is that awesome, matte tousled look your hair gets after a dip in the ocean.

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Unfortunately, not all of us get to live near the sea or make regular trips to the beach, so we're forced to come up with alternatives.

Thank the hair gods then for sea salt spray, an ocean swim in a bottle (minus the jellyfish and seaweed). It's a must-have product for any man with hair and, even better, it's not weather dependent.

What is sea salt spray?

Sea salt spray is exactly what it sounds like: a spray that contains sea salt. The salt absorbs the oils in your hair (just like it does in the sea) and gives more texture and volume. Yes, salt also can dehydrate your hair and scalp but sea salt sprays contain conditioning ingredients to help counteract that. That said, it's still best not to overdo it.

How do I use sea salt spray?

There are several ways to get the best out of your sea salt spray. If you like a more natural look, then use sea salt spray when your hair is dry and give it a blast with a hairdryer set to cold. You'll get awesome texture without looking like your hair is full of product.

If your style is a bit more sculpted and structured like a quiff, for instance then spritz with sea salt straight out of the shower, work it through from root to tip (it's in the roots where you'll get that lovely quiffy volume), dry your hair into your preferred style and finish with your paste or clay of choice.

Lastly, if you're someone who just wants to style and go, hit your hair with three or four blasts of that sea salt, work it through with your hands and you're done. This works best for more relaxed and flexible styles.

The best sea salt sprays

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Spray

Sea Salt Spray

A lightweight, fresh-smelling spray that is the closest you're going to get to the sea in a bottle. One of the best of its kind.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Sea Salt Spray

One of the greats. Bumble and Bumble's salt spray adds shine many lesser sprays can leave hair looking dry and boosts the volume like a sulking teenager with a boombox.

Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

An innately masculine scented spray, with almost slightly boozy undertones (in a good way), Dapper Dan's sea salt spray adds great volume when blow-dried, perfect for putting the pomp in your pompadour.

Davines Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Adds a little more grit than some of the other sprays on this list, Davines' spray is best used sparingly. It's also one of the best for adding volume pre-blowdrying.

Murdock Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Another slightly boozy one, this time adding a touch of a citrusy G&T aroma to your beachy texture. Adds great texture and doesn't leave any stickiness or dryness.


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