Top Men’s Hair Trends for 2018 from the Experts

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We asked hairstylists, trend watchers and barbers across the US what trends we’ll be seeing for men’s hair in 2018. And they told us — the continuing popularity of the fade to a possible return of the mullet, here’s what you can expect to see in men’s hair this year.

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Top Men’s Hair Trends for 2018
Image provided by 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons

Textured Crop Haircuts from Europe

Hair trends that are making their way from Europe to North America peak our interest. All eyes are on the popular Textured Crop Haircuts for 2018.  Aggressively short sides with longer tops that have tons of added texture. We will also see tapers complimented by longer tops with enhanced texture making a strong push in 2018.

—Ange Picone, National Director of Education, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons

Tousled, tapers, and short crops

1. Length, loose and tousled. We are seeing styles shift away from a controlled and smooth style and into more length that is loose and tousled. The product choice shifts from a strong hold with shine into a lighter hold that is matte finish. 2. Fresh variations of tapers, cut ins, and in between length on the neckline. Crisp tapers will always be a staple but we are seeing fresh new approaches to a classic taper. These include tapering one side of the neck line and leaving the other with a graduated length intact. Another new twist is intentionally higher neck lines with distinct lines that are cut in. This is not the typical style of graphics with a design but more of an intentional cut in line. 3. Short crops, which will be a new take on a mod look. The short crop comes into fashion and then drifts out. One take that has always been strong is a mod look. This British style has always been defined by a very short, “cropped” front hairline and top length. We are seeing this come back and instead of a very solid shape we are seeing “length” within the short style that is loose and textured. Matte finish products that show texture are being used to support the looks. 

— Technical Director of Education,  Floyd’s 99

Top Men’s Hair Trends for 2018
Image Provided by Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers

More Intricate Fades

With the increased popularity of high end men’s barbershops and barbering in general I think you are going to see even more creativity in men’s hair styles in 2018 then we saw in 2017. Over the last few years we have seen the fade with long hair on top become a staple in men’s grooming. I expect that style to stay in fashion into 2018 but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more texturing / hair tattoos added to the fade. Intricate hair design is a way for a man to stand out and is becoming a signature for many barbers.

— John Esposito, Co-Founder Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers

Top Men’s Hair Trends for 2018

Celebrity-Inspired Men’s Hair Cuts

There are five hairstyles that are going to be very popular in the upcoming year inspired by a celebrity. Joanna Pereira, the lead stylist at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Morristown, NJ wrote about celebrities who will be influencing men’s hairstyles in the upcoming year.

Read her full post here.

Longer, More Versatile Hair

My predictions for 2018 are all about longer hair, clean lines and versatility. Longer hair means more styling options.  Pompadour styles are great, clean, fashionable and easy to style. Messier textured styles add fullness and movement which are an excellent choice for men with fine or thinning hair.

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— Lilly Katie Tammaro, S​tylist G2O Spa + Salon

The Mullet Makes a Comeback?

Surprisingly, a shorter, cleaner version of the mullet is making a comeback. I’m seeing a lot of teenagers and men into their twenties get this cut, and I’m expecting it to take off in 2018. The back is cut just below the collar and then it’s nice and neat in the front. We’re not seeing anything dramatic like a Joe Dirt or Billy Ray Cyrus mullet, but a cleaner, very modern version of this look is on it’s way back in style. I think a lot of variations of sideburn will be popular in 2018. I have one guest who has big, bushy red hair, and he loves to leave his chops full and bushy as well. This isn’t a look many guys can pull off. You have to have the right attitude, but it really works for him and he looks great. I think some of the popular TV shows like ‘Vikings’ are influencing these guys to grow their sideburns out.Some cuts that are really popular in Tulsa include the fade and the undercut pompadour. I think those two looks are going to continue to be popular in 2018. I’m also doing a lot of long, blended layer cuts. Guys want a style where they can shower, shake their hair out, put a little product in it and then rock and roll. I think we’ll see this trend continue into the new year as well.

— Lizzie Lopez, Salon Manager at Supercuts

Hair Loss Prevention at Home

Prevention is hot in healthcare and it’s picking up steam in personal care even more so. One major example of this,is with hair restoration. Laser-loaded hair care devices have been shown in dozens of clinical trials to slow or stop hair loss, improve hair quality and re-grow new hair and new products are beginning to pop up in the market.

Tech meets medicine, meets grooming. Companies like Theradome, based in Silicon Valley, CA have designed stylish, simple and powerful FDA-cleared medical devices that can be used at home to take control of your hair loss. I would also be on the lookout for other high-tech gadgets and devices on the horizon in skin care, weight loss, fitness and more.

— Bart Zoni, Marketing Director for Theradome

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