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Men’s Hair Trends and Styles for 2024

Each year brings changes into the landscape of men's hair. Will 2024 be the year that the popularity of The Fade and guys embrace longer, more carefree haircuts?

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Can we retire our pomade for texture spray? What cuts are in and what are out? We asked celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque, for his insights into the hair trends we'll see in 2024.

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What Hair Trends Are Out?

1. Disconnections

As for hair, disconnections will be headed out. By this I mean hair that’s shaved on the sides with some exaggerated length on top.

This style had easily helped some guys wear man buns and sport ponytails, but I think we’ve seen enough of this for a while.

"As a hair expert, it is refreshing to see men taking interest in their hairstyles and choosing textured and well-groomed hair. Current hairstyles are embracing natural and classic natural curls. Fades and man buns are on their way out; tidy, 80’s style haircuts will be popular."

- Michael Morris | Content Marketing | Rough and Tumble Gentleman

2. Overdone Barber Styles

Overly-coiffed barber looks that require heavy pomades to place on top because your hair is too heavy to muster any style on its own will also be over.

3. Just Out of Bed

Any “just out of bed” look doesn’t really go well with a suit. I believe we’ll see more polish and care from guys overall this year.

"Men's hairstyle trends are going to be all about precision, not volume. We're seeing a lot of shorter cuts, but they're still modern and clean. We're seeing a lot of very short, buzzed cuts that don't have a lot of length on top — they're just cut straight across the top of the head in order to give men an edgy look without having to deal with long hair. We’re also seeing a lot of men with longer hair on top, but buzz cuts on the sides. It gives them a sense of polish without sacrificing their masculinity."

- Khamis Maiouf | CEO | Book of Barbering

4. Pop Star Hairstyles

"FUE Clinics have compiled worldwide Google search data from the past year to reveal the celebrity hairstyles people have researched the most.. FUE also analyzed year-on-year changes in searches, to show which celebrity's hair have exploded or fallen in popularity across the last 12 months. 

  • Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle was by far the most researched, racking up 90,500 average monthly Google searches which is 232% up on the previous year. Ronaldo has become an international style icon in his extensive career and it seems more men than ever are set on emulating his haircut. 
  • Although the majority of the top 10 are stars who have become known for their enviable style, the surprise inclusion is Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who comes in 6th, proving that men are using his hairstyle as part of their research into transplants. 
  • Among the top 10 most searched hairstyles, Brazilian footballer Neymar had the highest year on year increase. There were 395% more searches for his hairstyle than the previous year. Neymar sported a head of bleached blonde hair at the 2022 World Cup - a style that lots of men seemed to find interesting. 
  • Although he only had 2,400 monthly searches overall, footballer Lionel Messi had the most dramatic year on year increase of any celebrity, with a 537% increase in searches vs. the previous year.

The overall trend here is that footballer's hairstyles are quickly becoming the most iconic celebrity influence over men's hair, while pop stars like Drake and Justin Bieber are falling out of style. It seems that female celebrities are not as influential over women's hairstyles, as they tend to have far lower search volumes by comparison."

- Arran Isherwood / Senior Trichological Specialist / FUE Clinics

"Out of style hairstyles for men include the mullet, bowl cut, and shag, and also the “Justin Bieber” hairstyle.

Some new styles that I expected to see more of this year include the high and tight, the French crop, and the undercut fade."

- Khamis Maiouf / CEO / Book of Barbering

Men’s Hair Styles

What Hair Trends Are In For 2024:

1. Tidying Up and Balancing

Maybe this starts with a tidy up, giving your hair layers and textures to help provide a more fluid silhouette.

Balance is key when it comes to the top and sides, and some scruff is great as long as we keep it manicured and sexy. Think of your partner or date…

They don’t want to taste yesterday’s meal on you! Give your style some texture with a great gel, and you’ll be good to go all day.

2. Keep Connected 

Perhaps you really love your short sides and want to keep them. If this is the case then do, but know that being able to see a shadow of hair is key.

Basically, this only requires the skill of a 0 guard clipper cut — it’s lazy-approved! The newer looks and trends fade much better when created with a scissor over comb, and grow out this way without such a prickly edge.

Keep in mind the connection between your top and bottom is key.

3. Create Texture

When I want a lengthier look on top, texture is crucial, as is a layer that actually provides the movement for your strands.  

If we leave the top only one-length, a man bun is the only way heavy hair will stay out of your face. But when we layer a heavier top and add internal texture, we create fantastic style.

"I agree with creating texture with hair, and it leaves an excellent impression. It would be a great way to style hair and create an optical illusion. Most men are worried about how they style their hair and not overdo it. One way to keep it safe is to create texture and layering."

- Michael Morris | Content Marketing | Rough and Tumble Gentleman

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4. Strong Hair

I do think that strong hair is coming back in a big way and will be in fashion this upcoming year.

To me always looks good on a clean shaven face. I believe that men who like to wear strong looks will really go the extra mile and do an exaggerated change, shearing off the long top and creating a forceful profile with the Cesar Cut.  

To wear this look you need strong features -- good ears and a square jawline. Hair trends for men also often follows movies. With the release of the upcoming ‘Top Gun’ sequel, I think we will all revisit 80’s style with stronger, squarer tops cropped to the sides, and clean well-shaved faces that put the military back in our daily step.

If you want to add facial hair to this look, keep it clean, keep it trimmed, and you will be looking fresh and fashion-forward. It is possible to do both the Cesar andTop Gun’ look, it’s all about how your hair is cut and pushed up, whether that’s with a gel or forward with a light separating pomade.

Switching up your product can give you different looks at different times.  None of us always like to look the same, so embrace change!

"The three best men's haircuts are the fade, the undercut, and the pompadour.

1. The fade is a short haircut that is tapered down to the skin on the sides and back. This haircut is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways.

2. The undercut is a popular hairstyle for men that involves shaving the sides and back of the head short while leaving the hair on top longer. This style can be worn slicked back or with a quiff.

3. The pompadour is a classic hairstyle that involves styling the hair on top of the head up and back. This style can be achieved with either long or short hair."

- Lauren‌ Udoh | Hair Creative Director | Wig Reports

"Hairstyles and haircuts worn by celebrities often become popular among the general public and here are just a few examples of men's hairstyles that are also popular among stars:

1. Buzz cut: Many celebrities have been spotted with a buzz cut, a concise, low-maintenance style.

2. Quiff: Hair combed upward and back is a classic style popular among celebrities.

3. Undercut: This haircut features short sides and back with longer hair on top. It is a popular style among male celebrities.

4. Textured crop: It features layered and textured hair cut short on the sides and back with longer hair on top.

5. Man bun: It is a  style where long hair is pulled back and secured in a bun at the back of the head.

Here are some men's hairstyle trends that may become popular, and the celebrities who’ve been seen sporting them.

1. Modern mullet: This classic hairstyle from the 80s comes back with a modern twist. Shawn Mendes has been seen sporting this hairstyle.

2. Curtain haircut: The curtain haircut, also known as the middle part or shaggy haircut, has been popularized by celebrities like Harry Styles.

3. French crop: This hairstyle is a classic men's haircut popular among celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Tom Holland.

4. Messy fringe: Celebrities like Cole Sprouse have seen a textured and choppy frame styled to one side."

- Michael Morris / Editorial Director / Rough and Tumble Gentleman

"Here are the top men’s hair trends currently:

1. Short Men's Styles: Buzz Cut, Faux Hawk, Crew Cut, Caesar Cut, Ivy League, Quiff.

2. Medium Men's Styles: Pompadour, Textured Cut, Tapered Cut, Slick Back, Side Part, Disconnected Undercut.

3. Long Men's Styles: Curly Cut, Man Bun, Braids, Ponytail, Faux Hawk with Longer Length.

In general, celebrities tend to favor more modern, trendy hairstyles like longer cuts, textured looks, and tousled styles. In recent years, some popular celebrity styles include the high-and-tight, undercut, and slicked-back looks. And there are many celebrities with these hairstyles and cuts. Some include David Beckham's buzz cut, Brad Pitt's messy pompadour, and John Legend's slicked back undercut."

- Khamis Maiouf / CEO / Book of Barbering

"Undercuts still steal the show. They look sleek, even when they're messy. If you have super-short, faded sides, you can cut designs into your hair and scalp for an edgy, tattoo look. The top is usually worn long and can be anything from messy curls to a sleek and straight pompadour.

Add highlights if you want to. You can also pull it all back into a braid or ponytail. This cut can go everywhere, from the office to the beach. It brings a good dose of attitude, wherever you are, and can be worn with or without facial hair."

- Ghanima Abdullah | Hair Expert | The Right Hairstyles

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Now this brings me to longer locks and looks… some of us just look better with a fuller side and top. This can be quite dashing and allows us to have a little more to play with, not to mention it also gives your lover more to run their fingers through!

I’m a sucker for long hair that cascades over one eye and is slicked rather than shaved back.  Not only is this look worn by some of the world’s most handsome men, but it is also forgiving of larger ears and noses because it gives us somewhere else to focus our eyes.

"Texture: Nowadays, we care less about defined edges and more about blurring the line between men's hairstyles. This technique emphasizes rather than tames the natural movement and texture of hair.

Boy Band Hair: Hairstyles are cyclical, just like fashion. As a result, it shouldn't be a surprise that fashion today is influenced by the '90s and Y2K. That can only mean one thing - boy band hair is back.

The Slickback: If you have a little length to work with and aren't sure what to do with it, slick it back. The Slickback is the answer to all your styling problems. You can wear it with a suit and still get some length. Throughout his career, Jonah Hill has shown how his slickback works in every situation."

- Nathan Watson | CEO | Lion Locs

The runway is where I get lots of inspiration, and yes, we are seeing more hair less-shaved sides, bringing back more sophistication, which I think will be a huge focus for folks in 2024.

Lastly, if you have little hair or you just like the freedom of having a shaved look, know that this is here to stay. Bald is sexy, not combovers!


A true hair visionary and entrepreneur, Paul Labrecque believes simplicity is the key to natural beauty. Renowned for clean, modern cuts, custom-blended color and a fashion-forward sense of style, Paul takes effortless beauty to the next level with a “less is more” approach to daily hair care and styling. Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa was founded by Paul Labrecque in 1988