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Men’s Hair Trends and Styles for 2022

Each year brings changes into the landscape of men’s hair. Will 2022 be the year that the popularity of The Fade fades and guys embrace longer, more carefree haircuts?

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Can we retire our pomade for texture spray? What cuts are in and what are out? We asked celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque, for his insights into the hair trends we’ll see in 2022.

Table of Contents

hair trends

1. Disconnections

As for hair, in 2022, disconnections will be headed out. By this I mean hair that’s shaved on the sides with some exaggerated length on top.

This style had easily helped some guys wear man buns and sport ponytails, but I think we’ve seen enough of this for a while.

2. Overdone Barber Styles

Overly-coiffed barber looks that require heavy pomades to place on top because your hair is too heavy to muster any style on its own will also be over.

3. Just Out of Bed

Any “just out of bed” look doesn’t really go well with a suit. I believe we’ll see more polish and care from guys overall this year.

Men’s Hair Styles and Trends for 2019

1. Tidying Up and Balancing

Maybe this starts with a tidy up, giving your hair layers and textures to help provide a more fluid silhouette.

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Balance is key when it comes to the top and sides, and some scruff is great as long as we keep it manicured and sexy. Think of your partner or date…

They don’t want to taste yesterday’s meal on you! Give your style some texture with a great gel, and you’ll be good to go all day.

2. Keep Connected

Perhaps you really love your short sides and want to keep them. If this is the case then do, but know that being able to see a shadow of hair is key.

Basically, this only requires the skill of a 0 guard clipper cut — it’s lazy-approved! The newer looks and trends fade much better when created with a scissor over comb, and grow out this way without such a prickly edge.

Keep in mind the connection between your top and bottom is key.

3. Create Texture

When I want a lengthier look on top, texture is crucial, as is a layer that actually provides the movement for your strands.  

If we leave the top only one-length, a man bun is the only way heavy hair will stay out of your face. But when we layer a heavier top and add internal texture, we create fantastic style.

Men’s Hair Styles and Trends for 2019

3. Strong Hair

I do think that strong hair is coming back in a big way and will be in fashion this upcoming year.

To me always looks good on a clean shaven face. I believe that men who like to wear strong looks will really go the extra mile and do an exaggerated change, shearing off the long top and creating a forceful profile with the Cesar Cut.  

To wear this look you need strong features — good ears and a square jawline. Hair trends for men also often follows movies. With the release of the upcoming ‘Top Gun’ sequel, I think we will all revisit 80’s style with stronger, squarer tops cropped to the sides, and clean well-shaved faces that put the military back in our daily step.

If you want to add facial hair to this look, keep it clean, keep it trimmed, and you will be looking fresh and fashion-forward. It is possible to do both the Cesar andTop Gun’ look, it’s all about how your hair is cut and pushed up, whether that’s with a gel or forward with a light separating pomade.

Switching up your product can give you different looks at different times.  None of us always like to look the same, so embrace change!

Expert Opinions

Eras Make a Comeback

“Today’s men’s hair trends are taking their cues from many different decades, and thus will definitely continue.

2022 sees the 1950s “Mad Men”  hairstyle popular, with its tight sculpted lines and extreme precise part.

Younger men are embracing their curly hair! And will continue embracing the 70s decade with loose fluffy Afro curls, even with a surfer vibe. 

Also trending up is the 80s mullet. Watch a country music awards show and you will see how this hairstyle executed in a much more modern way has gained popularity in today’s youth.  

Word on the street is that the perm is back for guys also, much to many hairdressers chagrin… for those who don’t have those natural 70s curls. 

The good news is that men more than ever are paying attention to their looks, and will continue to be more adventurous than ever!”

Frank Fuina | Owner | Guilty Indulgence Salon

Shake and Go

“In the salon, low maintenance looks remain the order of the day. Today’s male guest is looking for haircuts that can run the distance – so longer, brush-back styles are in top demand.  Men are looking for an “eight-weeker” or cuts that have room to grow in overtime.

Super-tight fades are now controlled tapers, with looser perimeters and necklines.

More and more guys are getting educated on using a blow dryer to recreate their longer looks. At the chair, each stylist should be teaching their men how to style their hair.

Having said that, a lot of men are simply “letting it go,” and long shapes are hitting hard in hair trends. From mild surfer boy to straight-up Point Break, these designs require strong knowledge in texturizing techniques.”

Jesse Linares | Master Stylist | Lunatic Fringe

Nature Boy

“Popular hair trends for men in 2022 will continue to be short to medium length and textured for a natural look. We’ll see the low and mid taper fade on the sides and back with a crop top, longer crew cut, comb-over, and messy quiff.

Many guys have experimented with cutting their own hair during the pandemic, meaning you saw plenty of buzz cuts and crew cuts with tapered sides on Zoom calls. However, when the economy opens up, most of these professional men will be excited to get fresh barbershop haircuts once again.”

Chris | Master Barber | Men’s Hairstyles Now

A Synopsis of Style

Hair Trends in 2022:

  • Short textured top with varying lengths in the back – the modernized mullet.
  • Scissor cuts vs tight fades, keeping the hair longer over the ear and collar.
  • Lots of texture. Also, longer and square layered cuts.
  • A lot of waves and curls. Leaving length on top to be able to perm but still having tight sides.
  • Burst fade V shape mohawks with disconnected curly tops, that are permed or natural.
  • Longer lengths in the back and short on the sides, resulting in the Modern Day Mullet.

Celebrity Influencers for Hair:

  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Odell Beckham Jr
  • David Dobrik
  • Harry Styles

TikTok Influencers:

  • Short sides with a slightly disconnected top and a very long front to cover the eyes.

The Artistic Team | Sport Clips Haircuts 

Men’s Hair Styles and Trends for 2019

Now this brings me to longer locks and looks… some of us just look better with a fuller side and top. This can be quite dashing and allows us to have a little more to play with, not to mention it also gives your lover more to run their fingers through!

I’m a sucker for long hair that cascades over one eye and is slicked rather than shaved back.  Not only is this look worn by some of the world’s most handsome men, but it is also forgiving of larger ears and noses because it gives us somewhere else to focus our eyes.

The runway is where I get lots of inspiration, and yes, we are seeing more hair less-shaved sides, bringing back more sophistication, which I think will be a huge focus for folks in 2022.

Lastly, if you have little hair or you just like the freedom of having a shaved look, know that this is here to stay. Bald is sexy, not combovers!

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