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Best Recent Tom Ford Releases: More Than Just Style

Even before he founded his eponymous brand in 2006, Tom Ford was a household name. The savvy and suave businessman entered the fragrance biz in 2006, one year after the launch of his company, with the mega-hit Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP. 

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In a pioneering move, the designer launched his more upmarket and niche-like Private Blend Collection in 2007, including classics such as Noir de Noir, Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille.

A master of provocative imagery since his stints as creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he’s not been afraid to use the same tactics at his own house. This has extended to the names of some of his recent fragrance releases: Fucking Fabulous, Lost Cherry and Rose Prick.

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Have Tom Ford fragrances peaked, as some people are grumbling? Are they more style than substance? 

Yes, there has been a few average releases in recent years, but these are the exception rather than the norm. 

From this round-up of best recent Tom Ford fragrances, it’s clear the luxury brand still has much to offer and is making a lot of money for its founder’s retirement and partner, Estée Lauder Companies, in the process. 

Where known, the name of the perfumer is included in brackets after the name of the fragrance. 

Our Favorite Fragrances From Recent Tom Ford Releases

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous EDP

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous EDP

Tom Ford had this to say about the attention-grabbing 2017 release (call it “FF” if the name’s too much for you): “It’s undeniably the most straightforward name for such a beautiful scent. Why make it complicated?”

However, we say, the shock value overshadowed what is an appealing leather scent.

It opens with a strong herbal dose of clary sage oil, which has leathery characteristics, with the aromatics of lavender in support.

The smooth leather that follows is paired with bitter almond and vanilla, giving it a warm, almost gourmand-ish effect. 

The drydown keeps it sensual and gently sweet with notes of tonka bean and cashmeran.

It’s a seamless blend that’s far more comfy and cozy than its name suggests.

Tom Ford Fougere Platine EDP

Tom Ford Fougère Platine EDP (Linda Song & Olivier Gillotin)

With its classic masculine profile, the fougère (French for “fern”) olfactory family features often in the Tom Ford repertoire.  

The opening of this 2018 release is in fresh mode, with the herbal tones of clary sage supported by notes of lavender, lemon and bergamot. 

Herbal artemisia (also known as wormwood) is the centre of attention with its sharply green qualities. Its potency is tempered with the subtle sweetness of olibanum and honey notes as the fragrance transitions to the warm drydown, with softly spicy tobacco and woods finishing it. 

It’s been discontinued but can still be found in some stores and online. 

Released in 2018, Tom Ford Fougère d’Argent EDP is also worth checking out. 

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP (Louise Turner)

You naughty boy! Oops, Tom Ford did it again with this 2018 release and its suggestive lost virginity name. Of course, he would never put it in such crass terms. 

The intro of the 2018 release bursts with boozy black cherries enhanced with the bittersweet nuttiness of almond. 

The sweetness kicks in with the fruit of plum, rose and jasmine sambac notes.  

There’s a lot happening in the complex drydown but we can detect smooth vanilla and amber-y Peru balsam in the mix. 

We can’t get enough of this gourmand for grown-ups with clever contrasts, and reckon you’ll feel the same way too. 

Tom Ford Ombre Leather EDP

Tom Ford Ombré Leather EDP (Sonia Constant)

Part of the Private Blend launch collection in 2007, Tuscan Leather EDP gave Tom Ford major cred in the perfume world and is a standard-bearer in the genre. 

In 2018, Ombré Leather (originally launched under the Private Blend Collection in 2016) confirmed the brand’s expertise in the category.

It gets going with the warm spice of cardamom. 

The leather is animalic in all the best ways – sensual and textured – and is given a floral dimension through the intriguing use of jasmine sambac.

There’s great depth of the earthy and smoky kind, thanks to notes of vetiver, patchouli, and moss, in the drydown.  

Also get your nose on the powderier Ombré Leather Parfum, which was released in 2021.

Tom Ford Lavender Extreme EDP

Tom Ford Lavender Extrême EDP (Olivier Gillotin)

Want a big and bold lavender fragrance? Then introduce yourself to this 2019 release. 

There’s a good chance you won’t notice the opening notes of lemon and violet leaf, as this EDP lays on the lavender with speed. It’s fresh, clean and aromatic, as expected, but also coolly metallic. It then gets sweeter and warmer as cinnamon is added to the mix.

The spice sets the tone for the drydown featuring an abundance of vanilla and tonka beans. Smooth, creamy and musky, they complete the composition.

A comforting and chic option.

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum

The original EDP was released in 2006. Apart from becoming one of the best-sellers of that decade, it’s also responsible for tempting men over to the dark side of so-called “female fragrances” with its pure deliciousness.

The unisex parfum version was released in 2020 and while not as busy as the original, it’s just as seductive. 

It makes a gorgeously decadent statement from the start with a large helping of truffles – animalic and musky. Juicy plum brings a touch of fruity sweetness.

A combo of rich boozy rum and tropical florals – ylang-ylang and orchid – leads the way to the earthy patchouli drydown.

It’s been hyped to the max but justifiably so. 

Tom Ford Beau De Jour EDP

Tom Ford Beau de Jour EDP

Originally released in 2019 as part of the Private Blend Collection, this was re-released in 2020 under the Signature Collection, making this beauty more affordable and an even more essential addition to your fragrance wardrobe.   

It starts out aromatic and fresh with an overdose of lavender. 

The sharpness of moss and floral greenery of geranium add a layer of complexity to the composition, with hints of mint and basil in the background.  

It goes deeper with musky-licious patchouli and an amber accord in the drydown. 

Elegance personified and with heaps of character, if this doesn’t make you feel like a dapper gentleman nothing will. 

Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP

Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP

Let’s put aside the name, shall we? And savour this 2020 release that’s apparently inspired by Tom Ford’s private rose garden. You’re not the only one trying to picture it. 

It’s all earthy spiciness in the opening, with notes of black pepper and turmeric grabbing the attention.

Three varieties of rose – May, Turkish, Bulgarian – display the queen of florals at her most voluptuous and diverse. 

Rose-patchouli is a popular combo and the herb gives this scent a dirty, musky edge.  

Not as wild as its name suggests (where are the prickly thorns?), it’s nevertheless beautiful stuff. 

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra EDP

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra EDP

In the rarefied world of Tom Ford, there seems to be two recurring motifs: the glamorous red carpet and care-free European coasts. A whole sub-range of Private Blend has already been devoted to the pleasures of Amalfi and Positano in Italy.   

In 2021, Costa Azzurra migrated from the Private Blend Collection to the Signature range. 

It’s a classy aquatic scent that evokes the French Riviera from the outset with aromatic notes of driftwood and seaweed infused with the freshness of lemon, mandarin and lavender. 

Woody notes of cypress and oak give depth to the olfactory reverie.  

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant EDP

Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant EDP

This 2021 release feels like a posh vacay in the sun from start to finish. At the price, we wouldn’t expect anything less. 

The summer mood begins in familiar fresh and spicy territory, with soft notes of pink peppercorns, mandarin and pink pepper.

There’s then the sweet ’n sunny heat from notes of honey and orange blossom absolute. 

It’s in the drydown that this scent really comes into its own. An amber accord mingles with spicy resins, while the seductive smoke of incense is accentuated by vetiver. A hint of leather adds to the pleasure-seeking ambience.

The burnt vibe to this EDP won’t appeal to everyone, so definitely try before you buy. 


Tom Ford Ébène Fumé EDP

We’ll forgive Tom Ford for sounding like Gwyneth Paltrow in the description for this fragrance on the brand’s website – “mindfulness meets opulence” – because this most recent addition to the TF empire is beautifully rich.

The fresh pine-ish smoke of palo santo (“holy wood” in Spanish) stands out in the opening. This wild tree that’s native to South America is burnt as incense sticks to promote emotional and spiritual purity.

A leather accord is emphasized by notes of papyrus, labdanum, and cade oil. 

The drydown is darker and resinous in character, with ebony and guaiac wood working their charms. 

If you’re looking for a powerful combo of woods, leather, and smoke, get your hands on this one pronto. If it makes you feel calmer at the same time, bonus. 

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Best Recent Tom Ford Releases

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