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Guess by Marciano Review: Classic, Sophisticated & Timeless

Guess began developing colognes and perfumes in the late 1980s, and it’s become one of the most successful endeavors the brand has undertaken.

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Between 2003 and 2009, Guess collaborated with Parlux to release several fragrances, and Guess by Marciano for men is a standout cologne from that era that remains a popular choice today.

Guess by Marciano EDP

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Who Makes It?

Guess was formed in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, and they proudly display their own name on this fragrance.

Barbara Zoebelein developed Guess by Marciano for Women in 2007, and two years later, Guess by Marciano for Men made its debut. 

What Does Guess by Marciano Smell Like?

Guess by Marciano is a sweet and inviting EDT with warm spicy and woody accords. It’s a sophisticated fragrance that’s sure to draw in those around you with its pleasant aroma.

Guess by Marciano

It bears a similar composition to The One by Dolce & Gabbana as well as Bentley for Men Intense EDP.

Scent Notes

Guess by Marciano opens with plenty of brightness, featuring notes of mandarin orange, ginger, and spices. It’s a juicy and zesty beginning that brings just enough intensity to stand out without overpowering the room.

a basket full of mandarin oranges

Soon after, the heart notes of sage rosemary, and leather emerge that take things in a more mature and masculine direction.

About an hour after application, Guess by Marciano’s spicy edge mellows out, turning smoother and warmer during the drydown.

By that time, notes of amber and lavender take focus, with a hint of pepper as well. 


  • Bright and crowd pleasing opening
  • Complex development: a fragrance that’s evolving from one stage to the next
  • Mature, but not old smelling


  • Projection leaves a little to be desired
  • May need several sprays to improve performance
  • Sillage: Moderate 
  • Longevity: Good
  • Scent Potency / Appropriate for: Office, Dinner
  • Price: $

Who Would Like It

Guess by Marciano earned our pick as the most mature fragrance in Guess’s lineup, and men looking for a boost of confidence and maturity would feel right at home wearing this cologne.

The more refined notes of leather and spice could help a younger man project experience, while the fruity opening of orange adds a youthful energy to men in their 30s and beyond.

Above all else, Guess by Marciano is for anyone who likes to strike a balance between business and pleasure.

When to Wear It

We found Guess by Marciano to be fairly versatile.

It could be worn day or night, and its warm spicy and amber accords make it especially suited to the fall months. It could work in the spring as well, thanks to its bright citrusy opening.

Where to Wear It

Guess by Marciano works well for anyone looking to add a bit of sophistication and maturity to their style. It’s warm and friendly, so it’s a great casual office fragrance.

There is a romantic sweetness to the drydown as well, making Guess by Marciano a smart choice to wear while grabbing dinner or drinks. The fragrance evokes the warmth and refinement of your favorite whisky bar on a cozy fall evening.

Packaging & Presentation

We were impressed by the luxurious packaging and bottle design of Guess by Marciano. The box makes use of amber, bronze, and leather tones with a distinct Guess label atop a cross hatched pattern.

Guess by Marciano EDT Packing

Those same colors and texture are brought right onto the bottle and cap, which is as easy to hold as it is to look at. The bottle has an elegant simplicity and color which is well suited to the amber aroma you get from this fragrance. 

Personal Impressions

Guess by Marciano smells like a young man’s coming of age. It still has a youthful sweetness and energy from the mandarin orange top note, but there are layers of intricacy to discover as the fragrance develops into the heart and base notes.

Guess by Marciano bears a strong sense of unity between its packaging, bottle, and scent profile. It’s clear that nothing was done by accident.

Guess by Marciano Scent

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As such, we feel it's the right choice for the confident professional wearing a style as sharp as their ambitions.


Guess by Marciano projects well initially with a moderate sillage, but pulls closer to the skin over time. As such, it’s a fragrance that would benefit from a second application when you’re halfway through the day.

The longevity is strong, and the amber, pepper, and lavender base notes will remain on your skin for upwards of 9 hours. 

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Guess by Marciano
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