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Tommy Bahama St. Barts Review: A Masculine & Tropical Scent

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Review: A Masculine & Tropical Scent

Men’s cologne is a personal choice, but it helps to have a jumping-off point. For those who enjoy a mix of masculine and tropical notes, Tommy Bahama colognes are a popular choice. For us, a front runner in the category is Tommy Bahama St. Barts. 

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First released in 2007, St. Barts has remained a favorite among TB customers for several reasons. To get to the bottom of things, we decided to write our own Tommy Bahama St. Barts review.

Tommy Bahamas St Barts cologne 3

If you’re wondering, “Is Tommy Bahama cologne any good?” You’re about to get your answer. Here’s what you need to know about this long-time fave. 

Who Makes It?

Tommy Bahama originated as a casual men’s wear line in 1993. In 2003, the brand was purchased by Oxford Industries. More than 30-years later, the brand continues to grow with clothing, accessories, and of course, colognes. 

The Tommy Bahama St. Barts cologne comes as a single cologne or as a Tommy Bahama St. Barts gift set. The gift set includes:

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  • 3.4 oz eau de cologne
  • 3.4 oz aftershave balm
  • 3.4 oz shower gel

Tommy Bahama St. Barts price depends on cologne size and product type. You can also purchase Tommy Bahama products through a Scent Bird membership

Scent Notes 

So, what does Tommy Bahama St. Barts smell like? For us, the scent was a pleasant surprise. Not overpowering, but strong enough to keep you smelling fresh all day.

The cologne mixes top notes of sparkling lime and fresh trade wind effect with middle tones of sea vine, tequila, guava, and blue agave. When dry, you can smell the musky scent of volcanic rock, palm wood, and vanilla. 

blue agave

The tropical floral notes reminded us a little bit of our experience with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Parfum. Although Ford’s 2006 scent was geared toward a unisex experience, while Bahama had a purely masculine scent in mind.

For those wondering, what does Tommy Bahama Island Life smell like in comparison, the scents are similar, but St. Barts is less spicy and more citrusy.

Who Would Like It? 

This is a great scent for sailors, beach enthusiasts, and those who love to travel. If you’ve spent any time in the Caribbean, expect some serious nostalgic vibes from Tommy Bahama St. Barts. 

If you’ve liked similar Tommy Bahama scents, chances are, this one will meet your needs. Much like Tommy Bahama St. Kitts, the aroma is uplifting and bright.

On the other hand, when comparing Tommy Bahama St. Barts vs St. Kitts, there are some obvious differences. St. Kitts is often described as fruity and soapy smelling, while St. Barts conjures images of sea spray and frozen drinks. 

Not much for the bright, fresh scents? Check out a review of our favorite sandalwood selection for a sweeter earthy scent. 

While you could wear this scent year-round, most Tommy Bahama enthusiasts suggest it as a summer cologne. Wear it beachside, out to dinner, or dance the night away. Whatever your summer brings, this is a great scent to pair it with.

Packaging and Presentation

At first glance, the Tommy Bahama St. Barts cologne is very similar in presentation to various Tommy Bahama products. The telltale Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts bottle collection style lives on in St. Barts, with the unique addition of some rope around the nozzle. 

The blue color of the cologne bottle brings to mind thoughts of sea glass and sparkling water. It’s a perfect combination with the white rope accent and gold nozzle. Compared to Tommy Bahama for Him, which comes in a yellow, diamond-style bottle, St. Barts presents more nautical and island-themed. 


If you’re not feeling the cologne, you can opt for Tommy Bahama St. Barts body spray. This is packaged in a tall canister aerosol spray with a picture of a tropical island map depicted on the side. 

Personal Impressions

As an all-day cologne, we were personal fans of the Tommy Bahama St. Barts scent. It wasn’t especially overpowering, which was nice, but it delivered on all the scent notes it advertised. 

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In terms of quality and quantity for the price, this cologne was a contender against other favorites like Missoni Pour Homme. This was a scent we thought we’d be underwhelmed by but wound up liking a lot. 

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether this scent is for you. If you’ve enjoyed any TB scents in the past, we would recommend giving St. Barts a shot. 


The first few spritzes went on strong but didn’t linger. While initially, we worried it faded too quickly, we received compliments all day. We took this as a good sign that the fragrance softened after drying without disappearing altogether. 

Tommy Bahama St Barts Cologne

If you like your cologne to last, we recommend applying a few sprays to the body and a few extras to your shirt or jacket. Apply it about half an hour before you plan to go out to give the cologne time to mingle with your natural scent. 

Something we sometimes forget as men is how much cologne changes based on the scent of our natural skin oils. This could ultimately change the number of sprays you need as well. 

Copies Worth Mentioning

Enjoy the Tommy Bahama St. Barts smell, but looking for a different brand to try? No problem. There are a few copycats worth buying. Based on our research, we recommend:

  • REPLICA Beach Walk by Maison Margiela: Bergamot, coconut milk, and heliotrope come together for a seaside beach smell you’ll want to repeat. 
  • Light Blue Sun by Dolce and Gabbana: Grapefruit, ginger, coconut, and vanilla mingle for another beachy spray. D & G’s Light Blue line is known to be particularly fresh, and this summery scent amps things up with a hint of ocean spray. 
  • Cool Water Caribbean Summer by Davidoff: For a dupe on the cheaper side, Davidoff’s Cool Water is a great take on saltwater and summer topics. Again, it mixes fruity notes but adds a dash of sandalwood and mint. On the downside, we find this cologne fades fast and requires reapplication to maintain the beachy smell. 

If Tommy Bahama St. Barts just isn’t for you, but you still want a hint of summer sun and beachside fun, try some of these alternatives. 

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