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The Experts Weigh-In on Men’s Long Hairstyles

The Experts Weigh-In on Men’s Long Hairstyles

Men with long hairstyles often stand out in a crowd. However, these guys often struggle with exactly what to do with their manes. Questions abound — what long do would look best on me? Which products do I need and which should I avoid?

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Let’s take the time to move through these questions with the advice of some experts so you can wear your hair long with confidence and style.

Which Men’s Long Hairstyles Are Hot Right Now?

“As we’ve seen in the R&B and Hip-Hop culture, singer/songwriters, celebs, and from many major league sports icons, long hair is certainly making a statement in 2020.”

– Nickie Addison | Master Stylist & Colorist | Nickoeology Salon Studio

man with long hair nad a hat

“Men with long hairstyles are wanting to look more dapper and sophisticated. We used to see a lot of messy man buns and shaggy shoulder-length hair, but kempt hair is starting to take their place.”

– Erica Erwin | Stylist | Supercuts

“Men are getting more adventurous. They are steering away from flat, one length hairstyles, and are adding more texture and style. Talk with your stylist to find out what works best for your individual style, hair type and texture.”

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– Jason Becht | Stylist | Supercuts

The Best Long-Haired Office Looks

“You need to style long hair, don’t just let it flap around in the breeze and hope for the best. Get a styling product like the Reuzel Surf Tonic, which gives you an instant infusion of volume and texture, with a windblown, messy, ‘I woke up like this’ finish”

– Leen Bergmann | Co-Founder | Schorem Barbershop

“When wearing longer hair in the professional sector, guys should opt for sleek, low ponytails or loose styles that don’t demonstrate distracting volume.”

Darrius Peace | Master Hairstylist & Natural Hair Expert | Hayah Beauty

“I think the best look for men with long hair in the office is a low ponytail with a blow-dried, smooth finish. After blow-drying, pull the hair back and finish with a light hold hairspray for a sleek, professional look.”

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– Peter Holmes | Senior Stylist | Supercuts

man with long hair tied back

“Fortunately, a lot of companies and workplaces have loosened their regulations on long hairstyles for men. Even the most extreme hairstyles can be polished into something appropriate for the office with the right products and a blow dryer.”

– Jason Becht | Stylist | Supercuts

“Long locks are most professional hanging down or pulled into a ponytail as long as the hair is away from the face. The best product solutions for locks are shine-enhancing sprays because they can offer both shine and moisture to the hair and scalp.”

Darrius Peace | Master Hairstylist & Natural Hair Expert | Hayah Beauty

man with long straight hair

Men’s Long Hairstyles to Avoid

“Avoid over styling with a hairdryer and overusing product.”

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– Alison Roberts | Warren Tricomi Salons | Instagram

“Long hairstyles to avoid are those that are hard to pull shirts over, those that are tight and painful, those that showcase distracting designs or patterns, and those that showcase distracting volume.”

Darrius Peace | Master Hairstylist & Natural Hair Expert | Hayah Beauty

“Try to avoid gel or high shine products, as they tend to make long hair appear greasy.”

– Jason Becht | Stylist | Supercuts

man with long curly hair

What Are the Best Products for Long Hair?

“The best products to use for long hair on men regardless of hair length and texture would be water and soft creamy leave-in conditioners. These product solutions make combing through longer hair easier.”

Darrius Peace | Master Hairstylist & Natural Hair Expert | Hayah Beauty

“Men with long hair need to use the proper products for their hair length, type and texture. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a heavy gel or cream if you have thinning hair. In that case, you would want to use something light and volumizing. The opposite goes for men with really thick, coarse hair. You’re going to need a heavy-duty product to protect and style thick, long hair.”

 “One of my favorite products to use on gentlemen with long, thinning hair is Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Thicken Up because it bulks up their strands, making them appear thicker. To hold the thicker style all day, finish it off with a strong hold hairspray like Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray.”

– Erica Erwin | Stylist | Supercuts

“Shampoos with tea tree oil leave the scalp refreshed, hydrated and clean. Tea tree oil deeply penetrates the scalp to leave a tingly, minty fresh feeling all day.”

– Peter Holmes | Senior Stylist | Supercuts

man with long black hair

 “For men with long hair, I always suggest starting with a good leave-in conditioner based on their hair texture.

– Jason Becht | Stylist | Supercuts

“Always condition the ends of your hair in the shower to help prevent dryness after shampooing, once out, no towel chamois.”

– Nickie Addison | Master Stylist & Colorist | Nickoeology Salon Studio

Men with long hairstyles may have to go through a consistent maintenance routine to keep hair healthy and looking good — but it’s do-able. Use this advice and product tips from our experts wisely so you can rock your long locks at both social and professional events. The key is finding what works best for you and your hair type.  


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