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What is an Edgar Haircut & How to Pull One Off Perfectly

If you're considering changing up your look and switching to a new hairstyle, chances are you've seen the ubiquitous "Edgar" haircut somewhere in your environment.

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Whether you've seen it on celebrities, in fashion magazines, or on people walking on the street, you've definitely come across this popular do at some point. Maybe you're thinking about getting one yourself.

But what is an Edgar haircut? What are the definitive features of this fashion trend? What kind of hair is the cut best suited to, and where did it get its intriguing name?

I’m here to give you all the answers to these questions, as well as check out all the different unique variations of the Edgar haircut.

Regular Edgar Hairstyle

What is the Edgar Haircut?

The Edgar haircut is a style in the category of "bowl" haircuts. It describes having longer hair on top of the head and shorter hair on the sides, with the sides being tapered.

Traditionally, the hair on top is combed forward. While the sides and neck are significantly shorter than the top, they are usually not completely shaved, although they can be in some variations. 

How it Came to be Known as the Edgar

The Edgar haircut, also known as the "Cuh," came about in 2019 when a young baseball fan asked his barber to shave the likeness of Major League Baseball star Edgar Martinez into the back of his head.

The complete look, which gained lots of traction on social media, included this long top, short sides "bowl" style. It was affectionately named the "Edgar" after the Seattle Mariners player who inspired the creation.

What is another name for Edgar haircut? It’s also sometimes referred to as a “hood bowl.”

The Edgar haircut has become very popular among young men of Mexican descent in the United States and has become a part of the thriving takuache movement.

This cultural trend involves many aesthetic and lifestyle motifs that are intended to help young Mexican-Americans connect to and celebrate their roots.

Mexican Man Following The Takuche Movement

The movement has spread rapidly via social media networks over the past few years, and the Edgar haircut is certainly a staple of the style elements. 

Who’s Best Suited for an Edgar Haircut

The Edgar haircut is most popular among young Latino men, particularly those of Mexican descent, and has taken on a cultural significance in this community.

In terms of hair type, the only requirement is that your hair be long enough for the top to be combed forward and create contrast with the sides, at least ear length.

However, just about any hair texture can work with the Edgar cut, as you'll see in the variations down below.

Versions of the Edgar

In addition to the traditional version, there are plenty of different variations of the Edgar haircut. Each one puts its own unique spin on the original style. So what is a Fluffy Edgar haircut vs. a brush-back undercut, and how do you achieve these looks?

I’m here to explain.

Whether you prefer an alternate hair texture or color, need to comb your hair in a different direction, or want to experiment with fun shaved patterns, there's definitely an Edgar version out there for you.

Fluffy Edgar

One of the most popular variants, the Fluffy Edgar takes the original style and adds more volume.

Wearers typically use a volume-enhancing product to achieve their desired look, and often this style is worn with a middle part held in place by wax. This creates a fluffy heart shape over the forehead.

Handsome man with stylish edgar hairstyle

Curly Edgar

Boys with curly hair don't need to be left out of the trend. For the Curly Edgar, simply cut down and taper the sides as normal, but leave the top long and curly.

The added texture to the hair on top creates an extra layer of contrast that looks especially striking when paired with the short sides.

Brush-Back Undercut

For this variation, instead of leaving the long top part of the hair combed forward, brush it back for a more dramatic look.

For the brush-back undercut, the sides are usually shaved down at least partially, if not entirely. This creates an entirely new silhouette while still maintaining the critical elements of the traditional cut.

Cascading Mohawk Edgar

If your hair is particularly long and you like dramatic asymmetrical hairstyles, then the Cascading Mohawk Edgar is perfect for you.

Cut the sides down short as for the original style, but leave the top as long as possible, like a Mohawk. Sweep to one side, hold in place with your favorite product, and you're all set.

caesar cut

70s Edgar

For a retro take on a modern classic, use gel or your preferred styling product to mold the top of your hair straight up.

Twisting or rolling it up into place is the best method to achieve this 70s-inspired look. This works best with medium-length hair on the top of the head.

Side-Swept Taper Fade

This more reserved look has the same basic elements as the original cut but styles them in a more subdued manner.

Keep the sides short and the top long, but instead of combing the hair forward or gelling it up, sweep it over to one side. This creates a subtle look with a hint of edge due to the contrasting lengths.

Comb-Over Soccer Style

If you've ever seen a European soccer player, you've no doubt come across this Edgar variation before.

Leaving the sides short but not shaved, brush the hair on top all the way back and hold it in place with gel. This creates the most dynamic effect with medium to long hair on top.

Bleached Edgar

Bleached Edgar

The Edgar hairstyle isn't limited to any particular hair color, natural or dyed. For an extra pop of color, bleach your hair blond before having it cut into this style.

Better yet, experiment with other bright, exuberant colors to achieve the look you want. There is truly no limit to the options you have to choose from.

Edgar with Shaved Design

Short hair on the sides is the perfect canvas for your barber to show off their artistic skills. For an edgy flair, have a simple or intricate design shaved into the side of the head.

This can be just the touch you need to take your new style over the edge and really impress people. 

Edgar Hairstyle

Edgar with V-shape

If you like a tighter, more rigidly shaped look, try incorporating a V-shape into the original cut.

Whether you have the bangs cut into a V-shape for an interesting forehead frame or you have the hair at the nape of the neck shaved into a V for a more streamlined effect, this edgy style is sure to look incredible. 

Upkeep and Maintenance

Depending on the variation you choose, the Edgar can be a relatively low-maintenance haircut with minimal grooming required. The only thing to be concerned about is managing the growth on the sides.

You'll need to make regular return visits to your barber to keep the sides short enough or learn to shave them down yourself at home.

The top can be as long as you want it to be, so just have this cut down occasionally according to your preference.

edgar haircut

Try Out a New Look with the Edgar Haircut

Now that you've learned the answer to the question "What is an Edgar haircut?" and you've seen all the various forms it can take, it's time to get one of your very own.

Pick your favorite variation that looks best with your hair type and facial features and show it to your barber as inspiration. You're sure to have a fresh new style in no time.

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