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Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Review: Flanker Worth A Try?

Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Review: Flanker Worth A Try?

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The newest flanker of the Invictus cologne line by Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend creates a fragrance that will leave any man feeling victorious.

Sea-salty waves meet burning amber in a clash that rivals Invictus Aqua. Rather than cooling off, Invictus Legend heats things up.

Paco Rabanne Invictus

Packaging: You Win Every Time

Maybe I’m just nostalgic about winning trophies when I used to play sports, but it feels pretty good to have the signature Invictus trophy bottle on the shelf. 

The cologne bottle is a deep shade of blue, that lightens up into a blue-ombre under some lighting. The chrome handles really pull the bottle together and makes it a sharp addition to any man’s collection. It’s a little more elegant and a little less grungy than other men’s cologne bottles.

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Personally, I liked the coloration. It adds a pop of color to my otherwise dull bathroom and has been a conversation starter when guests ask which Invictus it is.

Top Notes: They Go High

I’ll be honest, the first spritz is pretty sweet. The geranium is what stuck out to me the most. It’s very fresh and could probably make the sweatiest beast of a dude smell like fresh laundry please don’t test that theory.

While the top notes definitely lean more towards the fresher side when it comes to muskiness, they do heat up later on. I didn’t mind the sweeter cologne at all. I’ve got some musky ones that I own that get used pretty often, so I appreciated having something cleaner to switch things up.

Middle Notes: Salty at Heart

After the initial sweeter top notes fade, the heart notes come through as a salt-water mix. 

While still maintaining some of the sweet/clean scent and playing off of some familiar notes from Invictus Aqua the ocean water middle notes combine well with a hint of grapefruit to leave a polished and refined aroma.

I thought that the heart notes definitely shined through the initial sweeter scent, which left it smelling not only clean, but masculine as well. I was also a fan of Aqua, so this fresher blend was something that I was really excited to try. 

Base Notes: Enter the Motorcycle

If you haven’t seen the Invictus Legend commercial, it’s definitely a must-see. However, until the base notes kicked in for this cologne, I was a little confused about the brutal-looking motorcycle. 

However, the base notes kicked in, and everything made sense.

Warm amber and mead settle this cologne with a strong, rugged, and just a little badass finish.

The base notes are heavier and definitely last a long time. I only sprayed the bottle once on my clothes and it lasted the entire day and even into the next. 

A Scent for Legends

I was happily impressed with the quality of this cologne. 

One spray can literally last for days, and the fragrance is a perfect blend of musk and fresh. It’s a solid choice for warmer seasons, a night out dancing, or even work. Just remember a little goes a very long way. 

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