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Oars and Alps Review: Natural Grooming For Men

Oars and Alps is a men’s grooming and skincare company that focuses on using natural ingredients rather than toxic stuff. Breaking away from the mundane musky scents usually found in men’s deodorant and skincare products - Oars and Alps provides clean, crisp fragrances that are far from ordinary.

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I had the chance to review three of their natural deodorants along with some of their top-selling men’s skincare products. Here’s what I found.

Oars And Alps Review

Natural Deodorants

I’m not proud to say that I’ve actually never used natural deodorant before. I usually use an antiperspirant that is loaded with aluminum among other things and clog the ever-loving heck out of my pits.

I was a little nervous to switch over from an antiperspirant to natural deodorant, but I was surprised by how fast the detox went and how much I actually preferred the roll-on over the typical stick.

The three scents I tried were Fresh Ocean Splash, Eucalyptus Spearmint, and California Coast. Out of the three, Eucalyptus Spearmint was definitely the freshest with its blend of spearmint and citrus.

Ocean Splash was close behind with a blend of cedarwood and lime, and California Coast had a muskier fragrance compared to the two others with notes of patchouli, ylang-ylang, and amber.

If you have sensitive skin and are a little more prone to reactions, you might prefer their allergen-free deodorant. They offer one scent for this line and blend their fresher scents such as citrus with their darker scents like amber for a best-of-both kind of fragrance.

Oars And Alps Review

Body Wash

I’m a fan of body wash with exfoliants so I was really happy when I saw that Oars and Alps uses jojoba beads in theirs. It’s not super coarse, so it won’t feel like rubbing sand on your skin - always a plus.

I would give it a two out of five for exfoliator strength, so if you like lighter exfoliators this would be a solid pick.

This body wash works into a quick lather. It gets nice and sudsy and comes in their California Coast scent. It’s also aesthetically pleasing as it’s a clear gel with dark blue jojoba beads. It’s good to appreciate the little things.

Oars And Alps Review

Wake Up Eye Stick

The Wake Up Eye Stick was by far my favorite product that I got to try.

I am in no way, shape, or form a morning person. If the sun isn’t up, I shouldn’t be either. Needless to say, I never feel like I get enough sleep, and I definitely look like it with my constant battle with puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.

Enter the eye-roller. Two rolls under each eye and I was good to go.

I actually saw a reduction in puffiness after about a week and a half of use, and most importantly, I actually felt better immediately after using it.

Between the coolness of the roller and the built-in caffeine - it felt like a splash of cold water without the shock.

And I like to think that I looked like less of a grumpy zombie.

Oars And Alps Review

Solid Face Wash

Oars and Alps has by far one of the most portable charcoal face washes.

Their solid face wash comes as a stick, so it was perfect to throw in my gym bag or bring with me on a road trip for the weekend.

It has some exfoliators in it, but again not a lot. Charcoal tends to be a stronger cleanser and doesn’t need much of a boost in my opinion. It does a great job of getting a deep clean after a workout, and it’s also safe to bring with you on a plane.

No more using the soap at hotels on my face? Sign me up.

Oars And Alps Review

Face + Eye Cream

Oars and Alps offers a pretty good chaser for both their eye stick and solid face wash. Their face and eye cream is a non-greasy hydrating lotion that is perfect for restoring moisture after using an exfoliant.

It’s a thinner lotion that is perfect for use near the eyes. I added just a tad more to cover the rest of my face and was happy to find that I didn’t have any shine or gross greasy feeling afterward.

Their moisturizer has a neutral scent and didn’t cause any breakouts after using like some other products can do. I liked applying this after washing with their charcoal stick, it kept my skin from drying out and honestly just felt good before going to bed.

Oars And Alps Review

Final Verdict

I was really happy with their scents for all of their products, and really loved that they use natural ingredients and don’t test on animals.

My skin was a little too sensitive for their main deodorants, but I still loved the fragrances.

My favorites were the solid face wash and wake-up eye stick. I really love how clean my face feels before bed with the face wash and moisturizer combo, and I can’t stress enough how nice the eye stick feels after I wake up.

It’s definitely cheaper to buy products in groups, so I’m grateful that they offer multiple kits to meet everyone’s needs! It’s going to be hard to live without their face kit.


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