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Top 5 Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

Growing a beard may appear to be an easy task for some, but there are plenty of issues that can arise in the growth process for many beardsmen out there. Some of these are avoidable and some can be chalked up to simple genetics. In this post, I walk you through some common mistakes made by men with patchy beards in order to help you avoid them and keep your beard game strong.

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Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

1. You’re Not Giving Your Beard Enough Time to Grow.

Growing a beard takes time. Not only that, but every man’s hair is going to grow at a different rate. So if you and a buddy both begin a ‘No Shave November’ at the same time, one of you will likely be rocking a full mane long before the other. 

Ultimately, it’s fully up to you whether or not a small patch in your beard is a make it or break it type of deal for you. There are many men out there who go about their daily lives rocking a beard with a few patches (celebrities included). It’s possible that this patch will fill in over time, or as your beard becomes fuller the patch will become unnoticeable. Don’t forget, everyone goes through the awkward stages of beard growth. So give it some time before you decide to abort your bearded mission all together.

2. You’re Falling Victim to Growth Supplement Scams. 

With the bearded look growing in popularity year after year, more companies enter the market with all sorts products claiming incredible beard growth potential. Do not fall for these magic potions! There is no such thing as a magic pill or oil that is going to give you the full mane you’ve always dreamed of in no time. These companies are preying on the insecurities of us men and providing us with false claims and fake before and after photos to try to make a buck.

Just like there is no magic pill for weight loss, there is no magic pill for hair growth. So much of beard growth depends on your genetics. If your family is full of baby-faced men, don’t be shocked when you haven’t shaved for a month and are left with only a few stray hairs. No product is going to alter your genes to all-of-the-sudden give you the power to grow a full beard that would put Gandalf to shame.

Yes, there are natural things you can do to promote healthy growth and help your beards overall appearance, but only once you’ve already grown a beard on your own accord. 

Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

3. You’re Not Taking Proper Care of Your Beard. 

Yes, there is no such thing as a magic beard oil that will make your beard grow faster or make your beard more dense. However, using things like all-natural beard oil and beard balm can help improve your overall beard and skin health. Applying a beard oil or beard balm daily (depending on what type of style and hold you’re looking for) will moisturize your beard and the skin underneath, which is something that both crave.

If you’re someone who does happen to be rocking a patch or two in your beard, you definitely want to make sure you’re keeping your skin healthy since it is more visible after all. Be sure when you apply your beard oil that you’re massaging it in all the way down to the hair follicle. This will allow moisture to reach the skin and the massaging helps stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Make sure that you’re investing in high quality, all natural products, because it is your face that we’re talking about here. If you buy cheap products filled with chemicals and unknown ingredients, your skin isn’t going to be happy with you and your beard isn’t going to look it’s best. You should be using a natural beard oil that uses only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

4. You’re Not Taking Proper Care of Yourself. 

This may sound cheesy, but proper beard care really does start from within. All sorts of things like how much sleep your getting nightly, what foods your putting into your body, and how much exercise you get can have an affect on your beard health. Making sure to follow a somewhat healthy diet (we’re being realistic here) that’s full of foods rich with healthy fats can promote beard health. We’re talking foods like salmon, avocado and nuts. 

Getting enough sleep and exercise in your life is going to assist in maintaining stress levels and help to prevent anxiety and depression. Preventing these things not only has a major impact on your mental health, but your physical health as well.

5. You’re Too Busy Comparing Your Beards to Others.

It’s often said that comparison is the thief of joy, so don’t compare your beard journey to another Bastard’s! You should be on this beard growth journey because it’s something you want, not because you think your friends or coworkers will respect you more or find you more attractive if you’re rocking a full Paul Bunyan.

As we mentioned earlier, every man is different and therefore is going to grow a beard at a different rate. Not only that, but every man’s beard is going to have a different look and feel based on their genetics and overall sense of style. In the end, it’s all about confidence and how you rock your beard, patches or not.

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