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30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Men 2018

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Men 2018

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for him? We’ve rounded up a mix of the best Valentine’s gifts for the stylish man in your life — from popular classics and to newly launched brands, there’s sure to be a gift for your boyfriend, husband or special guy.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

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Cologne to Share

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

The notion of carrying a partner with you everywhere is better played out in a fragrance than a wallet size photo or screen saver.  A fun gift idea is a fragrance you can share — like Aspley cologne by Truefitt & Hill.  

This new scent from the world’s oldest barbershop works well for both men and women.  Apsley ignites the senses with a refined blend of smoldering woods accentuated by light citrus notes. The harmonious overtones of woody vetiver are lifted with a refreshing essence of grapefruit and are accentuated by notes of pepper, while its heart of cedar wood and patchouli is enriched by sensual notes of musk.

Culinary City Tours

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Can’t decide on a restaurant?  Want to give him something more experiential?  

Avital Tours curates unique 4-course progressive meals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and starting in New York in March, where each course from appetizer to entree to dessert is served at a different restaurant.  Guests hear the stories of chefs and restaurant owners while tasting what makes the local culinary scene special.  Still on the fence about him?  Try their cocktail tours.

Visit Avital Tours

The Guy Grooming Set

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

The guys in your life might not think to ask for a super-rich shaving cream or a mossy, woodsy smelling candle, but they sure as hell won’t be sad to have them.  

Fernweh White Sand Beaches Candle

Includes: Cremo Shave Cream, S.W. Basics Cream, Boy Smells Candle in Coin, Kalastyle Modern Wash Soaps in Coffee, Soapwalla Deodorant Cream, Richer Poorer Seer US Crew Sock in Black Gray, and Kinaloon Bear Hug Card.

Visit Of A Kind

James Bond on a Picnic 

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Cocktails anyone?  Welcome the Chasertini.  Now your last sip of shaken icy goodness will be as chilled as the first. 

ORCA’s entire Chaser line now includes their signature ORCA whale tail flip top lid for easier portability.  It holds up to eight ounces and is double walled with a vacuum seal.  Perfect for cocktail hour, outdoor events or anywhere in between.

Give Him A Close Shave

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts1

Because nothing says I love you like a closer, smoother shave minus the razor burn and bumps that come from multi-blade cartridge razors! Not only will your Valentine be more kissable but he’ll also save money transitioning to Traditional Shaving! Where replacement cartridges will run you over $20 for a 4-pack, you can get 100 DE Blades for under $10! Granted there are some Dollar Cartridge Clubs but what’s the point if you are still paying for inferior tools? Save Face this Valentine’s Day and Show him you truly care!

​Visit Phoenix Artisan Accountrements

Cozy, Ethically Produced T-Shirts

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Fernweh Lavender Fields Candle

Got a guy with a humanitarian bent and love of comfy casual?  Help Known Supply humanize the apparel industry. 

Give him a cotton tee from 100% Premium Pima cotton that comes along with the name, face and story of the person who made it.  Their men’s clothes are made directly at their factory in Lima, Peru and feature super soft Pima cotton, just-right sleeves, neckline and a comfortable fit.

​Visit Known Supply

Luxury Modern Watches

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

What men’s Valentine’s guide would be complete without a watch?  Washington Square Watches’ slogan is “it’s your time” and gets their inspiration from their namesake park which is rich in history and diversity. 

They just launched but founder Marc Smouha comes from a family of watch manufacturers and designers so his brand already looks like a classic. The watches have a modern, minimal design that can move from casual to office. Perfect for the guy who loves individuality and beautiful design.

Visit Washington Square Watches

Fernweh Creme Brulee Candle

Perfect Pocket Squares

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Make looking dapper easier for him with Pre-Folded Pocket Squares from Well Suited NYC

The pocket squares are made with high quality Italian fabric, assist men in a perfect fold (most men don’t know how to fold them) and stay flush in a suit pocket unlike the traditional pocket square. Well Suited NYC pocket squares are handmade in NYC, have graced the pockets of Ted Danson, Chris Rock, Aasif Mandvi, Dave Chappelle, Jeff Goldblum and countless others.

Visit Well Suited NYC

Smooth Post-Shave Skin

​Taking care of his post-shave skin got easier. 

With Fol’s Lavender Skin Repair Gel, his face will recover from shaving burns, dry patches, and any imperfections quickly, whilst at the same time leaving him refreshed and smelling like a gentleman.

Visit Fols For Men

Relieve Stress, Relax Muscles

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Whether he’s complaining about tech neck, the aches and pains of his weekend warrior routine or too much work and sitting, BodyworksBall can help.  

Picked as a wellness must have by Oprah, Yahoo Health, the L.A. Times, USA Today, and Prevention Magazine,  it’s a portable self massage tool for instant relief of neck cricks, shoulder knots, and relief to sore aching hands and feet.  Light weight, Portable, Non-marking rubber ball, can be used against a wall in almost any setting.

Return to the Practical Classics

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

When something works, just go with it.  Like GoldToe socks.  They’re classic, they last forever, they are perfect in dress shoes and with a suit. 

They’re practical, useful and he probably needs more anyway. If you want a gift where you can’t go wrong and will continue to be useful for years, try this.

The Frequent Traveler

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Here’s something he can take on his adventures! Vessel is committed to quality and durability, providing pieces with a clean design and timeless style.  

For example their 2.0 Signature Duffel – The ultimate travel carry-all, this contemporary luxury duffel offers an easy and organized carry. Add this bag to a rolling suitcase by slipping over the trolley handle sleeve for easy stackability. The versatile trolley sleeve pocket can be converted into a functional slip pocket by using the zippered closure.

Visit Vessel Bags

Get Him in His Element

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Choose a container that not only carries beverages but also communicates his style.

Each Elemental bottle conveys a sense of confidence, personality and power that transitions easily from office to outdoor to function without looking out of place – or altering his beverage temperature. Elemental capitalizes upon the intersection where design meets practicality.

Mindfulness Through Technology

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Help him manage stress and anxiety with Airo, a wearable that has been featured by TeenVogue, Bustle, Record, and Techcrunch. 

Airo will buzz when it detects he’s getting anxious and then help him calm down through a quick mindfulness exercise. Over time, using Airo will change his habits so that instead of getting anxious, he’ll do a quick breathing exercise and remain calm and collected.

​Visit Airo Health

For the Music Lover

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

My Wraps is an innovative new solution to tangled earphones. They are high quality headphones, which also double as a trendy unisex bracelet. 

Perfect for the music lover on the go. gym, metro, coffee shop – superior sound, guaranteed to never tangle and always easy to find.

Visit My Wraps

Total Hair Control

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

R+Co’s CONTROL Flexible Paste gives his hair a semi-matte finish with a natural feel, because we all have a little control freak inside of us. CONTROL is good for styles that hold tight, but never feel stiff.

Cufflinks as a Work of Art

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

If you’re buying for a refined gentleman, you want a truly unique gift such as handmade cufflinks from Mari Tome Jewelry Design

Much as a fine painting or piece of sculpture is created using paint or clay, each piece is handcrafted by Merwarth using a variety of metals, gemstones, and other unique materiels.

An architecturally inspired jewelry collection with artistic and architectural roots.

Visit Mari Tome Jewelry Design

Socks by Subscription

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Socks are an evergreen and practical present but how about taking it up a level with a sock subscription?

Society Socks offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions for sock lovers everywhere. Their unique designs are eye catching and bold, the perfect remedy to a boring sock drawer.

Visit Society Socks

Sweet Dreams

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Hair stylists and dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases to keep hair smooth and skin moisturized and clear. 

Refinement plus grooming benefits – elegance with a touch of sensuality. Luxurious silk pillowcases from Celestial Silk can be the perfect gift.

Spread the Love

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

As one of the fastest growing men’s underwear brands due to their patented Ballpark Pouch™, SAXX spreads the love for men one pair at a time. For when you want to express your infatuation for him, grab the Vibe 2-pack. 

These best-selling boxer briefs are slim-fitting for smooth layering and come in a limited Valentine print. Breathable viscose fabric sits close to the body to wick moisture and has a super soft hand for all-day comfort.

Skincare for Foodies

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Does your guy love food but already has a kitchen full of gadgets and accessories?

Treat him to moisturizing grooming products from McEvoy Ranch’s ODE line made with 100% extra virgin olive oil.  For instance, their Olive Oil Body balm is rich and soothing.  Paraben, Phthalate, Sulfate and BPA free.  Never tested on animals. Manufactured in California.

Visit The Store At CIA

For the Thirsty Man on the Go

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

​The Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop is the perfect gift for your special someone on the go. The mug is stylish and modern, designed to keep up with him no matter where he goes. 

It is also both leak and spill proof, and is BPA free. The THERMALOCK vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot up to five hours or cold up to 12. Practical and thoughtful gifting.

Pamper Him to His Toes

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Enjoy playing footsie with this Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream from Fernberry.  

With a light, velvety blend that leaves feet feeling utterly pampered, the super-conditioning foot cream delivers an experience of pure luxury. Enriched with Japanese Tsubaki oil, this silky, lavender-scented cream leaves skin feeling super smooth and soft.

Sophisticated Laptop Covers

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

​Take him from geeky to cool with Douchebag’s Proper 15 inch laptop sleeve.  It’s an excellent choice for the working week on the go. 

Made out of black PU Leather, this is the most stylish way to protect his computer whilst commuting or traveling.

Visit Douchebags

Classic Handmade Italian Ties

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Sette Neckwear specializes in limited run seven fold and traditional neckties.  Each are hand numbered, made of AAA quality Italian silk and handmade in Como, Italy. 

These ties are perfect for the sophisticated man who appreciates true craftsmanship.

Visit Sette Neckwear

Chocolate Lovers Skincare

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

InLight’s Face Chocolate mask with an irresistible chocolate and orange fragrance smells good enough to eat. 

Perfect for rejuvenating his dry winter skin, this mask is a sensual luxury experience with argan oil to nourish, refine and detox pores; rose to restore and balance the skin; and baobab to gently exfoliate and deliver a burst of antioxidant protection. 

Visit Hug Your Skin

Skincare for the Guy on the Go

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Sleep Over Stick is a super convenient facial cleanser and moisturizer created in a unique stick form for travel, the gym and the occasional sleepover. Perfectly compact for clean, moisturized skin for the guy on-the-go who wants healthy skin but doesn’t want to drag a huge dopp bag full of product around with him everywhere.

Visit Sleep Over Stick

Help Him Up His Game

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Kelvin Davis, founder of body-positive menswear blog Notoriously Dapper, has brought us a book full of expertise and experience for men everywhere. 

Davis covers all the bases, including dating how-tos, social skills, and etiquette for all occasions. Whether your guy has made some missteps or just needs a refreshers, Notoriously Dapper provides practical information and inspiration for the modern gentleman seeking to build body positivity and essential life skills.

Silky Underwear

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

SilkCut collection is luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. 

Knit in Europe with Micro Modal® Air fabric, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk.  And it is a first in men’s underwear.  Despite its remarkable soft feel, Silkcut stretches and recovers as it hugs your body comfortably.

​Visit Tani

Aroma Training Kits

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Train his nose to be a sommelier.  You know how some people can honestly pick out a hint of Blackcurrent Bud when smelling a wine?  

This is a fun kit for couples to learn about wine aromas together, enhance meals and impress friends at dinner parties. Wine not his thing? They also have whisky and coffee kits.

Visit Wine Aromas

Lovers Yoga

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Lovers’ Yoga: Soothing Stretches for Two is a Perfect way for couples to get intimate, reconnect and have some fun. 

This little handbook shows couples how to indulge in nurturing, soothing partner exercises to relax, rejuvenate, and create deep, lasting bonds focused on the themes of Playful, Powerful, Peaceful, Patient, and Passionate. Couples can indulge in one stretch, a chapter sequence, or the entire book from beginning to end depending on what time allows.

Better Shaving on Subscription

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Shaving can be a pain, but not all guys are able to pull off (or even want) a beard.

Harry’s is the company that’s fixing shaving. They offer a customizable shave subscription service and own a factory in Germany where their blades are manufactured, cutting out the middleman to make luxury shaving affordable.

​Visit Harry’s

Sweatpants are for Lovers

30+ Stylish and Unique Valentines Day Gifts

Because nothing says “I love you exactly how you are” quite like sweatpants, give him loungewear from Richer Poorer. A tailored fit french terry jogger made with mid-weight french terry. With room through the body and tapered legs this sweatpant is built to go from the couch to the street.

​Visit Richer Poorer

Fernweh Passion Fruit and Guava Candle

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