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Should Men Shave Armpits? - Everything You Need to Know

It is not uncommon for some people to find their armpits hairless, while others may have a thick underarm forest. Armpit hair is not a loss but rather a beautiful natural texture found on some men. The texture of men's armpit hair can vary from a few strands to a forest covering their chest.

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The type of hair that covers the armpits is called terminal hair, which grows in a straight direction and has no curls at all. Some men have thick terminal hair that sprouts like a fountain, making them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

How Common is it for Guys to Shave Their Armpits?

We are easily impressed by doing something that seems more like a ritual than hygiene, and we love to shock our family and friends alike. It is common for men to shave their armpits, but it has always been considered uncommon as a habit.

"The bottom line is, personal preference. I personally and professionally
notice personal grooming as hygienic and when a man shaves his armpits it
tells me that the man that takes the time to take care of himself overall."

"There’s nothing wrong with not shaving either, but it looks cleaner and
armpit BO doesn’t tend to linger and the hair doesn’t poke out. As a
professional barber, I’ve noticed that these guys are more attentive about
their haircut and beard trims, and they always look good."
Meet the Expert - Madison Dufour | Barber &
Cosmetologist | TheExquisite Find
should men shave armpits

Many men who have never shaved before are tempted to do so because it can be an excellent way of addressing the issue of removing armpit hair. Hair removal is necessary, especially if you have thick hair or a lot of hair in your armpits.

The Pros & Cons of Men Shaving Their Armpits

The shaving armpits' pros and cons include:


1. You can easily decide how much hair you want to remove and control the amount by shaving. The best way to maintain the hair you want to leave is by finely shaving your armpits.

2. You can wear sleeveless shirts. Sleeveless shirts are still in fashion, even with their growing popularity on catwalks and red carpets worldwide. They are often worn without a vest or a shirt to show off your armpit hair. The best way to achieve this look is by shaving them until they are clean-shaven and smooth.

3. You can save time by only cleaning up your armpits instead of undertaking a complete hair removal treatment like waxing or electrolysis. Contrary to popular belief, shaving your armpits is probably faster than waxing—and less painful.

4. You can save money because it costs much less to shave your armpits than get someone else to do it for you. It is also more convenient because you don't have to leave your home and go somewhere else to remove your armpit hair.

5. You will experience smoother skin, softer hair, and an overall healthier-looking self when you shave your armpits regularly.

6. You can achieve a new look tailored to your personal preferences; you can choose your hairstyle by shaving them.

7. Less hair means less itching, so you'll be able to wear fewer layers of clothing without feeling uncomfortable. Shaving off hair will also reduce the amount of sweat produced by your body when you work out at the gym or apply deodorant throughout the day in your everyday routine activities.

"I think men should definitely shave their armpits. According to a survey of 4,044 men, 68% said they trim their armpit hair; 52% said it's for aesthetics, and 16% said it's for athletic performance. Shaving your armpits may reduce your sweating, or at least reduce the amount of sweating you can see or feel (sweat rings on your shirt sleeves, for example). Shaving may also help to reduce sweat odor. Hair can absorb and hold onto sweat because it is porous in most cases."
Meet the Expert - Jake Dickson | Personal Trainer | BarBend

"Men’s armpit hair is less likely to be shaved and across countries, it’s quite socially acceptable for men to have hairy armpits. However, shaving can be beneficial because it facilitates less sweat around the area. Hair is naturally porous and has the ability to absorb sweat, so when it is trimmed down or shaved off completely, the amount of sweat absorbed is minimized." 
Meet the Expert - Valerie Barnett | Aesthetician & Lifestyle Expert | Pleasing Care


1. After shaving, there are so many different possible outcomes, from looking rough to having bumps sticking out when wearing tight-fitting clothes, like a pair of jeans or swimsuits.

2. Having your armpits shaved can irritate your skin, especially if you are not used to the irritating sensation.

3. Staying clean is very difficult if you shave your armpits every day. You will have to shower after shaving to remove the hair follicles and residue on your skin. Some men tend to scratch their armpit hair even when they are not performing any activity that requires them to wear a shirt.

4. If you have sensitive skin or irritated skin, shaving your armpits will probably not be a good idea. You may experience itching, bumps, pores, and redness on your armpit area. It is one of the side effects of shaving underarms.

5. It can be uncomfortable if you do not know how to shave your armpits properly. Removing the hair with a set of sharp blades attached to a razor can cause cuts and scrapes is quite risky if you do not know how to do it correctly.

Science Behind Shaving/ Not-Shaving Armpits

There are a lot of theories on whether or not men should shave their armpits. Some men choose to embrace body hair, while others skip shaving because they think it wastes time and money. 

should men shave armpits

Why do guys not shave their armpits? Some very hairy guys get used to living with their terminal hair, which can be an excellent method of controlling your hair growth.

Nowadays, it seems that not shaving is becoming a trend among men, and so are unshaved legs and armpits.

Shaving Armpits: The Proper & Safe Way

Finding a safe, cheap, and effective way to shave your armpits can be surprisingly difficult.

You need to remember that your armpit's hair follicles and pores are more sensitive than those of other parts, so you need to be careful not to cut yourself while shaving.

Handsome man shaving his armpit

Below are some tips on how you can achieve the best results when you shave your armpits:

1. Be Prepared

To minimize the risks of getting injured when you shave your armpit hair, it's best if you use a safety razor with a single blade. You will not require a lot of force because this razor is usually very sharp and fast-moving.

2. Don't Forget To Lubricate

Some of the safety razors you may find are oil-free, so make sure to use a good quality lotion when shaving.

3. Be Gentle

Shaving is not the time to be rough on your skin. Be gentle yet firm when you're shaving. Ensure to constantly rinse the razor with shaving lotion in between strokes to get rid of hair, oil, and dead skin cells.

4. Shave In The Right Direction

The direction in which you shave your armpits should be the same as the growth of the hair. You should shave in an upward motion for this to be effective.


Shaving is one of the most common hair removal methods men choose to undergo. It isn't just a method of self-grooming—it can also be a way to express your personality, fashion sense, and taste.

"Shaving hair on the face, armpit, legs, and arms is usual for most men. Although some find it unmanly to shave underarm hair, it is still hygienic and recommended. Shaving can be a fashion statement too, and at this age, men also follow what's on the trend."
Meet the Expert - Michael | Grooming & Fashion Blogger |  Rough & Tumble Gentleman

Should you shave your armpits? It all depends on you. Whether you choose to leave them alone or get rid of them, it's all up to your preference.

Although shaving has many advantages, the choice to shave armpits is a personal one. You can get a better-looking and cleaner armpit area if you shave it regularly. The options are endless as far as hair removal options go.

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