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Dior Homme Intense Reviewed: A Unique & Timeless Scent

Dior Homme Intense is a potent, woodsy, floral men's fragrance from Dior. As the name suggests, it has more presence than its subdued brother Dior Homme.

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The bold presence and subtle sophistication of Dior Homme Intense's scent profile make it an excellent choice for gentlemen of timeless taste.

Dior Homme Intense EDP

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Who Makes it?

Dior Homme Intense was launched in 2011 by the French luxury house, Dior. Francois Demachy, Dior's in-house perfumer for several decades, oversaw the research and development of the fragrance.

Since 2011, the Dior Homme intense has seen several iterations, with the 2020 formula harkening back to the cologne's characteristic quality of subtle sophistication.

Scent Notes

Dior Homme Intense is a woodsy floral musk. The fragrance is metrosexual in nature but should not be considered a feminine fragrance.

The fragrance's top notes are lavender, with middle notes of pear, iris, and ambrette. The base notes are vetiver and Virginia cedar.


Dior Homme Intense opens with strong notes of Virginia cedar and mellows into a graceful soiree between lavender and iris. Fully dried, the scent matures into a rich chocolatey aroma. A true olfactory journey, this remarkable scent is most known for its lingering middle note of iris.

Who Would Like it

Mature and older men, wary of making eccentric impressions, will appreciate Homme Intense's presence and universal appeal. 

The fragrance communicates an ability to playfully socialize amongst refined individuals without playing the part of the fool. Dior Homme Intense is an exceptional execution of potency and composure that demonstrates good taste.

Homme Intense 2020 is appropriate for most ages. Although anyone younger than twenty-five may appear immature wearing such elegant sophistication on their person. 

young stylish man

In general, cologne wearers under twenty-five are flattered by more masculine, sporty scents, which Dior Homme Intense is not.

Homme Intense is classified as a men's fragrance, but that does not mean that it screams testosterone.

On the contrary, there is much more complexity to the timeless intrigue of Dior Homme Intense, which makes it an attractive fragrance choice for women in search of less feminine scents that still retain a floral body.

When To Wear it

Dior Homme Intense should be worn in the evening during the colder months of the year. The cologne is too rich and sumptuous to be worn in the summer when a lighter, fresher fragrance is called for.

Dior Homme Intense thrives at night when a lack of ambient light deadens our sense of vision. With our olfactory senses heightened by the fall of night, it delivers a pleasantly rich experience that will leave those who cross your path intrigued and curious.

If you decide to wear Dior Homme Intense on a blazing hot summer day, you will lose some of that Frank Sinatra "Strangers in the Night" mystique. To wear Dior Homme Intense at night is to appear suave and interesting. Whereas to wear it during the day is to appear overbearing and tasteless.

Which is to say, Dior Homme Intense is a refined fragrance best used responsibly.

Where To Wear It

Dior Homme Intense is an excellent cologne choice for business-casual and formal evening events where a mature, refined presence is appreciated. 

casual event

Dior Homme Intense also excels as a fragrance for romantic nights at intimate venues. The ideal setting for the charisma of this scent is a swanky cocktail bar or a jazzy music club, but the fragrance is by no means out of place in more casual settings, such as dance clubs.

Packaging and Presentation

The presentation of Dior Homme Parfum is exquisite. The glasswork is deceivingly simple but, upon closer inspection, reveals the ingenuity of expertly executed minimalist design. 

The sleek lines of the fragrance bottle reflect the simply timeless aesthetic of the cologne itself. No frills. No flash. Just good, clean design with impressive attention to detail. 

Personal Impressions

Dior Homme Intense's popularity stems from its unique scent, which, although imitated, has never been replicated. Over the past two decades, there have been various tweaks to the perfume to improve the fragrance's public reception.

Some tweaks have worked better than others. For example, the 2010s bore witness to some inferior versions of Dior Homme Intense, but its 2020 version has improved Dior's standing with cologne consumers.

Dior is currently working on reformulating this classic fragrance with new head perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. 

Dior Homme Intense EDP For Men

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However, the 2021 version will likely retain many of the characteristics which brought Dior Homme Intense back from obscurity and include a few creative tweaks from Francis Kurkdjian.


The 2020 version of Dior Homme Intense lasts all day with moderate to exceptional sillage (sillage refers to a cologne's lingering scent). One or two sprays of Dior Homme Intense on the wrist or neck is more than enough fragrance for most men.

The fragrance profile is potent but also nuanced. The scent opens with a strong woodsy impression, then mellows to a stately floral bouquet that is clean and inviting, and finally finishes with a warm, luscious, sensual scent of chocolate.

At no single point is Dior Homme Intense too much. The strength and trailing potency of the perfume perfectly match the fragrance's scent profile, which means that a gentleman wearing Dior Homme Intense will always appear to have a sense of composure and elegance.

Pros & Con

The critical acclaim and positive reception of Dior Homme Intense is no accident. The fragrance's scent profile has a universal appeal reflected in the perfume's spike in popularity since its release in 2011. 

Gentlemen looking for a timeless date-night scent or want to hold a dignified presence at evening social events will appreciate its maturity and long-lasting performance.

While Homme Intense is a beloved fragrance, it is not perfect. As an everyday wear, it is easily out-performed, especially in warmer, sunnier weather. For some, the finishing scent of Homme Intense is too rich, which makes the perfume a little unwieldy for some when combined with the fragrance's sillage.

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Dior Homme Intense Review

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