New Skincare Brands to Try Out in 2018

The niche beauty industry is burgeoning with skincare leading the pack. The range and diversity of skincare brands is astonishing and the numbers seem to only increase. We took a look at some of the most promising men-friendly skincare startups and their founder's unique missions to change skincare as we know it.


Dr. Mirela Mitan, PhD, is a biochemist hailing from Romania has infused science with her passion for cosmetics. For the past three decades of her career, Dr. Mitan has been creating luxury products for some of the largest beauty and skincare companies in the world. Now, she is stepping into the spotlight with her very first original product, MMXV INFINITUDE.

The product uses a revolutionary cytomimetic technology which “reads” the macromolecular construction of the skin's natural barrier. Acting as a universal hydrator, MMXV INFINITUDE is designed to tackle seven solutions of skincare such as anti-aging, brightening, fine lines, under eyes, acne, and more for both men and women on the go, who are any ages and skin type. Now sold in stores in Bergdorf Goodman and Cos Bar, and Nordstrom.

This is the perfect product for men who don't want to be bothered with a complex skincare routine and prefer one product to do it all. To top it off, it has beautiful, minimalist packaging and unisex appeal.

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Josh Wadinski, founder and CEO of Plantioxidants explains his mission, “Plantioxidants combines my youthful optimism to do what is ‘right’ with my adult pragmatism on how to accomplish that. The vision for the company stems from knowing we can all do better for the planet while helping others live a bit longer. To achieve this, I set the goal for Plantioxidants to create products for women (perfect for men too!) that are "healthy" and "good" because I realized that not enough companies prioritize this within the beauty industry. The extreme lack of regulation in terms of formulas and ingredients, coupled with the obvious impact we as consumers have on climate change, drives the two key components of Plantioxidants: clean beauty (certified USDA organic) and green beauty (sustainability). 

After a grueling year of R&D and design work, the company and our initial set of 12 products launched in late 2017. I couldn't be prouder of our final formulas and the resulting customer response. Our products are fully certified USDA organic and rely on plant antioxidants. The simplest way to explain antioxidants is that they are nature's version of SPF, but rather than fighting UVA and UVB rays, they combat everyday stressors like car exhaust, pollution, etc. Each product is formulated with specific ingredients according to the purpose of the product (e.g. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus found in one of our cleansers to brighten skin; cucumber is loaded with vitamin B5 and used in our hydrating treatment; chaga mushrooms in our serum help repair sun damage while ginseng fights inflammation). Rather than just saying "loaded with antioxidants," we also measured the minimum amount of antioxidants per product and purposefully printed this on our packaging and website in an effort to be as transparent with our customers as possible. Lastly, we incorporate as much closed-loop packaging as possible to minimize our footprint and that of our customers. I hold this extremely close to my heart. Our goal is to help everyone live longer and help others do the same. This is reflected in our mission: cherish your body and learn all you can to do less bad, produce more good, and take care of the planet and others."

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FOLS for Men

Pedro Dias is the founder of FOLS for Men. He explains that he, “first got interested in grooming and skincare in particular when he first got advice from a dermatologist that given my light skin complexion and the fact that I live in the sunniest capital of Europe (Lisbon, Portugal), I should really wear sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy. 

At the time, I got a product recommendation but to be honest, it was terrible. It was bulky and thick and I hated the smell. Ever since, the idea started brewing in my head. I decided that I could make my own product that suits my needs. 

About 7 months later, I finally got my first sample, for the cedarwood facial moisturiser, and I loved it. I still use it every day. Since launching, I've learned that a lot of men share the same concerns regarding their skin, that has influenced our mission statement: ‘To make products that guys are not ashamed to show and share.’”

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