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Vera Wang Cologne for Men Review: Classy All The Way

Vera Wang Cologne for Men Review: Classy All The Way

In many circles the name Vera Wang has become synonymous with luxurious weddings. Most people will think of her as a wedding dress designer first. In 2004, she launched Vera Wang for Men to compliment her fashionable wedding line and her eponymous women’s fragrance. That said, it’s an affordable and versatile cologne that could certainly be worn beyond weddings or formal events so I decided to give it a try. 

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Vera Wang for Men EDT Review

Vera Wang cologne for men is a subtle, woody green fragrance, well-suited for everyday wear. It has top notes of mandarin leaf and citrus, with heart notes of nutmeg, anise, and leather, fading to base notes of tobacco and sandalwood. It’s a classic, manly scent that works well for men of all ages; sillage and longevity are moderate, so it will not overpower the senses.

What I find most intriguing about this line is that the men’s and women’s fragrances were designed to harmonize together and perhaps unsurprisingly, be perfect to wear to a wedding. That said, I thought it was subtle enough to be considered a daily cologne as well. Considering the price tag on most Vera Wang fashion, the fragrance is surprisingly mid-price range and wallet-friendly.

The presentation feels more luxury than budget and definitely one you can show off on a nightstand. If I had to rank it on the bottle alone, it would certainly get 5 stars.

Personally I found it pleasant, esp considering the price-tag. It’s very classy, elegant and  almost too subtle for my taste. However I could imagine that someone who isn’t used to wearing cologne might appreciate that.

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It’s a nice enough cologne overall a good, safe gift but also slightly forgettable.

Vera Wang Cologne for Men Review

Vera Wang for Men Aftershave

Lately I’ve been on a fragrance layering kick so I also tried out the aftershave. It gave a classy elegance to my morning routine and was gone within an hour. If you want something that lasts longer, definitely go for the cologne but if you just want to add some class to your morning shave, this is pleasant enough.

Vera Wang EDP (for Women)

Since this was originally intended as a set with Vera Wang’s perfume for women, I’d feel remiss not to mention it. It’s a floral fragrance with top notes of lotus, iris, lily and jasmine and basenotes of sandalwood. Similar to the mens fragrance, it seems to be elegant and refined while not breaking any new ground. If you’re feeling romantic, I’m sure it would be an appreciated gift that won’t break the bank.


While I wish the fragrance was a little more opinionated and less middle of the road, I feel like Vera Wang for Men is one of those really good value fragrances that might be overlooked by many men due to the connotations of weddings and worrying it might be too formal for daily wear.

The EDT is a great price-point, beautiful bottle presentation and would work well for in the office or casual usage too. If you’re looking for a gift to impress without breaking your budget, this is definitely a good one.

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