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Best Sean John Colognes Reviewed: Iconic & Affordable

Since 1998 rapper Sean Combs (also known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy) has maintained a successful mens’ fashion and lifestyle company, Sean John. Included in these collections are fragrances for any occasion, season, and preference. 

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Sean John
  • Released in 2016
  • Decent sillage
  • Glass packaging
  • Launched in 2006
  • Zesty scent
  • Moderate longevity
I Am King
  • 2008 creation
  • Good value
  • Intimate sillage

Whether you love musk, citrus, florals, or spice, Sean John has your new signature scent. Read on for our favorite Sean Jean colognes and which one works best for you. 

Our Top Picks for Sean John Colognes

While there are plenty of Sean John colognes to review, these take the cake. They blend unforgettable aromas with class, style, and the quality you would expect from such a trusted name - all at an affordable price.

Sean John EDT

Best for Daily Wear Sean John

For: Men 

Seasons: All - but especially fall

Wear it: Any time

Launched: 2016

First and foremost, we have to talk about the original signature Sean John scent. The scent notes on this blend consist of fruit and herbs such as citrusy bergamot, sweet and juicy mandarin orange, sharp black pepper, and green water mint. 

Other aromatic notes for this particular cologne include spicy/sweet nutmeg, angelica, intensely sweet cardamom, and green violet leaf – perfect for spring and summer. Some say the scent reminds them of One Million by Paco Rabanne, although this fragrance is much less expensive.

P. Diddy created this scent to spark confidence in all who wear it and evoke a fresh, ready-for-the-day smell. Spicy black pepper blended with mandarin orange creates a daring but accessible vibe.

Sean John is an excellent option for someone who enjoys a fresh and clean scent. It is a versatile blend that mixes with all skin oils well and lasts throughout the day, no matter where it takes you. 

Pros: Decent sillage, very affordable, glass packaging

Cons: Moderate lasting power, heavy vanilla scent

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Sean John Unforgivable EDT

Best for Summer Days Unforgivable

For: Men

Seasons: Spring & Summer

Wear it: Daytime

Launched: 2006

Second, on our list is Unforgivable. If you or someone you know enjoys musky, citrusy, but still sweet smells, Unforgivable may be the cologne you’re looking for. It is perfect for dreamy summer vacations to wineries and orange groves.

Unforgivable is a citrus-heavy scent packed with lemon, lime, and the smells of summer. With base notes of rum, cashmere wood, sandalwood, Tonka bean, and amber, you get a masculine scent balanced with the bright notes of bergamot and lemon. Iris, basil, and clary sage add hints of spice and florals for an extra summery touch. 

The scent is warm, balanced, and unique - somehow, it is musky yet light, masculine yet sweet. Unforgivable is the perfect scent for the walking contradiction in your life or that summer fling that turned into something more intimate. This fragrance also makes a great gift, as it appeals to most tastes and has almost every scent profile in the book. 

Pros: Moderate sillage and longevity, zesty scent

Cons: Multiple reformulations make it challenging to find the original 

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Sean John I Am King EDT

Best for Special Occasions I Am King

For: Men

Seasons: Summer

Wear it: Daytime & evening

Launched: 2008

Are you looking to buy cologne for a king in your life? I Am King may be right on the money - it is in the name, after all. I Am King is perfect for kings who love fresh air by the sea-side scent. A fragrance that smells like fresh breezes, toes in the sand, and not a care in the world. 

The scent is subtle and light yet effective, similar to Beach Walk by Replica Maison Margiela (although this is much more masculine). Tart citrus and the delicate smell of sunscreen take wearers on a vacation fit for royalty. Plus, it wears well into the evening hours for a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach. 

I Am King is for those who like to take life one day at a time, as a king should. This fragrance, in our opinion, would be the best match for someone who carries a laid-back but refined energy.

Fruity cranberries and mandarin make up the base notes, while sandalwood and oakmoss add masculinity. Everyone that wears I Am King will feel like a million bucks.

Pros: Intimate sillage, good value

Cons: Weak lasting power

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3AM Sean John EDT

Best for Late Nights and Date Nights 3 AM

For: Men

Season: Summer

Wear it: Night

Launched: 2015

If you are looking for a scent that encapsulates the word “musk,” Sean John’s 3 AM cologne is perfect for the occasion. A smoky blend, 3 AM is best for a night out on the town, hitting up clubs, or a night out dancing. P. Diddy describes the scent as the rawest form of human emotion, rebellion, and living in the moment. 

Sean John’s 3 AM top scent notes consist of suede, tonic, and leather. Additionally, scents include those of orange blossoms, geraniums, and the pronounced aroma of fig leaves - akin to what you may smell on a warm summer night at 3 AM. 

A significant number of reviewers mention the atomizer on the bottle as one of the highest quality on the market. Some compared it to that of fragrances from Dior for half the cost. 

Pros: Sillage, high-quality atomizer

Cons: Lasting power

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Good quality cologne for men can be hard to come across - especially scents that last and do not break the bank.

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