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Cool Water Perfume by Davidoff: A Review Of The 80s Classic

There are few fragrances that can claim to be undisputed game changers – but this is one of them.  

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The 1988 release of Cool Water cologne instantly made those that came before it look old-fashioned. It began an era of domination for aqua fragrances that lasted until 1996.

You couldn’t go anywhere public during this time without the smell of Cool Water perfume hitting your nose.

This grandfather of aqua fragrances remains popular and holds up just as well today as it did in 1988.

Where to Buy Cool Water Perfume for Men


Price: $

Who Makes It?

There was a time when the name Davidoff only conjured images of their other creations – Cuban cigars. But these days, that’s just one part of their business. With the launch of Cool Water perfume, Davidoff cemented their place in the fragrance hall of fame.  


The perfumer behind this triumph is the legendary Frenchman Pierre Bourdon. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, Bourdon was driven by passion to re-enrol at Roure Bertrand Dupont in Grasse. He became the sole protégé of Edmond Roudnitska and found success with the creation of Cool Water, Serge Lutens Feminite du Bois, and YSL Kouros.

man divinginto crystal blue waters in a cave

Scent Notes

Top: sea water, mint, green notes, lavender, coriander, calone, rosemary. Middle: sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, geranium. Base: musk, oakmoss, cedar, tobacco, amber.

Personal Impressions.

The scent is fresh and woody with a light floral note. It brings up images of the sea, waves and surf. It’s an utterly clean smell, more cool than sexy. It smells a little synthetic but not in a noticeable or unpleasant way.

Packaging And Presentation

The bottle and packaging have remained remarkably unchanged since their first release over 30 years ago. Cool Water perfume comes in a sleek, masculine blue flacon with a black stopper. Davidoff is written in a capitalized serif font, while Cool Water is written below in flowing italics.  

Jetty in the ocean with water splashing against it

Who Would Like It

This fragrance is a people pleaser, an inoffensive classic. More developed noses may find its lack of controversy dull, but more will find this a pleasant fragrance.

Some have called it an older man’s scent, something that your dad or uncle would wear, but it’s just as suitable for young adults or late teenagers starting out in perfumes who want a reliable, adaptable classic in their repertoire.

Although it’s a male scent, it’s certainly charmed a few women into purchasing in its time thanks to its freshness.

Where to Wear it

An extremely casual scent well suited to warmer seasons. Great in all situations, from the office to the gym. This is because it handles perspiration deftly, keeping you smelling fresh and not mixing with sweat to become unpleasant.


How To Tell A Real One From A Fake?

Ensure that the name is spelled correctly on the packaging and that the serial number printed on the box matches that on the bottle.

Exercise extreme caution if buying from street sellers, or if the price seems too good to be true. If it has a chemical-like smell, or if it doesn’t last longer than an hour – it’s likely fake. 

Similar Fragrances 

The obvious comparison to make is with Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. They are almost identical in smell, however, Irish Tweed contains notes of iris and ambergris, which gives it the edge over Cool Water perfume. On the other hand, Cool Water is a fraction of the price.


Cool Water Perfume by Davidoff