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Missoni Cologne: A Review of This Uniquely Bright Scent

Started in Italy and known predominantly for its knitwear fashions, the luxury house Missoni was started in the 1950s and since then has been synonymous with bright colors and detailed designs.

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Their fragrance offerings are likewise bright and unique. Wondering if Missoni cologne is for you? Here’s our Missoni cologne review to help you decide if this interesting, contradictory, yet lush fragrance deserves a place in your collection.

MISSONI Pour Homme Men Cologne

Who Makes Missoni Cologne?

While the scent is housed under the fashion brand Missoni, the fragrance licensing for this cologne was franchised to Euroitalia. This manufacturer handles fragrances for houses like Versace and Moschino as well as cosmetics and leading luxury beauty products.

Although the brand launched fragrances earlier in its history, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme was released in 2017, after the tragic 2013 plane crash that claimed the life of the then heir to the family business.

Missoni Shop

The cologne and its launch symbolized a sort of reemergence for the brand and the idea of starting fresh and coming back stronger. Many people will agree that this ideal finds a perfect home in Missoni Pour Homme.

Scent Notes

So what does Missoni cologne smell like? This fragrance is a citrusy, spicy, warm aromatic scent with lots of woody accords. 

The top notes include lavender, lemon, and grapefruit. In the heart are notes of apple, jasmine, and ginger. And the base consists of oak, sandalwood, birch, patchouli, and musk.

Overall, the scent profile gives this cologne a contradictory composition that could seem to war with itself if it was not so well blended. Lighter, fresher accords are the predominant ones, but the woody, spicy undertones cooperate well thanks to the mitigating note of ginger.

Who Would Like It?

Missoni pour Homme is a great choice for a man who wants to smell rich, complex, and a little bit mysterious. There’s a bright, juicy burst thanks to the citrus that would suit younger men, but the dry-down lends itself to more sophistication and even some sexiness.

There’s a barbershop sort of vibe to this cologne that makes it easy to wear year-round, although its lighter and fresher notes might get lost in cold weather.

For men who want a rich and deep scent that works well in warm weather, Missoni pour Homme makes a great signature scent.

While it’s not deep and dark in the traditional sense, lacking more overt spices and woods in favor of citruses, fruits, and botanicals, the scent journey that this fragrance provides is interesting and special enough for events and occasions, such as date night. 

Packaging and Presentation

Presentation is half the battle when it comes to designer colognes. This one comes in a dark, nearly apple-shaped bottle with a glass band that bears the brand name on a gold plate. The magnetic cap is heavy and durable.

Missoni leaves its undeniable influence on the presentation of this cologne in the v-shaped pattern on the metal cap. This unique pattern is seen often in Missoni knit clothing designs and is synonymous with the fashion house.

MISSONI Pour Homme Men Cologne

The shape of the bottle, although subtle, also lends itself to the fragrance’s bright, juicy leanings and fruity accords.

Personal Impressions

While the first few sniffs may seem somewhat generic and similar to many other men’s fragrances on the market, the real magic comes with the dry-down.

The citruses are prominent, but the lavender melding into the deeper, richer base notes is the real showstopper in this fragrance. While masculine and sexy, this is not an overwhelming or niche-smelling scent.

citrus fruits

It’s not challenging to wear and will likely be inoffensive, as it’s pretty mass appealing while still retaining a unique edge. For lovers of men’s fragrances, this cologne makes an easy, safe blind buy if you’re looking for a scent that offers contrasting accords and stays fresh.

Whether you’re a fragrance lover who wants to add a versatile but unique cologne to their collection, or you’re shopping for someone with a well-curated cologne collection, a Missoni cologne gift set, including a full-sized and travel-sized cologne, is a great value.


Many citrus-forward scents suffer from poor performance, but that’s not the case here. Missoni pour Homme will give you at least a good seven hours’ wear, all the while with decent projection that leaves a balanced, enjoyable sillage that won’t overwhelm.

It’s the base notes that really hold this scent down for the long haul, and the lighter notes are blended well into the overall composition.

Although you won’t smell the citrus components for the entire wear time, the cologne retains the fresh accords and carries them through to the very end.

Copies Worth Mentioning

When it comes to dupes, there are plenty on the market that are close, but not quite. Missoni pour Homme garners lots of comparisons to Bleu de Chanel. However, the main comparison lies in the bright burst of citrus in the opening.

Missoni pour Homme is the more masculine of the two and has more herbal notes, notably the lavender, which Bleu de Chanel lacks. 

It also draws comparisons to Percival by Parfums de Marly, but a bit in reverse: Percival is more ambery, sweet, and warm, while Missoni pour Homme is fresher and aromatic, holding onto its citrus notes for longer.

Missoni pour Homme is also similar to another fragrance from the Missoni line, Missoni wave.

This Missoni cologne blue bottled fragrance is more balmy and aquatic, thanks to the addition of vetiver and sea salt. While they’re both bright, fresh scents, Missoni pour Homme has more staying power and is a bit more complex. 

When it comes to dupes, Missoni cologne price points are much more feasible for buyers than some of the other designer perfumes that smell similar. Many people claim that Missoni pour Homme is a better value than Bleu de Chanel but with a similar effect.

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Missoni Cologne Review

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