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Best Brown Corduroy Pants: They're Back in Style

Men’s brown corduroy pants are comfortable, stand out, and pair well with any shirt. Regardless if it is for a date or a business meeting, the perfect pair of corduroy pants are just waiting for you to slide into them.

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Goodthreads Corduroy Pants
  • Stylish slim fit with five pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Good value for money
Dickies Corduroy Pants
  • Environment-friendly
  • Flowing, loose style
  • Plenty of legroom
Amazon Essentials Corduroy Pants
  • Affordable and durable
  • Classic slim-cut style
  • Perfect for going out with friends

The following corduroy pants were selected for their fit, comfort, and durability. Read below to find out which one is perfect for you.

Our Top Ten Picks for Brown Corduroy Pants

Haggar Men's Stretch Corduroy

Best for a Dinner Out

The expandable waistband stretches up to three inches, and the plush fabric gives these Haggar pants a fancier look. If you want simple and stylish corduroy pants to wear for a dinner out with friends, give these a try. 

PROS: Easy to wear and wash, these pants have a light fit for more comfort.

CONS: They may not provide an exact fit considering the stretchable waistband. Some sizes are much more expensive.

  • Star rating: 4.5/5
  • Fit: Classic
  • Comfort: Elastic waistband, made with spandex
  • Durability: Machine washable
  • Value: An affordable item that lasts.

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Goodthreads Men's Corduroy Pant

Best for a Work Day

Are corduroy pants business casual? Absolutely. 

These slim-fit pants from Goodthreads have a stylish fit with five pockets and khaki coloring. They taper at the ankles for a more casual style, and the elastic fabric allows for room to move around. Great for sitting at a desk or walking about, these pants are a terrific choice for the workplace.

PROS: They have a stylish slim fit and many pockets.

CONS: The material may shrink in the wash and deform a bit over time.

  • Star rating: 4.6/5
  • Fit: Standard Slim
  • Comfort: Made with Elastane
  • Durability: Machine wash on cold
  • Value: Comfortable and inexpensive. 

Flat Front Corduroy Pants

Best for a Relaxed Day

These warm brown corduroy pants with a wide-leg style from Dickies are a great addition to any outfit for a casual occasion. Primarily made of cotton and recycled fibres, these pants offer a relaxed look. The thicker, looser material keeps you warm if you find yourself standing around outside. 

PROS: They have plenty of legroom and at least 30% of materials are sustainably sourced.

CONS: Come in only two colours.

  • Star rating: 4.⅗
  • Fit: Loose
  • Comfort: Flowing, loose style
  • Durability: Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Value: Good value for money

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Amazon Essentials Corduroy Pants

Best For a Casual Day

These Amazon Essentials pants are made in a classic light brown corduroy style. They have a slim fit but the cotton and spandex blend adds sufficient stretch for movement. 

Versatile and very comfortable, these pants are perfect for going out with friends or staying in.

PROS: Affordable and durable pants that keep you warm in any weather. 

CONS: The thick corduroy lends to a rougher texture and the inseam of the pants runs a little long. 

  • Star rating: 4.⅘
  • Fit: Slim-Cut Chino
  • Comfort: Cotton and spandex blend
  • Durability: Machine washable
  • Value: Affordable and well made.

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IDEALSANXUN Mens Corduroy Pants

Best for the Fall/Winter

These warm and thick brown corduroy pants are high-waisted and a perfect gift for an older relative. Primarily made from cotton, these loose-legged trousers are easy to move around in and can help retain warmth in the winter months.

PROS: The pants use a warm, thick, and comfortable material. 

CONS: They tend to shrink in the wash and the buttons are not as secure as they could be. The leg also runs long, meaning some customers need them tailored. 

  • Star rating: 4.⅗
  • Fit: Casual
  • Comfort: 100% Cotton
  • Durability: Fragile buttons, not machine washable
  • Value: Affordable, but not as high quality

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Haggar Men's Mynx Gabardine Pleat-Front Dress Pant

Best for a Business Meeting

These are another versatile brown pair of pants that can be worn for any formal gathering. Made from polyester, they are both comfortable and stylish. These pleated dress pants are perfect for a business meeting or any normal day at work. 

PROS: Dressy and comfortable with large, slanting pockets, these pants have a hidden stretchy waistband for a customizable fit.

CONS: The material can look a little shiny and the thin fabric may warp in the wash.

  • Star rating: 4.5/5
  • Fit: Pleated Dress 
  • Comfort: Expandable waistband
  • Durability: No iron, machine wash cold
  • Value: Pricier yet stylish

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IZOD Men's Tailgate Corduroy Pants

Best for Game Day

These comfortable and easy-to-wash pants are perfect for a weekend away with the boys. You can wear these Havana Brown corduroys to a tailgate party, out on the town, or simply relax at home. They are highly durable and easy to wash, so you don’t need to worry about spills or stains. 

PROS: These pants are easy to wash, comfortable, and have thick material to keep you warm.

CONS: Some sizes may be more expensive than others. 

  • Star rating: 4.5/5
  • Fit: Slim 
  • Comfort: Stretchy fabric
  • Durability: Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Value: Affordable, durable, and high quality

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ETHANOL Men's Slim Stretchy Casual Corduroy Pant

Best for a Brother/Sibling

These pants are terrific as an inexpensive gift for a relative or sibling. With reinforced belt loops, they are super durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Their cotton-spandex blend is stretchy, comfortable, and versatile for a variety of activities. 

PROS: Comfortable, affordable, and machine washable.

CONS: They may be too slim around the hips for some customers.

  • Star rating: 4.6/5
  • Fit: Slim Modern
  • Comfort: Cotton and spandex blend
  • Durability: Machine washable, reinforced belt loops
  • Value: Affordable and well-made with high-quality materials.

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Chums Corduroy Trouser Pants

Best for Brunch

The fine wale corduroy fabric is stretchy and comfortable. These light brown corduroy pants are suitable for casual or business events. However, they may be harder to care for than other available options.

PROS: These pants are wrinkle-resistant and have an expandable waistband. 

CONS: The fabric may shrink in the wash.

  • Star rating: 4.⅕
  • Fit: Straight
  • Comfort: 100% Cotton
  • Durability: Air dry only
  • Value: Pricier and higher maintenance

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Alimens & Gentle Men's No-Iron Corduroy Pant

Best for the Office

These dark brown corduroy pants are suitable for any casual day at the office or business meeting. The material is wrinkle-free and keeps you warm in cooler temperatures. 

PROS: Suitable business pants. 

CONS: These pants are lower quality than other options. 

  • Star rating: 3.8/5
  • Fit: Straight-Fit
  • Comfort: Stretch fabric
  • Durability: Machine washable in cold water
  • Value: Higher cost for less value

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Are Corduroy Pants on Trend?

Corduroy pants are trending since they are versatile enough to be casual or formal. They also offer a more unique look than simple pleated dress pants. 

How to Wear Brown Corduroy Pants With Style

man wearing brown corduroy pants

You can dress your brown corduroy pants outfit up or down depending on the occasion. For a more formal look, you can add a blazer and a button-down shirt. For more casual outings, pair them with plaid shirts or sweaters

Final Thoughts

Brown corduroy pants are coming back into style because they are easy to care for and look great in a variety of outfits. Look through our list to decide which is your favorite!

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Best Brown Corduroy Pants for men


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