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Best Grey Sweatpants for Men: Stylish & Modern Athleisure Wear

Grey sweatpants, or joggers, are a staple of men’s fashion and modern athleisure trends. Joggers are among the best pants you should be wearing in 2022 which may leave you wondering, which sweatpants are the best for me? Are all sweats created equal? 

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Russell Athletic Men’s Sweatpants
  • Warm
  • Medium-weight and tear-resistant
  • Good value
Champion Men’s Powerblend Jogger Pants
  • Stylized with a slim leg
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduced pilling and shrinkage
Nike Sportswear Club Joggers
  • Heavyweight
  • Good for cold weather
  • Slim cut, fitted leg fit

The wide range of men’s athletic wear may be overwhelming as it creates an equally large number of options and features.

Our guide to the best grey sweatpants for men is here to help sort it all out, from elastic bottoms to fleece interiors and everything in between.

Our Top 5 Picks

One common misconception about men’s fashion is that all athleisurewear is the same. Before the rise of the athleisure movement, grey sweatpants and joggers could hardly be called a wardrobe essential. 

Along with the pandemic, the rise of athleisure meant that joggers, track pants, and entire grey sweatpants outfits began receiving the designer treatment. The trend saw casual wear transform into high-end fashion and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Whether you are a bargain hunter or a workout guru, our top five picks for best grey men’s sweatpants have got you covered.

Russell Athletic Men's Dri-Power Sweatpants

Best for Comfort Russell Athletic Men's Sweatpants

Star Rating:

Comfort: Warm

Durability: Medium weight, tear-resistant

Value for Money: Good value basic

Fit: Roomy, oversized

The Dri-Power technology of Russell Athletic’s Open Bottom Sweatpants keeps moisture out and body heat in so you stay cozy and dry. The relaxed fit of these pants keeps flexibility and range of motion in mind, but the generous inseam means that some buyers will need to size down.


  • Breathable
  • Heat-trapping
  • Good value


  • Runs large
  • Less fitted/ stylized

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Champion Men's Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants

Best Joggers for Casual Wear Champion Men's Powerblend Jogger Pants

Star Rating:

Comfort: Soft but fitted

Durability: Some stretch, reduced pilling

Value for Money: Good value for basic pant

Fit: Slim leg

Champion’s Men’s Powerblend Retro Joggers offer a fitted, casual look perfect for running errands while staying comfortable.

These sweats can be dressed up or dressed down, so you never feel out of place. Made from recycled fibers, Champion’s Joggers reduce pilling and offer a good basic option for shoppers on a budget.


  • Reduced pilling and shrinkage
  • Stylized with a slim leg
  • Eco-friendly


  • Snug fit at hips
  • Shape may stretch over time

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Nike Sportswear Men's Joggers

Best Nike Grey Sweatpants Nike Sportswear Club Joggers

Star Rating:

Comfort: Fleece-lined, warm

Durability: Heavyweight, insulating

Value for Money: Average value, higher price range

Fit: Slim cut, fitted leg

Nike’s Men’s Sportswear Club Joggers include a soft brushed-back fleece lining without the bulk. The tapered ankle cuffs and drawstring waistband are fitted and designed to move with you during active movement. 

While less affordable than some other grey sweatpants for men by Nike, the Sportswear Club Joggers are more durable with their inner and outer fabrics and a more fitted cut.


  • Heavyweight
  • Stylized
  • Good for cold weather


  • Color longevity
  • Higher price range

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Southpole Men's Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

Best Bargain Joggers Southpole Men's Active Basic Joggers

Star Rating:

Comfort: Average

Durability: Less durable fabric quality, fabric pilling

Value for Money: Great for the price

Fit: Fitted waist, banded ankle cuffs

SP Active's Basic Fleece Joggers are an ideal choice for guys on a budget. The fitted ankles and drawstring waist make the pants versatile enough to run errands while staying comfortable.

While the fabric is less durable than other joggers, the fit and drawstring waist offer a stylish profile at an affordable price.


  • Value for money
  • Stylized
  • Suitable for cold weather


  • Less durable than other styles
  • Fabric prone to pilling

Under Armour Men's Rival Fleece Pants

Best for Cold Weather Under Armour Men's Rival Pants

Star Rating: 5/5 

Comfort: Ultra-soft, cotton blend

Durability: Mid-weight, shrink resistant

Value for Money: Average, mid-price range

Fit: Tapered leg

The Rival Fleece Pants from Under Armour include a brushed interior that provides extra warmth without extra bulk. These sweatpants, made of an ultra-soft cotton blend, include two open pockets and a third snap back pocket big enough to hold your cell phone.


  • More durable than other styles
  • Well-suited to cold weather use
  • Extremely soft and comfortable


  • Less leg flexibility
  • Less suitable for workout wear

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The rise of the athleisure movement brought guy’s grey sweatpants to their peak popularity. Mastery of smart, casual dressing for men replaced button-up collars, and guys around the world are trading in their office oxfords for house slides.

man wearing grey sweatpants

There may be no better example of this broader trend towards casual dressing than the inclusion of sweatpants as essential components of the modern guy’s casual and cozy wardrobe. 

Just like any other shopping decision, careful consideration and planning can help make sure you look great while relaxing into this trend.

How to Look Great in Sweatpants

Wear the Right Pants for the Job

What am I going to be doing when I’m wearing them? This may be the most important point to consider when selecting your new pair of grey sweatpants. 

For many men, versatility is essential when choosing sweatpants because we wear them in many different circumstances. If you feel good you look good, so thinking about what you will be doing in your new pants can help guide your decision-making.

Are You Hot Enough?

It may also be helpful to think about whether or not you need extra heating or cooling.

Some joggers are thinner by design to meet the needs of avid runners, while other joggers are thicker and are designed more for lounging than physical activity.

Fit or Flexible?

Lastly, do you need more fit or flexibility? A pair of joggers with cuffed ankles may look better when running errands but may not be flexible enough for more intense physical activities.

Final Thoughts

In the world of contemporary fashion, finding the best grey sweatpants for men can seem overwhelming at the best of times. 

With a wide variety of cuts, sizes, and variations available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Considering when and where you will be wearing your pants can help refine your options and find the joggers most suited to your lifestyle.

Hopefully, our guide to the best grey sweatpants for men will help you make informed decisions on your journey through the many options and opportunities of athleisure.

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