How to Iron a Shirt in 90 Seconds (Step-by-Step with Pictures)

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Picture this Friday night scenario. You’ve just been contacted through your Bumble app for a date. You want to look your best, but she has requested meeting for dinner in an hour.

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A cursory glance at the dress shirts hanging in your closet isn’t inspiring confidence. You haven’t been to the cleaners in months. Panic time? Not if you follow our ultimate guide to ironing a dress shirt.

Presumably, because you’re a refined male, you already have the requisite ironing board and a good iron. Set the iron temp to medium heat for 100 percent cottons. Time is of the essence, so let’s get started.

How to Iron a Shirt

Flatten the Yoke and Collar

The yoke is the panel of the dress shirt that rests just above your shoulder blades. Hit this section first and give a good firm press on the collar to keep it flat. If you’re using the steam option on your iron, make sure it’s a good mist, not just dripping water onto the shirt.

How to Iron a Shirt

Flip Over for Panel Work

Ironing the front panels of a dress shirt should be the easiest part, but here’s a pro tip. If you’re ironing a dress shirt that has a pocket (and a cool logo!), maneuver your iron from the bottom up and onto the pocket itself. Otherwise, you risk catching the fabric and ironing a wrinkle into it.

How to Iron a Shirt


The placket of the dress shirt includes the narrow strips of fabric hosting the buttons and button holes. It can be a tricky exercise, but maneuver the very tip of the iron around each button and make sure both sides are properly flattened for a good center seam when buttoned. Use the steam feature on your iron for this stage.

Roll Reversal

Roll the shirt onto its back and get ready to tackle the largest continuous part of the dress shirt fabric. A good place to begin is below the yoke by first following the contours of the box pleat. Also pay careful attention to the tail section at the very bottom. This is important if you’re going for the “untucked” look.

How to Iron a Shirt

Cuff Those Sleeves

Ironing the sleeves can be the trickiest part of the entire process, so be patient. You’ll need to maneuver the sleeves flat, paying careful attention to the tapered creases as the shirt reaches the cuff. Begin the ironing by flattening the cuff on each sleeve. Then proceed to work the folds in the crease, ending with ironing up the sleeve to the shoulder.

When you’re finished, be sure to place the dress shirt on a sturdy clothes hanger, buttoning the top two buttons. A gentleman always looks sharp and having wrinkle-free garments is an easy and affordable way to look your best.

Good luck!

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