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Best White Pants for Men: For Casual to Classic Look

White pants are something many men steer away from, but there are many different styles to choose from. We’re sharing the basics about styling white pants for men, as well as listing some of the best options available.

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Are White Pants for Men In Style?

White pants for men are in style, though some general rules might apply.

It’s considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. This idea originated because many people didn’t have the means to launder white clothing and keep them looking pristine.

man wearing white pants

Of course, anyone can break the rules, and it’s easy to keep whites looking bright even at home, so there’s no need to restrict this style to certain times of the year.

Who Can Pull Off White Pants?

Anyone who’s ever wanted to wear a white suit will love the versatility of white pants. They go with everything, color-wise, and can look casual or classy, depending on accessories and the overall look.

The countless ways to style white pants mean anyone can pull them off. Fitted pants look sleek and stylish, while straight-leg chinos are business casual. Someone prone to stains and spills might choose to stay away, but that’s a personal choice. 

Light colors also make people look wider, so men with large waists or thick thighs might not like this style. However, it’s possible for even larger men to rock white pants as long as they’re styled correctly.

The Best White Pants for Men - Our Shortlist

There are many types of white pants that create different looks, from the formal look of tailored suits to wearable white denim. This list of the best white pants for men has something for everyone.

Southpole Men's White Denim Pants

Best Stretch Pair: Southpole Men's Flex Stretch White Pants

Southpole’s pants are comfortable since they’re made of 98% cotton. That extra 2% is spandex, making them the best stretch pants available.

They’re machine washable with a zip fly and belt loops. Though they’re twill and denim, they look classic and casual all at the same time.

Nautica Men's Straight Fit Jeans

Best Straight Fit Jeans: Nautica Men's Straight Fit White Jeans 

Straight fit jeans fall perfectly over your shoes for a classy yet comfortable look. Instead of fitted or baggy legs, they have a straight seam that men can dress up or down.

Just like other washes of denim jeans, these are 100% cotton with five pockets.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Stretch Chino Pants

Best Men's White Chino Pants: Tommy Hilfiger Men's Custom-Fit Chino Stretch White Pants

Chinos are lightweight trousers more formal than khakis, yet also suit business casual looks. This white pair from

Tommy Hilfiger is 97% cotton with 3% spandex to allow some stretching. The pants fit at the waist and have straight legs to sit just right at men’s shoes.

Perry Ellis Men's 100% Linen Drawstring Pant

Best Men's White Linen Pants: Perry Ellis Men's Drawstring White Pants

Linen is already a lightweight fabric, but the drawstring waistband makes this pair incredibly comfortable. Style white linen pants with bright shirts for an attention-grabbing look, even on a casual weekend.

Though they have a drawstring, these pants also have a button closure and belt loops for more formal occasions.

Cubavera Men's Textured Pant

Best White Dress Pants: Cubavera Men's Linen-Cotton Herringbone-Textured Pants

Before committing to Perry Ellis’s 100% linen pants, try Cubavera’s linen-cotton blend.

These pants have a zip fly with a hook and bar closure to give clean lap lines. The herringbone texture adds interest to these tailored pants.

Victorious Men's Basic Chino Pants

Best Slim-Fit White Pants: Victorious Men's Basic Casual Slim Fit Stretch Chino White Pants

White seems like a formal color, but these casual slim fit pants from Victorious look great with anything from button-downs to t-shirts.

The pants aren’t too loose or too tight and hit right at shoe level. The 3% spandex stretch makes them even more wearable.

PROGO USA Men's Casual Joggers

Best White Casual Pants: PROGO USA Men's Casual Jogger White Fleece Sweatpants

There’s no need for formal, fitted pants—white is just right for lounging and working out. These jogger sweatpants from PROGO USA are 65% cotton, 35% polyester fleece.

They have a drawstring closure and banded ankle cuffs. Though they’re casual sweatpants, they still have two side pockets and a back pocket.

How to Style White Pants?

White is such a basic color that it seems simple to style white pants, but there are some things to consider. A white pants men’s outfit can make a statement in many ways.

model wearing white pant & jacket

Wearing white pants with a bright shirt gives a fun look for date nights and weekends throughout the summer. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a white shirt with white pants, either, whether it’s a t-shirt, loose button-down, or a more structured dress shirt.

Craft a look that resembles a casual suit by wearing white pants with a patterned blazer. The white pants keep the outfit from getting too loud but dress up slacks that might otherwise look too casual.

Another great jacket to wear with white pants in cooler weather is a leather jacket. The black and white contrast to make a bold statement.

Bigger men should choose straight-leg pants that don’t have pleats. If the overall look of the pants is just as wide at the bottom as at the waist, it gives a more pleasant visual. Larger men wearing fitted white pants will look like they’re wearing the wrong size, even if they’re not.

Final Thoughts

White pants can freshen up a wardrobe that feels stagnant. They’re a bright choice that can provide a blank canvas for colorful shirts and blazers, or play off other solid clothes. 

Even though there are dressy white pants on this list, white isn’t always acceptable. White pants can look formal at weddings and other events, but they might look inappropriate for a court date or funeral. 

Style these pants accordingly and think critically before wearing them. Otherwise, these pants can add a bit of fun to anyone’s wardrobe.

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