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Artis Brushes: Engineering Excellence & the Evolution of the Makeup Brush

An Interview with Jeremy AdelmanBy Kasey Adam Spickard

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Often called the Rolls Royce of makeup brushes, Artis Brushes didn’t happen by accident, these ultra-premium brushes are the brainchild of Jeremy Adelman. With the mantra “Better Beauty by Design,” Artis Brushes meteoric rise to coveted luxury status is most certainly by design. I had the chance to sit down with Adelman who launched Artis out of his one-room Washington Square apartment in 2013 and learn about his philosophy behind Artis, why these brushes really are next level, and how men should be using them on the regular.

Artis Brushes

Before launching Artis, Adelman spent time evaluating the products inside Sephora and wasn’t satisfied with the current offering "Okay, I see what's here right now. It's more of the same. What can you bring that isn't currently here? The first prototype I saw of Artis from a hundred feet away, I was like, "That's it." It was magnetic. I just had to be a part of it.” 5 years later, Artis is now sold in the likes of Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and most recently Sephora.

Artis recently launched their line of Next Generation Elite brushes with handles made of a premium, proprietary alloy similar to what is used in luxury car engines. Adelman likens the new Next Generation brush handles and brush fibers to a perfect food & wine pairing “It's amazing quality of composition so it partners really well with the CosmeFiber. We wanted it to feel like it was equally paired.”

Artis Brushes

Even for me as a makeup artist, I typically apply my skincare products with my hands. However, in my short conversation with Adelman, I was converted to using Artis brushes to apply my skincare products and I haven’t looked back. Adelman elaborated “The loops and whorls of a fingerprint, in terms of touchpoints, isn’t even 1/10th of the 250,000 fibers in an Artis brush.” And those 250,000 fibers allow Artis brushes to provide even distribution in a fraction of the time and that even distribution is key for skincare. “You can be using a $250 moisturizer, but you don't know if you're putting much here or there. With our brushes it's all equally, uniformly distributed. It’s so easy to know that you're putting it on and you're actually getting full coverage.”

Artis Brushes

And it’s not just about time saving it’s about self-care Adelman says “You can actually treat yourself nicely, take care of yourself, and feel good about yourself. It's about looking good, for sure, but it's also about feeling good in the’s meditative” I agree. As a regular traveler, my skin is incredibly dehydrated on planes and I’ve gotten into the habit of applying serums mid-flight. However, I find applying with my hands on a plane to feel a bit dirty. This is where Artis comes in. They are the perfect travel companion and fit easily into my Dopp Kit. I can easily apply a face oil or hyaluronic acid using Artis and feel immediately hydrated but also relaxed. Probably an unintended use of the brush but I now keep my Artis Palm Brush on the side table in my living room and regularly find myself picking it up and brushing the bristles as I watch TV. It’s calming and stress relieving.

Jeremy’s Favorites

Adelman is a die-hard oil fan and sings the praises of applying oils and serums using Artis Brushes. “Oil is such a major thing that kind of works with your body chemistry quite well…your pressure points. Putting oils, or serums on your pressure points, it changes the way you come off to people.” He swears by Moroccan Oil Dry Body Oil applied with a Palm Brush or Oval 10 brush

Artis Brushes
Artis Brushes

“For my face, whether it's moisturizer or serums, it's more of an Oval 6, Oval 7. Even around my eyes, Oval 3 or Oval 4.”

Artis Brushes

And this is just the beginning for Artis, Adelman is perpetually in the pursuit of excellence. He’s always looking to the future and how to deliver continually better products to “just keep on getting it to the next level, which we're still doing now. Let’s just keep on creating something that's better, fresher, more inspiring, more motivational."

You can get Artis Brushes online at as well as online at

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Kasey Spickard is a certified, professional makeup artist living & working in New York City. After working in the technology industry at Google and Pinterest for nearly a decade, Kasey decided to leave the corporate world to pursue his passion of makeup artistry. He has experience working with large global beauty brands like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder as well as on-air television and film personalities including Deepica Mutyala, Nitika Chopra, and Julianne Michelle.