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What Does Burberry Weekend Smell Like?

If you’re looking for a new signature scent, you may have heard of Burberry Weekend. A staple perfume of the company since 1997, Burberry Weekend is a high-quality perfume to wear to work, out to dinner, or on a date. The scent is fresh, clean, and citrus-forward, making it wearable daily.

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If you’re wondering what Burberry Weekend smells like, when and where to wear the fragrance, and our Burberry Weekend perfume review of personal impressions, keep reading. 

Burberry Weekend For Men

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Who Makes It?

The well-known brand Burberry makes Burberry Weekend. The English company was founded in 1856 when Thomas Burberry created breathable fabrics to protect from rain. Today, Burberry is a titan of the fashion industry. 

Burberry began creating colognes for men in the 1980s. Noted perfumer Michel Almairac worked with the company to create a fragrance line and released Burberry Weekend in 1997. 

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Is Burberry Weekend discontinued? No, it remains in production, making it a staple perfume for the brand.  

The company recently released the scent in a new Burberry Weekend bottle.

What Does Burberry Weekend Smell Like?

Burberry Weekend perfume for him is made of citrus and woodsy scents, creating an earthy and refreshing scent.

The cologne is very wearable and long-lasting and is perfect for casual settings. The fragrance smells light, fresh, and clean, creating a crowd-pleasing scent that is sure to draw compliments. 

Scent Notes 

Burberry Weekend is citrus-forward, with additional oak, honey, moss, and amber notes. The top note you’ll immediately smell is lemon and citrus.

what does burberry weekend smell like: fresh lemons

Immediately after the citrus, you’ll smell woodsy base notes that give the cologne an earthy, relaxed, and casual feel. 

If you’re wondering what Burberry Weekend’s scent notes are, we’ve broken down the features of the cologne. 


  • You can wear it casually every day, such as for the office or errands 
  • A popular fragrance that garners compliments 
  • The scent notes are complex, developing from citrus-forward to woodsy 


  • Requires multiple sprays for full scent notes to take effect 
  • Should be reapplied for long-lasting wear

Silage: Good

The silage from Burberry Weekend is potent but not overwhelming. At first, the citrus scent will be strong, but the fragrance will continue to develop into woodsy and oak notes.

The smell will linger in the air, but it will not be overwhelming. Burberry Weekend’s scent is strong enough to garner compliments, but it’s not overpowering. 

Longevity: Very Good

We discovered that Burberry Weekend is long-lasting after a few sprays. This cologne lasts an entire 8-hour workday, creating a fragrance with longevity.

Scent potency/Appropriate for: The Office

We found the light and fresh tones of Burberry Weekend to be perfect for casual settings, such as the office or work settings

Price: $$

This cologne comes from Burberry, a high-quality brand, but the price doesn’t break the bank and is very reasonable for the product you get. 

Who Would Like It 

Burberry Weekend is ideal for men looking for a high-quality, wearable, casual perfume. We immediately noticed that the scent notes were strong yet not overpowering.

This makes the cologne great for men who need an extra boost of confidence for the office, daily errands, or a date but don’t want a cologne that is too distracting or overwhelming. 

man getting ready for office

Burberry Weekend is ideal for men of different ages. The warm, citrusy notes project youth with their brightness. That said, the base notes of oak and moss convey maturity, making the cologne perfect for men who want to add refinement. 

When to Wear It

Burberry Weekend is extremely wearable daily. It is light and fresh, making it ideal for casual situations like work or errands. This cologne is more situated for daytime wear because it is bright, but the oak and amber notes also allow it to transition to nighttime.

With citrus and woodsy scent notes, it’s perfect for multiple seasons. The top note of lemon is perfect for the brightness of summer. The base notes of oak, amber, and honey are ideal for the cooler weather that the fall brings. 

Where to Wear It

Because Burberry Weekend is light, fresh, and refreshing, it is ideal for casual settings. Wear this cologne to work or the office. The scent notes are not overpowering but add sophistication and refinement to office settings. 

While Burberry Weekend is great for the office, the woodsy nature of the scent is perfect for transitioning from day to night. Picture a cute bar on a winter’s night or sitting by the fire in the fall, and this fragrance is for those places. 

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of Burberry Weekend is sophisticated, just like all Burberry products. The design features the Burberry tartan that the brand is known for worldwide. The Burberry label is prominent in navy blue coloring that is chic and simple. 

A bottle of Burberry Weekend Cologne

The perfume bottle is presented simply and beautifully, with a cylindrical bottle and a sleek, black top. Attractive glass detailing at the bottom enhances the simplicity of the bottle.

The Burberry Weekend bottle is easy to hold and light to transport easily, making it versatile for everyday wear. 

Personal Impressions

Burberry Weekend is a fragrance that is full of contradictions. After spraying it, you immediately notice a lemony burst of freshness followed by woodsy base notes that linger. The variety of Burberry Weekend notes makes the cologne complex, yet the scent notes also work together. 

Burberry Weekend is the perfect perfume for men who want a casual and wearable cologne that also projects refinement and maturity. It projects sophistication, yet it is not overpowering. Burberry Weekend is the fragrance we reach for daily because the scent never gets old. 

Burberry Weekend For Men

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The silage, longevity, and scent potency of Burberry Weekend make it a go-to for work or casual settings. So, what does Burberry Weekend smell like? A combination of citrus and woodsy notes, the scent potency of this fragrance is complex and will develop as you wear it.

There’s a reason Burberry Weekend has been in circulation since 1997. The cologne is a classic, and it is the perfect perfume for easy sophistication and everyday wear. 

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What Does Burberry Weekend Smell Like

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