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Best Men's Pink Suits: Surprisingly Versatile & Dashing

Pink suits bring the pop of color to a professional wardrobe that every man needs. We’ve looked through the best pink suits on the market so that you can choose the best one for you.

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Whether it’s for a wedding, a work event, or a night on the town, pink suits are surprisingly versatile. We’ve found the most dashing pink suits to help men make a sleek statement.

Our Top 11 Picks For Men's Pink Suit

CYStailor 2 Suits

Best for a Slim Fit

The CYStailor 2 Piece 1 Button Slim Fit Men’s Pink Suit is perfect for the modern look that a slim fit delivers. It’ll give you a solid pop of color while flattering the shape of your body. Since it’s a two-piece, the suit is better for more casual events.

PROS: It has a great fit that will flatter its wearer’s form and keep them looking sophisticated

CONS: The single button means showing off the shirt and tie underneath. So, the whole look needs to be spot on

  • Fit: The slim fit is comfy and leads to a great modern feel
  • Comfort: This men’s pink suit is comfortable to move in but likely not as comfortable as a suit with excess fabric
  • Durability: The suit lasts its users through many wears and is even machine washable
  • Value: The cost for one of these products varies with the size that you need, which isn’t ideal, but the quality of these suits is good for the price

MllesReve Men's Slim Fit 3 Piece

Best for a Floral Outfit

The MllesReve Men’s 3-Piece Jacquard Suit has a subtle floral design on each piece. Since the product is a three-piece suit, these suits are ideal for more formal events, like weddings and proms.

PROS: It has a beautifully subtle pattern that works with the slim fit to create a classy look for formal occasions

CONS: The distinguished three-piece floral look makes it difficult for men to wear to any event that isn’t very formal

  • Fit: The slim fit of the suit is modern and flattering
  • Comfort: The polyester and viscose of the suit make it comfortable to move around in
  • Durability: The suit is of noticeable quality and will last through multiple wears and machine washes
  • Value: The cost of this suit is considerably low as compared to other floral three-piece pink suits

Opposuits Men's Summer Red Devil

Best for the Summer

The Opposuit’s Men’s Pink Summer Suit is the perfect summer look. Rather than pants, these vibrant suits come with shorts, so you’re not sweltering in the summer heat. 

PROS: The pink summer suit is breathable, funky and fun

CONS: The shorts are tight around the groin area, which can be uncomfortable

  • Fit: The shorts run about two sizes small, but the jacket fits perfectly, which is annoying because you can’t buy the pieces separately
  • Comfort: While it’s nice to have shorts on in the summer, the shorts are so tight that pants would almost be better
  • Durability: As long as you get a size that fits nicely, the suit should last through several wears and machine washes
  • Value: The hot pink suit is one of the pricier products for its quality. It’s about the same price as pink suits with full pants

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HBDesign Men Flat Collar Solid

Best for a Coral Color

The HBDesign Flat Color 2-Piece Suit is a fantastic one-button suit option. The suit is made of high-quality serge fabric, and the color is more coral pink. This option is perfect if you want the fashion of pink suits but do not want a lighter pink color.

PROS: The color is a beautiful coral, and the suit fits well

CONS: The flat collar detracts from the dimension of the suit, but some may see this feature as sleeker 

  • Fit: The suit fits well, but the company also accepts custom measurements to ensure your comfort
  • Comfort: This is one of the more comfortable suits. Since there is no slim fit, there is an excess of fabric that allows easy movement
  • Durability: The material of the suit is a type of twill, which is durable 
  • Value: The price of the suit makes perfect sense for the quality

Abruzzomaster Pink Velvet Man Suit

Best for Velvet Suits

The Abruzzomaster Pink Men’s Suit is definitely one of the best pink velvet suits on the market. Each of the three pieces is of high-quality velvet. This option is an excellent option for men looking to try out pink suits for a wedding.

PROS: The velvet suit is soft and chic. The material gives the suit some great dimension

CONS: Like most velvet suits, they normally do not maintain their quality for long

  • Fit: The company will customize the size of your suits upon request
  • Comfort: As long as you care properly for velvet, it’s soft and comfortable to wear
  • Durability: Velvet isn't one of the most durable products around. Not only is it difficult to clean, but any damage is irreversible 
  • Value: Like most velvet suits, the price is a bit high for a look that will eventually get faded and wrinkled. You are paying, though,  for one of the most distinguished-looking products in the world of pink suits, and there won't be a need for accessories

OUYE Men's Classic 3 Piece Blazer Vest

Best for a Classy Look

The OUYE Men's Classic 3 Piece is an ideal choice for a red-carpet-ready elegance. The light pink suit is a slim fit, leading to a modern and classy look.

PROS: Adorned with accessories like golden buttons, the suit is sure to earn you a best-dressed award at every event

CONS: Since the suit is such a high quality, you can only dry clean it

  • Fit: The slim fit is nice, and the company will work with you to ensure you’re buying the best fit
  • Comfort: The suit is comfortable, breathable and easy to move in, meaning you can dance the night away on any occasion
  • Durability: As long as you take good care of the delicate suit and its accessories, it will last a long time
  • Value: The suit is a little pricier than the rest, but its high quality and distinguished appearance are worth the expense

Mens Leonardo Gatsby Suit

Best for a Gatsby Image

This Leonardo Gatbsy Suit may seem familiar to “The Great Gatsby” fans. It’s similar in style and almost identical in color to the pink suit DiCaprio wears in the film.

PROS: The suit will give you the great experience of looking and feeling like one of the most iconic characters of all time

CONS: It can be hard to pair shoes and style an outfit based on a character without it seeming overly costume-like

  • Fit: The suit fits decently, from the jacket to the straight-leg pants
  • Comfort: The suit is comfortable, especially with the polyester inner lining
  • Durability: The suit is of high quality, and with proper care, should last through many of Gatbsy’s emblematic parties
  • Value: As compared to other similar suits, this one is particularly expensive for the quality

ZYKBB Pink Floral Jacquard Tuxedos Shawl Lapel Men Suit

Best for a Groom

The ZYKBB Pink Floral Tuxedo is meant for the fanciest of events. This suit will be fantastic for the groom at a wedding. The black lapel with the floral pink is stylish yet masculine, leading to a high-fashion look.

PROS: The suit is quite elegant. Its beautiful appearance and classy inner lining give it a distinguished look

CONS: Pink suits are a bold color choice that may turn some heads in a way that men aren't hoping to

  • Fit: The custom fit for customers will make sure it’s perfect for your special day
  • Comfort: The suit is soft and comfortable
  • Durability: The suit will last long because of the quality material and because you may not wear it too often given the limited events where such products won’t be too formal.
  • Value: As far as pink suits go, this one is quite expensive. It’s almost five times the price of the other suits. However, the piece is also the most high-fashion.

DIOBABYLONIAN Mens Pink Lapeled Leopard Tuxedo 3 Pieces Suit

Best for a Wedding Guest

The Diobabylonian Men’s Pink Lapeled Tuxedo is great to wear to a wedding or any similar event. The black and pink color material is satin and polyester, giving it an upscale appearance.

PROS: The three-piece elegance combined with the black and pink style will make you seem smart and stylish

CONS: You can only dry clean the suit

  • Fit: The suit fits well, and the company will work with you to be sure of that
  • Comfort: The satin of the suit is soft and comfortable
  • Durability: As long as you dry clean the suit, all three pieces will last through many wears
  • Value: The suit is about three times the price of other pink suits, but it has the sophisticated air that comes with a tuxedo

Best for a Plaid Design

This plaid suit by Danny Colby is more of a dark pink color. More importantly, though, the suit has a stand-out plaid design that gives it an element of class and versatility.

PROS: The plaid design will make you stand out while also maintaining a sleek style

CONS: The fit is only for “big and tall” men, and you can only dry clean the piece

  • Fit: The fit is great for those who are large in stature. You can contact the company if you’re unsure about your size
  • Comfort: The suit is comfortable and the company will help you to ensure that the fit is perfect
  • Durability: If you care properly for the suit, it and its color will last a long time
  • Value: The price is decent for such a unique, quality look

Best for a Double-Breasted Vest

This three-piece suit by Dennis dress includes a double-breasted vest. Those who worry about a pink suit not being manly enough may find solace in a double-breasted choice, which makes its wearer seem strong and broad-chested, regardless of the color.

PROS: It comes with a distinguished double-breasted vest that complements this shade of pink nicely

CONS: You can only handwash this suit

  • Fit: You can contact the seller to be sure that the size of the suit accommodates your measurements
  • Comfort: The suit is comfortable on the body and will also make you feel comfortable in your style
  • Durability: As long as you handwash the suit, you’ll be able to wear it for many years
  • Value: The three-piece suit has a low price for its value

Can a Man Wear a Pink Suit?

Yes. Men can wear a pink suit - and they shouldn’t worry about the color.

man wearing stylish pink suit

It’s a fantastic option for any occasion, formal or casual. As long as you feel great in what you’re wearing, you’ll look great, too.

Celebrities Who Suited Up in Pink

Now comes the question, who has worn pink suits before? Plenty of celebrities have opted for the color. These stars are among the bunch:

  • Sebastian Stan - Met Gala, 2022
  • Timothee Chalamet - “Little Women” Premiere, 2019
  • Bruno Mars - EMAs, 2011
  • Brad Pitt - Cannes Film Festival, 2009

What To Wear With Pink Suits

model wearing cool pink suit

The shirt, tie, and shoes that you choose to wear with a pink suit should not take away from the pink. If you wonder what color shirts go with a pink suit, white, black, and subtler shades of pink are the best options to consider.

Final Thoughts

One pink suit can go a long way in making any man look and feel like he’s on top of the world. If you’re considering the pink look, choose the best pink suit for your needs.

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Best Pink Suits For Men

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