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9 Best Booty Shorts for Men: Cool, Comfortably & Sexy

Nothing says “ready for summer” like rocking a pair of men’s cheeky shorts. Wear them to the gym, the beach, out for errands, or around the house – you will feel cool, comfortable, and confident all season long.

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Check out our round-up of the best short shorts for men below.

Our Shortlist For Best Men’s Booty Shorts

Everworth Quick Dry Gym Shorts - Best Booty Shorts For Men

Best for Compression

2-in-1 shorts like Everworth Quick Dry Gym Shorts are ideal for heavy workouts like weightlifting and bodybuilding. These short pants pair a lightweight, breathable outer layer with a tight compression liner for maximum performance.

PROS: Great breathability, quick-drying fabric

CONS: Some reviewers say the lining stretches out quickly

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  • Fit: Runs small
  • Durability: Moderate
  • Style: Suitable for workouts and loungewear
  • Value: As expected for the price

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JJ Malibu Casual Lounge Sporty Booty Shorts with Side Pockets

Best Booty Shorts For Men With No Drawstring Design

Some men find drawstrings uncomfortable or unfashionable, which is one of the reasons these drawstring-free JJ Malibu Shorts are so popular. They are daring, comfortable, and high-quality, though not supportive enough for working out.

If you are on the adventurous side and want to showcase your booty and legs this summer, JJ Malibu Shorts might be your perfect fit. 

PROS: Well-constructed, high-quality materials

CONS: Not many color options, may be too short for some

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Good
  • Style: Suitable for beachwear and lounging
  • Value: Good for the price

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Muscle Alive Mens Extreme Mesh Shorts with Large Split Sides

Best for Ventilation

Want to let it all hang loose? Check out these Extreme Mesh Shorts by Muscle Alive. Boasting dramatic side slits and lightweight, breathable mesh, these booty shorts for men are best worn in the privacy of your own home – or in the company of someone who is ready for a show.

PROS: Extremely breathable, perfect for hot weather

CONS: See-through, probably too revealing for public wear

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Moderate
  • Style: Suitable for loungewear
  • Value: As expected for the price

Pandatak Mens Running Booty Shorts

Best Men’s Short Shorts 80s Style

Flaunting funky designs like swirls, sparkles, and snakeskin, these mens cheeky shorts from PandaTak are a delicious throwback to 80s streetwear and clubbing attire. They come in a variety of bright colors and rainbow patterns, making them perfect for Pride events as well as a totally tubular 80s party.

Warning: If you would rather not stand out, these are not the shorts for you.

PROS: Fabulous patterns, hidden zipper pocket

CONS: Designs may be too flamboyant for some

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Moderate to low; some designs may shed sparkles after one wear
  • Style: Suitable for clubwear, running errands, and Pride events
  • Value: Not as durable as expected for the price

Ouber Men's Fitted Bodybuilding Shorts

Best Old-School Gym Shorts

Remember the uniform you wore to your high school physical education class? Ouber Men’s Fitted Shorts are like the cheeky version of that. These are the best short shorts for men who love a classic gym short but want something with a little more oomph.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Complete the look with a varsity jacket and fashionable athletic sneakers.

PROS: Breathable mesh, adjustable external drawstring

CONS: Dated style, not much support

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Good
  • Style: Suitable for running, errands, and low-impact sports
  • Value: Good for the price

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AIMPACT Mens Running Athletic Short Shorts

Best for Running

Combining a tight fit in the rear with wide legs for maximum mobility, Aimpact Mens Running Athletic Short Shorts give you the best of both worlds: the freedom of a high-performance running short with the form-fitting style that characterizes booty shorts for men.

PROS: Terrific mobility, good for layering

CONS: Not the most fashionable, few color options

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Good
  • Style: Suitable for running, leisure wear, or a casual 80s party
  • Value: Good for the price

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Arjen Kroos Metallic Shiny Shorts

Best for Making a Statement

Pull out all the stops at your next summer rave or Pride party in these Men’s Sexy Metallic Shiny Shorts by Arjen Kroos. The audacious metallic hues are sure to draw eyes from every corner as soon as you walk into the room. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

Choose from two styles: a classic tight-fitting short-short or a loose, flowy design with a built-in jockstrap. 

PROS: Sexy, attention-grabbing design

CONS: Not washable, may only get one or two wears out of them

  • Fit: Runs big
  • Durability: Low
  • Style: Suitable for themed parties, raves, Pride events, and costumes
  • Value: Low for the price

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FLYFIREFLY Men's Gym Workout Shorts

Best Medium-coverage Option

Not all booty shorts for men are ultra-revealing. FLYFIREFLY Men’s Gym Workout Shorts provide more coverage than your average hot pants while still achieving that bootylicious silhouette you are looking for.

PROS: Full coverage without sacrificing style

CONS: Plain

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Good
  • Style: Suitable for gym use, running, and everyday wear
  • Value: Great for the price

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CEHT Mens Workout Running Shorts

Best Color Variety

If you are a man who likes options, you are sure to appreciate CEHT Mens Workout Running Shorts. There are over 20 colors and styles to choose from – including several two-packs, ideal for the savvy shopper who knows what he likes.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Options range from neon yellow mens short shorts 80s lovers will flip for to neutral, gym-appropriate shades of black, gray, and blue.

PROS: Good quality, something for everyone

CONS: Not the most exciting design

  • Fit: True to size
  • Durability: Good
  • Style: Suitable for gym use and everyday wear
  • Value: Good for the price

Regular vs. Booty Shorts: What’s the Difference?

The difference is right there in the name. 

“Shorts” can describe any pants that are cut just below the knee or higher. “Booty shorts” typically reach about the mid-thigh and are designed to flatter and emphasize the booty.

How to Style Booty Shorts

To give your men’s short shorts an 80s vibe, pair them with a neon sweatband and chunky, colorful sneakers. For a late-night rave, choose a mesh tank top and comfortable shoes you can dance in until dawn.

man wearing white booty shorts

Going to a Pride event in your men’s cheeky shorts? Go all out with rainbow accessories, or wear the colors associated with your particular Pride flag – for instance, purple, blue, and pink to represent bi pride.

Final Thoughts

Short shorts for men are a sexy summer wardrobe staple, perfect for lounging around the house, going to the beach, and making gains in the gym.

The best short shorts for men are the ones that make you feel sexy, comfortable, and ready to strut your stuff.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Stride into summer with confidence in a pair of hot pants that fit you to a T. They are sure to become a staple of your warm-weather wardrobe.

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Best Booty Shorts for Men

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