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All About Waxed Canvas Jackets for Men

A waxed canvas jacket is practical, comfortable, and one of the best jackets for men. Here’s everything you need to know about this outwear, including our top 5 waxed canvas jackets for men in 2021. 

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What Is a Waxed Canvas Jacket?

If Do you want to be the envy of those around you while staying warm and comfortable? It may seem silly to think of a piece of clothing as the center of attention, but you’re trying to make fashion sense. Why not be warm and stylish at the same time? 

waxed jacket

A waxed canvas jacket provides exactly that. It combines the high quality and durability of outdoor wear with the style of street wear. 

Is Waxed Canvas any Good? 

Think about what it does. Waxed canvas is a type of heavy-duty fabric that is resistant to water and other external conditions. Waxed canvas was originally a common material in wind sails, which makes it sturdy and versatile. 

It can withstand rewaxing several times. Our waxed canvas jackets live up to their names. 

Are Waxed Jackets Waterproof? 

They are resistant to large amounts of water. They have a wax coating that blocks water from entering the pores of the material. Think of a tent on a rainy day. Water rolls off it and keeps you dry. The wax on our jackets repels that water. 

waxed canvas jacket

Where to Wear One

You can wear waxed canvas jackets in all types of weather. The exterior layers of our waxed canvas jackets are tough and durable. Similar to a trusty men’s puffer jacket, these jackets can withstand different types of outdoor work, like chopping wood or engaging in outdoor activities. 

They are great jackets to wear during hunting. They have insulation to keep you warm, and pockets are large to hold your supplies.  

Do you enjoy hiking? Our waxed canvas jackets will keep you warm and dry during those crisp morning hikes. They are light enough to be comfortable yet insulated to protect you from strong winds.

How to Wear One

There are many ways you can wear a waxed jacket while looking stylish. Try a lightweight, bright-colored sweater under your jacket. You may have on the right layer of clothing while outside, then with the jacket off, your sweater can complement any pants you’re wearing. 

Add a scarf, a hat, or durable work boots. Either way, this jacket will leave you looking dapper and rugged. It will even look great with your favorite beanie while you’re working outdoors.

Lined waxed canvas jackets are great for cooler weather because they have that extra layer of protection. Even a simple design can look elegant if you get creative. Our waxed canvas jackets will look great on any occasion, casual or dressy. 

Our Shortlist 

Ready to start shopping? Here’s our shortlist of the top 5 waxed canvas jackets for men. 

Legendary Whitetails Men's Tough as Buck Waxed Trucker Jacket

1. Best for Feeling Cosy: Legendary Whitetails Waxed Trucker Jacket

This Legendary Whitetails waxed trucker jacket consist of an outer layer of 100% cotton and waxed canvas, a piece of woven fabric in wax. It has many pockets, such as two in the lower outer exterior, one in the upper left chest area, and one in the lower inner area. 

You can close this durable khaki jacket using the six buttons on the front. It resists wind and water, which makes it ideal for spring and fall. You can easily coordinate the colors of sweaters and pants to turn your wardrobe into a casual or dressy occasion. 

The fact that this jacket feels weighty, it has a flannel lined interior, and is also weather-resistant makes this waxed canvas jacket perfect if you love that cosy feeling.

Sizes range from extra small to extra extra large. 

filson waxed jacket

2. Best for Rainy Weather: Filson Brand Cruiser Jacket

Our Cruiser jacket is an ideal example of a fieldwork jacket. It consists of tin cloth, which has an oil finish look to it. It is resistant to rain and is non-abrasive and puncture-resistant, so you do not have to worry about destroying it during a hike.

Our durable waxed canvas cruiser jacket has four front pockets, an inner chest pocket, and a hidden pocket in the collar to tuck in the lightweight hood. Adjust the arm cuffs using the snaps. The cruiser jacket stiffens up when it dries and when you are not wearing it. 

Avoid rubbing the jacket against other fabrics as the oil may damage the colors. Do not machine wash or dry clean. Brush or wipe clean only. Our dark tan cruiser jacket originates in the USA. 

WAXED canvas jackets

3. Best for Outdoor Activities: Walker & Hawkes Brand Motorcycle Jacket

Our Walker & Hawkes waxed motorcycle jacket consists of outer water-resistant cotton lining and an inner cotton lining that will keep you warm and cozy. It is a jacket perfect for bike riding or other sports.     

You will have plenty of room to store your things with four front pockets that fasten shut, two of which are slanted, and an inner pocket. The heavy-duty front zipper, front belt strap, and neck strap will keep you dry and warm in the winter.  

From small to extra-large sizes, the jackets come in black or brown.

Barbour Brand Ashby Jacket

4. Best for Cold Weather: Barbour Brand Ashby Jacket

Our Barbour Ashby jacket consists of lightweight, Ashby waxed cotton. If you spend a lot of time outside in the cold, you will enjoy warming your hands in the upper pockets and keeping your neck warm by turning the corduroy lining outer collar up. 

We provide two other pockets in the front to hold your keys and phone.          

Bexley Jacket

5. Best for All Seasons: Peregrine Brand Bexley Jacket

Our Bexley jacket originates from England. Sizes range from small to large and come in black, gunmetal, mustard, or brown. This jacket consists of British Millerain waxed cotton, with authentic cotton lining, many pockets inside and out, and a neck strap. 

This waxed windbreaker can look great in a casual setting during all four seasons. Whether you live in the city or the country, you will look stylish. Do not forget to button it up to keep out that wind. 

Are Waxed Jackets Worth It?

Waxed canvas jackets are expensive, but their quality speaks for itself. You get what you pay for. Think about what you do outside - do you want to stay warm or do you want to look good? 

In our waxed canvas jackets, you can have the best of both worlds. Never compromise quality to save a buck. I would recommend something that lasts a long time, and that is where the expense will come in. 

When you’re looking for a high-quality jacket for the value, choose waxed canvas. 

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