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Accessorize With The Best Beanies for Men

As a fashion experimentation product in the early 1900s, the beanie, also known as the knit cap, is one of the world's most well-known hats. Typically reserved for the winter, beanies have made a name for themselves as one of the best head accessories to this day. 

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Worn by athletes such as David Beckham and Michael B. Jordan, a beanie can be worn by just about anyone. However, not all beanies are created equal. We don't want you going around repping mediocre beanies out in public, so we'll be sharing the best beanies for men on the market today.

How to Style a Beanie

Before knowing which beanies to go out and buy, you need to know exactly how to rock one without looking odd. There’s a lot of controversy on how exactly a guy should wear his beanie.

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However, we believe that if you wear a beanie the correct way and with the right style, your outfit can look twice as good. 

What to Wear with a Beanie

Knowing how to wear a beanie is a start. Knowing exactly what to wear with it is a whole different story.

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The casual outfits you wear with a beanie can range from very simple to a bit complicated. You could wear a beanie with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or you could level up your style by adding in some layers such as a coat, a jacket, or even a vest. 

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The colors of your outfit also have to go with your beanie. We recommend going conservative with your beanies and choosing solid colors since this will match with almost anything you wear. Not to say you can't buy graphic beanies, but the unicolor beanies will give you the easiest time when it comes to styling. 

Where to Wear a Beanie

Much like knowing how to wear a beanie, you must know where to wear a beanie also. For this, we typically keep the beanie on for its functionality, keeping the head warm. 

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You are more than welcome to wear your beanie outside when it's cold. Wearing it when it's warm out is not only contradictory, but it can also make you look out of season. When it comes to wearing a beanie inside, the same rules apply as if you were wearing a regular hat

If you're comfortable wearing a beanie indoors, by all means, do so, it's a matter of preference when you're under a roof. If it's a bit warm inside, there's no shame in taking it off either. However, be wary of the hat hair you may have under.

The Types of Beanies

Before going on to our list of the best beanies for men, we'd like to introduce you to the types of men's beanies so you get a feel of what your options are.

Fisherman Beanie

As quite possibly the most common beanie worn today, the fisherman beanie is a classic but refined accessory. These tend to fit snug around your head and are thick and chunky, ideal for keeping your head nice and warm. You can never go wrong when picking a fisherman beanie. 

Cashmere Beanie

As a material reserved for high-end beanies, cashmere beanies are going to cost you a pretty penny. They are beautiful pieces of headwear with their fashionably stylish nature in design but are not meant for the baller on a budget. 

Designer Beanie

In case you don't know, designer clothing is expensive luxury clothing that is of high quality. The designer beanies are of great quality, but they're also of great price. This is a beanie that is also not meant for fashionable men on a budget. 

Graphic Beanie

Much like graphic t-shirts, graphic beanies are any beanies with a design on them, like a logo or slogan. It can have your favorite sports team, your favorite music group, or even your favorite video game. Be warned that the graphic beanie may be very hard to match with everyday outfits.

Budget Beanie  

As the name suggests, budget beanies are any beanie that one can afford on a low budget. We recommend browsing through this category if you do not have +$100 to spend on a beanie. 

A great brand for low costing beanies is Carhartt beanies. They have a great selection of beanies and knit hats. If you have just a bit more money to splurge, try looking at beanies by Patagonia, their selection is great also. 

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What are the Best Beanies for Men this winter?

We’ve selected some of the best beanies for you to go out and purchase.

Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie

Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie

Introduced in 1987, the Watch Hat by Carhartt is one of the most iconic pieces in fashion. The soft material and stretchy rib make it a great knit to keep out the cold.


Uniqlo Knitted Beanie

Uniqlo created a material that is not only super cozy but moisture-wicking and transforms it back into heat. These beanies are soft and toasty for even the coldest of weather. And they are available in six different colors.

Better Sweater Fleece Beanie

Patagonia Better Sweater™ Fleece Beanie

A product good for the earth, made from recycled material, the Patagonia beanie is lined with fleece for the coziest of knit hats. 

Revony beanie

Revony Cotton Skull Beanie

If you're suffering from itchy skin from wool, try an all-cotton beanie. Revony has a soft all-cotton beanie that's breathable, so even if you sweat, you'll be fine. 

Best Beanies

Beams Plus Wool Watch Cap

Beams Plus’ traditional beanies are knitted in England and are tough as nails. The wool is high quality, used in WWll and in the famous movie Rocky. 

Best Beanies Bricks & Wood

Bricks & Wood Heavy Knit Beanie

Worn by Tyler The Creator on the cover of GQ Style, the rock-solid basic beanie is thicky knit, comfy, and logo-free. 

Ben Davis Beanie Black

Ben Davis Acrylic Beanie

An affordable workwear beanie that can be compared to the beanies made by Carhartt.

Inverallan Aran Hart Beanie

Inverallan Aran Hart Beanie

The U.K chunky cardigan knitwear is one of the warmest on the list. The material was worn by Scottish fishermen battling freezing cold winds of the North Sea. 


Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere Hat

If you tend to get too hot wearing a beanie, you should consider the Tech Cashmere hat. This fabric regulates your temperature naturally so you’ll never get too heated. 


Canada Goose Arctic Beanie

For the harshest of winters, you're going to need a warm winter hat like the beanie by Canada Goose. For the warmest experience, wear it with a winter jacket.

The Verdict 

There you have the best beanies for men on the market today. You now know how to wear a beanie, how to style it, what to wear it with, and where to wear one when the time comes. Have fun rocking your beanie like the pros. 


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