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Singer Marc E. Bassy Does it His Way on New Single and Extended Album

Don’t try to pigeonhole Marc E. Bassy. He’s been in a group – but now flies solo, unless working on his producer project NGHTxNGHT.

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He’s also been signed to major labels on a couple of occasions – but now chooses to do it himself, inspired by entrepreneurial-minded family members. And, while he’s best known as a singer, both solo wise and part of 2AM Club, Bassy has quite a few songwriting credits to his name.

Singer Marc E. Bassy

Reaching the next step of his career as a singer-songwriter, Bassy dropped his sophomore album PMD last year, with the Deluxe version appearing at the end of January.

This cut adds four new tracks, including a single with Tory Lanez. To gear up for the new release, “Just My Luck,” a collaboration with Blackbear, came out just before the extended album.

Bassy, born Marc Griffin, gained recognition as the vocalist of 2AM Club – a Los Angeles-based pop band he started after leaving UC Santa Cruz, where he studied music for a couple of years.

While 2AM Club experienced a degree of success with a full-length album and mixtape and were even signed to Sony, they parted ways after being dropped by their label.

Bassy started writing songs for others around that time, including CeeLo Green and Wiz Khalifa, and also started putting out his own music, and these efforts eventually led to a collaboration with G-Eazy, titled “You & Me.”

PMD is the follow-up for 2017’s Gossip Columns and references 2018 EP Post Modern Depression. As he gears up for the next stage of his career – which also includes fashion brand Sami Miro – we had a chance to speak with him about his latest release.

Marc E. Bassy, tell us about your new single “Just My Luck.” How did you go about crafting this song, both songwriting and instrumentation wise?

My guys NGHTxNGHT work on most of my music, since I started the Marc E. Bassy project. I always trust their sound and vision for my music, and we’ve been working together for years. I was at the end of turning my album in, and we just kind of stumbled on this one. I like posting teasers on my IG of new music to see what gets good responses, and this one went crazy, so I kept working on it!


We recently connected in L.A. and we were playing around with the idea of getting on a song together for a while but just never did. Social media is a crazy tool. After I posted it, he was one of the people who hit me about it, so I asked him to be on it and he was down. I got the verse a few days later and that was it. 

PMD is your second full-length release as a solo artist. What did you do differently this time around?

This album was a two-year journey for me. I went through so much in that time and the music reflects that. I wanted to take my time with this, being that I’m independent and really wanted to get back to music that I truly love. I had no pressure from anyone on tracks, direction, vision, and anything, so this was all me – as real as I could be. Looking back, I have to keep perfecting my craft but this was a giant leap for me and for where I want to go.

Marc E Bassy

What should listeners expect from the Deluxe edition of the album?

The Deluxe is me giving back to my fans. Being independent has gotten me in touch with my fans more than ever.

In the past, I’ve gone a while without releasing music because I would overthink everything, but this Deluxe album is about me starting the year with three new songs for my fans and tying it back to my album.

I have Tory Lanez on it, and I got two songs I created while in Joshua Tree with my guys Nic Nac, Count Bassy, and Davidior.

You have a long list of collaborations under your belt. How do you go about selecting an artist to collaborate with?

I try to work with people that I have a high admiration or respect for and that can complement the record the best. As much as it’s about having a fantastic feature, it always comes back to the music.

In the future, who would you like to collaborate with?

Lucky Daye, Goldlink, John Mayer and Miguel. So many, but those I really think I could make something special for!

Marc E Bassy

You’re going to be touring for PMD - What should we expect from this tour?

I’ve always wanted to tour with a live band. This past summer, I had the opportunity to go out with a two-piece band, and it took my show to the next level.

So now being on this headline run, I’m bringing it all together and taking it up another notch.

In terms of traveling and grooming, what’s your strategy for getting through a tour?

Our crew that we travel with is very close knit, so having a family atmosphere is always helpful. It’s always important to me that we can step away from the business and sort of relax.

I try my best to maintain a healthy regime that consists of daily meditation, working out, healthy diet, and taking care of my voice.

Marc E. Bassy in front of a sports car

Career wise, what’s your next step? Where would you like to see your career go?

Heading into this new year, our team was evaluating where we would like to be in this upcoming year. We’re setting the bar high, so we’re aiming to be a top 10 artist in 2020.

I’m focusing on my songwriting and I think this independent release and tour will give me a great stepping stone for my 2020 releases!

Lastly, you’re also involved in a fashion brand Sami Miro with your ex-girlfriend. How did you two start working together on this project, and what’s your role if you’re still involved?

We dated a while ago and just supported each other's dream. She supported mine with music and I supported hers with fashion, but that’s all her – she's a genius.

I don’t have any involvement now and never did other than just being there, but I fully support her career and she’s done an amazing job.


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