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SheaMoisture for Men Review: A Solution to Beard Problems?

Is SheaMoisture for Men worth the hype? As an experiment, after returning from a weekend camping trip in the mountains, I did not use the SheaMoisture Beard Wash that I normally use to wash, detangle, moisturize and lubricate my beard when I shower.

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Instead, I used the regular face soap most people use. And you know what? I'm so glad I found that Beard Wash!

Usually my comb glides through my thick beard with only an occasional pull or tug from a tangle, after I dry off from a shower.

But without the silky moisture from the SheaMoisture for men, it felt like I was pulling my comb through steel wool in an attempt to rip it off my face.

What does the general population do for this situation? 

A well prepared man might apply a beard detangler, massage it throughout, and then start to comb it through.

A slightly prepared man might use his lonely bottle of beard oil to deal with his ragged mop about the chin. Several minutes and 10 oily fingers later, he'll also have a great smelling, manageable beard.

SheaMoisture for Men

SheaMoisture Men Beard Wash

All of that could have been avoided by taking a few extra seconds in the shower to scrub the beard with SheaMoisture Beard Wash after washing your face and shampooing your hair.

That's the order I prefer to keep the clean, refreshing, masculine scent lingering and make sure it's the last product to touch my precious face.

Unlike some soaps, it deep cleans without drying out the beard or the skin underneath. In fact, it conditions with shea butter and invigorates with maracuja oil to leave your facial hair and skin pH-balanced and clean.

However, I cannot use the beard wash every day. The rugged lifestyle of a beard-grooming writer necessitates infrequent bathing, but a cabinet full of beard-grooming products.

(This differs from a hipster, which requires a cabinet full of products to create the appearance of infrequent bathing.) As a result, I cannot rely on a fresh beard wash each day to mollify its otherwise mangy default state. 

SheaMoisture for Men

SheaMoisture Men Full Beard Detangler

When things get so unruly the comb and brush are mocked as they rip and pull the hair from the face, a dollop of SheaMoisturize Full Beard Detangler saves the day (and face).

It softens the hair, eases out knots, and fully moisturizes the beard. If the thought of pulling a comb across your face and down to the end of your beard's locks fills you with dread instead of bliss you need a tube of SheaMoisturize Full Beard Detangler right now.

SheaMoisture for Men

SheaMoisture Men Beard Balm

But to shape and define your beard day in and day out, especially after sleeping on it, you need more than a well-moisturized beard. You need control. You need a beard balm.

A tub of SheaMoisture Beard Balm, designed to layer over their Full Beard Detangler, will help condition, manage, and style your beard.

Rub a small amount of balm with your fingers in the palm of your other hand to warm it up, then apply to your beard. A beard brush can help to spread the balm and flatten uplifting hair that won't cooperate otherwise.

SheaMoisture for Men

SheaMoisture for Men Beard Conditioning Oil

The longer you go without a full wash, the more your beard and the skin under your beard will appreciate the addition of a beard oil.

And sure, you can use beard oil for many of the issues I've mentioned, but the products I've mentioned are easier, faster, and more directed to the specific task at hand, than trying to use the same oil for everything. 

Think of a stove top: mine has a bottle of olive oil, a bottle of canola oil, a can of canola oil cooking spray, and a can of olive oil cooking spray, all right next to each other and I use them all quite frequently. Now think of your face. Which is more important to you? Get the SheaMoisture Beard Conditioning Oil

The smell of it matches the maracuja oil and shea butter fragrance of their beard balm, detangler and wash. Another beard oil may compliment the fragrance or it may compete with it. Experiment. You can have more than one.

SheaMoisture for Men

The SheaMoisture for Men Beard System

To reduce the time spent conditioning your beard in order to make it manageable, simply finish each shower by scrubbing your face, neck, and beard with SheaMoisture Beard Wash. You and your beard will come out of the shower refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to attack the day. 

To maintain a healthy beard, use SheaMoisture Beard Conditioning oil. For touch ups and extra control, use SheaMoisture Beard Balm. When things get crazy and a beard wash is far away, use SheaMoisture Full Beard Detangler, and get back on your way.

The SheaMoisture for men product line solves many day-to-day grooming issues with easy to use products that work quickly to moisturize and condition your beard and face.

SheaMoisture for Men

Chuck Baldwin muses about all things beard and grooming related. He lives with his two daughters and wife in beautiful Redondo Beach, California.


Chuck Baldwin is an outdoorsman and adventure lover currently based in LA.