Movember: Can Growing a Moustache Save a Life?

What does Movember Mean?

This November you might have noticed a sudden uptick in men sporting moustaches around town. This is because the Movember Foundation has designated the month of November as “Movember” to help raise awareness of men’s health issues and ultimately stop men from dying too young.  

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What does Movember raise money for?

Did you know that men die and average of 6 years before women? The foundation's ambitious goal is reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%, by 2030. This covers a range of issues, from mental health issues such as depression and suicide to prostate and testicular cancers. 2017 marks the foundation’s tenth year in operation and as you can see in this infographic, they have funded a diverse range of initiatives.

How can you participate in Movember?

During the month, men of all types grow their mo to raise awareness of the cause. Supports are aptly called Mo Bros or, in the case of women supporters, Mo Sistas. The foundation enlists celebrity ambassadors as well as everyday joes who not only grow their moustaches but also openly discuss the health problems men encounter.

If you want to support the cause, you can join the Mo Mission to raise money, donate in support of a guy participating or donate any time of the year, directly to the foundation. Visit for all the details.