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Best Men’s Tan Overcoats For Every Style & Occasion

Looking your best is essential in many areas of day-to-day life. For any occasion, overcoats can add a finishing touch to any outfit. We’ve done a deep dive into the internet to find the best tan overcoats for men and selected 10 of the best men’s tan overcoats across various brands, so you can find one to fit your style and occasion.

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Zara Wool Blend Coat
  • Simple and modern
  • Warm and thick
  • Versatile style profile
Gucci Trench Coat
  • Unique and glamorous
  • Customizable sizing
  • Bold design
PASLTER Mens Trench Coat
  • Affordable
  • Classy and smooth
  • Roomy

Our Top Picks for Men's Tan Overcoats

Zara Wool Blend Coat

Best For Winter Days

Zara's Double Sided Wool Blend Coat is a thick, wool-blend fabric that is double-faced (meaning two pieces together to create a thicker fabric) with modern design and comfort in mind. It has a versatile style profile with a simple welt pocket to add style and practicality. Although the design is simple, the color is definitely a statement.

Pros: 50% recycled materials

Cons: May be too warm for fall or spring

Star rating:

Fit: Loose-fitting

Comfort: Warm and thick

Durability: Somewhat durable

Aesthetics: Simple and modern

chouyatou Wool Blend Peacoat

Best Men's Wool Overcoat

Chouyatou’s wool-blend trench coat is a great option for those who love the warm feeling of a wool overcoat. Its wool blend and stylish interior insulation keep the wearer warm in those colder months. This coat offers a more form-fitting design and a professional look to a very comfortable coat.

Pros: Affordable, form-fitting, professional

Cons: Shorter, issues with sizing, seams may be uneven

Star rating: 5/5

Material: Wool

Weight: Lightweight and warm

Insulation: Stylish design

Fit: Form-fitting

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UANEO Men's Pea Coat

Best Patterned Overcoat

UAENO offers a unique option for those willing to step outside the box. This plaid overcoat offers the wearer a unique pattern to add to their outfit.

In contrast to the pop of pattern, this overcoat has just two buttons. This coat also has a mid to long length, giving the wearer more coverage. This overcoat is a good option for those wanting to broaden their style.

Pros: Affordable, unique, versatile

Cons: Only two buttons, sizing runs small

Star rating: 4.5/5

Material: Lightweight and unique pattern

Length: Mid-length to long

Aesthetic: Modern

Coverage: High

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Trench Coat by Burberry

Best Luxury Overcoat

For those looking for a high-end, high-value overcoat, Burberry has you covered. It has many options for customizing your fits like straps, buttons, and waist buckle. The brown-toned buckles and buttons provide a luxurious feel. This is a truly timeless piece of wardrobe that you can own.

Pros: Customizable sizing, bold design, luxury feel

Cons: Not affordable

Star rating: 5/5

Aesthetic: Unique and glamorous

Material: 100% cotton

Insulation: Check-print lining

Fit: Highly customizable

Springgrain Trench Coat

Best For Layering

This overcoat offers the perfect look for layering your favorite undershirts, scarves, and sweaters. The sleek and simple design leaves the coat with a modern, tan canvas to style to your preference. Its simple design gives the wearer the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color.

Pros: Sleek design, options for layering, hidden zipper

Cons: Thin material, sizing issues

Star rating:

Material: Lightweight 

Fit: Form-fitting

Aesthetic: Modern

Comfort: Warm and light

APTRO Stylish Wool Trench Coat

Best For The Office

This coat from APTRO offers a sophisticated finish with black buttons and a hidden zipper. The interior has a sleek, comfortable design with a black, quilted finish. This black men’s overcoat is perfect on those cold days when you need to be dressed professionally for the office or a business meeting. 

Pros: Professional, warm, true to size

Cons: Thin material, loose buttons

Star rating:

Aesthetic: Business wear

Insulation: Black quilted

Fit: True to size

Durability: High

PASLTER Mens Trench Coat

Best For a Budget

The PASLTER trench coat gives you a real run for your money. If you would like a coat that is classy, smooth, and warm then this is for you. Do not let an affordable price point fool you. This coat is made with a high-quality cotton blend that is warm, cozy, and stylish.

Pros: Affordable, soft, high quality

Cons: May need it tailored, fewer pockets

Star rating:

Fit: Roomy

Value: Affordable

Comfort: Thick and warm

Material: Cotton-blend

CHARTOU Men's Stylish Wool Walker Coat

Best For Storage

Do you often find your pockets to be too full and bulky? With multiple pockets, this tan coat from CHARTOU is ideal for those with a lot to carry. It also offers a patterned, removable scarf that matches nicely and adds color to your look. 

Pros: Pocket room, removable scarf, classy

Cons: Short arms, runs small, thinner material

Star rating:

Convenience: Lots of pocket room

Style: Unique removable scarf

Comfort: Light and warm

Aesthetic: Classy

Adam Baker Topcoat

Best For Date Nights

The Adam Baker full-length coat is perfect for a night on the town. Winter date nights would not be complete without this coat keeping you warm. It has a long design with a comfortable style that gives the final touches to your outfit. 

Pros: Warm, classy, hidden pockets

Cons: Loose threading, may need tailored

Star rating: 4.5/5

Style: Modern romance

Comfort: Warm and cozy

Fit: Loose

Convenience: Hidden pockets

Beninos Mens Wool Blend Trench Coat

Best Slim Fit

The Beninos Men's overcoat is perfect for those with a slimmer build wanting a nice classy coat. With many buttons, this coat is warm and stylish for cold days. It also can be worn without being overbearing due to its light material. This coat is affordable and of good quality.

Pros: Form-fitting, high-quality material, warm

Cons: Small sizing, small pockets

Star rating:

Durability: High

Fit: Form-fitting

Comfort: Warm

Weight: Light while staying warm

Wearing Tan Overcoats With Style - Pairing Tips

If you choose to spice up your wardrobe with a nice tan overcoat, you have many options to style it with.

man wearing stylish tan overcoat

From scarves to sweaters to jewelry, here are some great ideas to spruce up your look.


You can never go wrong with a good scarf. A nice pop of color or a unique pattern is perfectly paired with a tan overcoat.

Adding a colorful scarf to a neutral tan makes your look sophisticated and unique.

Best Men's Tan Overcoat

You can choose to tuck your scarf into the coat or let it cascade over your shoulders like a curtain. 


Choosing the best undershirt with a nice coat is essential when planning your outfits. Many people opt for a nice turtleneck or sweater with their undercoats. 


If you choose to go with a nice turtleneck with your overcoat, adding some gold-colored jewelry makes for the perfect look.

Adding a gold necklace or chain and pairing it with a quality watch will spruce up your look tenfold. 


For those looking for a professional or classy look, choosing a nice, black dress shoe may be your best choice. Brown also does wonders for a tan overcoat.

Looking to dress casually? Adding a simple sneaker to your look works well with a tan overcoat. Colors like white, black, and brown keep your style in check with a casual finish.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on the right men’s overcoat outfit can be tough but if you know your needs it can be quite simple. No matter your style, there's a perfect coat out there for you.

Styling your coat is the next step in selecting your overcoat. Adding color or that perfect piece of jewelry will give you that finishing touch you’re looking for.

Regardless of the occasion, those colder months are not complete without a good overcoat.

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Best Men's Tan Overcoats

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