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9 Best Men's Smoking Jackets: Classy, Timeless & Stylish

Men's smoking jackets will never fall out of style. If you're looking to take your outfits to another dimension, we're here to provide you with a list of nine garments that are bound to draw some compliments. Let's dive in.

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Our Top Picks for The Best Men's Smoking Jackets

Abruzzomaster Men Black Smoking Jacket

Best for Turning Heads on a Budget

If you're looking for a men's velvet smoking jacket that captures attention in a sumptuous fashion, Abruzzomaster's Designer Men's Smoking Jacket certainly fits that description – especially if you get it in purple. 

PROS: Affordable price point, great size variety

CONS: You'll stand out whether you want to or not

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Surprisingly neat to wear
  • Durability: Made with quality craftsmanship, should last years

Duke & Digham Silky Satin Men's Smoking Jacket

Best for Overall Versatility

The Duke & Digham Silky Satin Men's Smoking Jacket is a true smoker's garment meant to be worn while reading the morning paper, eating breakfast, or as informal attire.

PROS: Excellent for a large variety of occasions

CONS: Not suitable for formal wear

  • Fit: Sizing can be hit or miss depending on your measurements
  • Comfort: Feels superbly lightweight
  • Durability: Material needs special care to ensure longevity

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Regency New York LuxuRobes Men's Smoking Jacket

Best Elegance-Minded Selection

Regency's New York LuxuRobe Men's Smoking Jacket is a stylish choice for gentlemen looking for sophistication and elegance in their garments. It even comes with a gift box and travel bag for safe storage!

PROS: Impeccable quality

CONS: Expensive

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Sized precisely for comfort
  • Durability: Made with cotton, meant to last

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Regency New York LuxuRobes Smoking Jacket

Best for Formal Wear

The Regency New York LuxuRobe Premium Black Men's Smoking Jacket is, like its navy-colored counterpart listed above, an elegant choice, but is especially well-suited for taking a stroll when the lights shine brightest.

PROS: Superb quality

CONS: On the pricey side, but certainly worth it

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Feels soft and lightweight
  • Durability: Similar to its navy counterpart, meant to last

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Ascentix Velour Smoking Jacket with Satin Lining

Best for Leisure

Ascentix's Velour Men's Smoking Jacket with Satin Lining is an ideal selection if you're looking for a robe that feels smooth against your skin and has a magnificent velour exterior.

PROS: Beautiful satin lining and velour exterior.

CONS: Not suitable for most events

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Our coziest selection
  • Durability: No durability issues, but don't leave it in the sun - the color will fade

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Savage X Fenty Smoking Jacket

Best for Loungewear

Another brilliant choice if you're looking for something to lounge in, the Savage X Regular Men's Smoking Jacket will make you feel more like a samurai than a Mafia boss. It's affordable yet higher quality than most cheap men's smoking jackets on the market.

PROS: Great price point

CONS: Comes in unconventional colors (could be a pro!)

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Feels smooth on the skin
  • Durability: Less durable than our pricier picks

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Dragoon Unlimited's Men's Smoking Jacket

Best for Hunters

Dragoon Unlimited's Men's Smoking Jacket is an excellent Christmas or birthday present for those who like to hunt and want something comfortable to wear while camping out for their targets.

PROS: Gorgeous and unique patterns, high-quality materials

CONS: Not suitable for any other occasion

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Very cozy, good for mobility
  • Durability: Made with military-grade fabric – probably the most durable option on this list

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Lucasini Smoking Jacket Velvet Fully Satin Lined

Best for Overall Comfort

Lucasini's Men's Smoking Jacket Velvet Fully Satin Lined is one of the most comfortable men's velvet smoking jackets on the market, made with high-grade cotton and satin lining.

PROS: Excellent quality

CONS: Best for casual wear

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Astoundingly comfortable
  • Durability: Thick material, meant to last

Generic Designer Branded Jacket

Best for Weddings

Generic's Wedding Belted Designer Men's Black Smoking Jacket is a classy and comfortable alternative to a blazer or suit jacket. It's wedding-appropriate without sacrificing style.

PROS: Elegant satin lining makes it stand out

CONS: Best for formal occasions only

  • Fit: As expected
  • Comfort: Surprisingly comfortable despite its bulk
  • Durability: Feels made to last

History of Smoking Jackets

The earliest versions of these garments trace back to the 17th century when exotic goods and products found their way into mainland Europe thanks to the sudden boom of international trade brought upon by colonial expansion.

Popular imports of the time included textiles, spices, and, most importantly, tobacco, which would play a key role in the rise of the silk smoking jacket.

Velvet smoking jacket

As smoking tobacco became a European gentleman's favorite pastime, Europe's elite realized that the traditional attire of the time, the robe-de-chambre (dressing gown), wasn't well-suited to protecting its wearer from falling hot ash and would absorb the smoke's strong odor.

The demand for a smoke-resistant garment gave rise to the traditional men's velvet smoking jacket, which has evolved from an informal jacket meant for tobacco smoking to a staple of formal wear.

How to Style One

Are you prepared to purchase a men's smoking jacket but are worried about how to style one? Don't fret. Here are some ideas for you to create a timeless, versatile look:

  • Pair your jacket with slim-fit trousers or dark jeans and a crisp white shirt.
  • Complement it with a pocket square or silk scarf for a touch of sophistication.
  • Complete the look with elegant loafers or suede shoes.
  • Avoid over-accessorizing to keep the focus on the jacket.

Be sure to check out our other style guides for more outfit inspiration.

Key Differences Between a Robe and a Smoking Jacket

Although it's easy to confuse the two, robes are typically looser-fitting garments worn for warmth or comfort around the house, often made of soft and absorbent materials such as cotton or fleece. 

In contrast, a smoking jacket is a more formal garment worn while smoking cigars or pipes, usually made of luxurious materials like velvet or silk and featuring ornate designs.

Smoking jackets are typically shorter than robes and often have a waist tie or a button closure, whereas robes typically have a sash or a tie closure and may be longer.

Final Thoughts

From budget-friendly choices to elaborate, satin-lined designs, we made sure to cover all of our bases and list men's smoking jackets geared toward all unique preferences and styles.

Adding one of these garments to your wardrobe makes a timeless fashion statement – find your new favorite today.

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