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Best Men’s Kimono Robes: Unique, Comfortable & Stylish

Best Men’s Kimono Robes: Unique, Comfortable & Stylish

Have you heard the news? Bathrobes are out and Kimono robes are in. A Kimono robe in men’s styles may seem a little out there, but the truth is that more and more men are discovering how comfortable, unique, and stylish these coverups can be. 

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Kimonos come in various sizes, styles, and colors, and with their Japanese-inspired designs, you’ll feel extra luxurious. If you’re new to the world of men’s Kimono robes, don’t fret. We’ve scoured the internet to find our top picks. Take a look at the Kimonos we recommend for men. 

Our Top Picks For Men’s Kimono Robes

Lu's Chic Men's Satin Kimono Robe

Best for Soft Feel

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as slipping on a mens kimono robe, silky, soft and satin. This one from Lu’s Chic is fashionable and comfortable. Available in two designs, classic black and patterned red, this Kimono robe is one of the softest you can find. 

PROS: This is silky soft, lightweight, and breathable for summertime. 

CONS: The satin tie does not have loops, so it slides down easily. 

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  • Fit: This is true to size.
  • Comfort: The robe is very comfortable with a soft, silky feel to it. 
  • Durability: This is a quality kimono robe with a few loose threads possible. 
  • Value: At an affordable price, this robe has a good value. 

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Men's Loose Kimono Robe

Best for Budget

The simple design of the Ibluelover kimono men’s makes it appealing for the everyday kind of guy. It’s not too flashy, and it meets everyone’s budget requirements. 

The men’s yukata robe is made of 100 percent cotton, giving it a familiar and cozy feeling. It comes in 11 different color and design options, ranging from stripes to plain colors.

PROS: It’s very soft with a looser fit, secure tie, and convenient pockets.

CONS: The dye from the product can stain other clothing in the wash, and it does not have many traditional designs. 

  • Fit: This is true to size with a slightly oversized fit for wearing over clothing. 
  • Comfort: The robe is highly soft and comfortable. 
  • Durability: Holds up well but may shrink in the wash. 
  • Value: Great value for the cost. 

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Boss Cotton Robe

Best for Logo Design

Logo designs like the BOSS Cotton Robe can make a man feel luxurious, hip, and stylish in an effortless way. This robe is simple, proudly stating the BOSS label vertically on the front, sports handy pockets, and a knee-length design. 

PROS: The robe is soft with a simple yet bold design for elegant men. 

CONS: The robe only comes in one color/design. 

  • Fit: This is true to size. 
  • Comfort: This men’s kimono is thick and soft with a comfortable sleeve length.
  • Durability: The cotton mens kimono robe is durable and well-made.
  • Value: It has a simple design for the price.

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Majestic Kimono Robe

Best for Everyday Use

When it comes to the Majestic International Kimono, everything is classic. This robe gives you the structure of a traditional men’s kimono with the design of an everyday robe. Four simple colors boast simple accent lines for a look that will never fade. 

PROS: It has a classic, everyday design with extensive sizing options. 

CONS: The positioning of the robe’s pockets is off and uncomfortable. 

  • Fit: It generally fits well, but can feel tight around the shoulders. 
  • Comfort: The waffle-knit design is comfortable yet lightweight enough for warmer weather. 
  • Durability: The material is durable but may shrink a little in the dryer. 
  • Value: This robe has decent value, though it is on the more expensive size and lacks small sizing options. 

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MAGE MALE Men's Summer Kimono Robe

Best for Summer 

A lightweight robe like MAGE MALE men’s kimono is perfect for the summer. Its satin design is soft and thin with a knee-length cut. It also comes paired with a pair of satin shorts, making it the only thing you need to wear on those hot summer nights. 

PROS: The robe is lightweight, comes with shorts, and is available in several different color options. 

CONS: The pockets are very small and the tie is not very long. 

  • Fit: This runs small, so size up once. 
  • Comfort: It’s very soft, lightweight, and comfortable. 
  • Durability: The material is very thin with loose threads. 
  • Value: The robe looks nice but is not high-quality. 

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Polo Ralph Lauren Mini Terry Kimono Robe

Best for Designer Option

Designer names usually deliver high-quality products, and that’s what you get with this Polo Ralph Lauren Robe. The classic design features contrasting piping in three color options in a knee-length cut and full-length sleeves for ultimate comfort. 

PROS: This has an elegant, luxurious design in soft fabric. 

CONS: The robe runs large, yet short for tall men. 

  • Fit: The size runs large.
  • Comfort: It’s very soft to the touch. 
  • Durability: The robe is well-made and maintains integrity after several washes. 
  • Value: It has a good value for the price. 

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Nautica mens Long-sleeve Lightweight Cotton Woven-robe

Best for Lightweight Feel

If you want plenty of color options, a soft cotton texture, and a lightweight feel, try Nautica men’s kimono. The designs are classic with a subtle logo stitch, contrasting piping, and beautiful dual pockets. 

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PROS: The robe is high-quality with a classy design and plenty of style options. 

CONS: It has few sizing options and is not ideal for larger men. 

  • Fit: The size runs small and does not have a lot of options. 
  • Comfort: It’s very comfortable and lightweight. 
  • Durability: The fabric is high-quality and well put together. 
  • Value: It has a decent value, though some styles cost more. 

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Men's Japanese Traditional Kimono Robe

Best for Traditional Look

Today’s men’s kimono is modernized, but the HongH Kimono features a traditional design that captures the Japanese culture from which it came. With 12 mens kimono robe pattern options, wide sleeves, and robust belts, you can sport a decadent robe that respects its Asian roots. 

PROS: It has stunning designs and bold colors that capture Japanese culture. 

CONS: The robe comes in one size only and does not have a tie closure. 

  • Fit: With just one size, the fit will vary. 
  • Comfort: It has a very thin, lightweight feel. 
  • Durability: The material is sheer, cheap, and low-quality. 
  • Value: At such a high cost, this robe is only good for show. 

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MAYSONG Japanese Kimono Home Robe

Best for Full Length

The MAYSON Kimono is a traditional cotton Japanese Kimono that runs the full length of your body, giving you full coverage and style. It comes in seven different designs, all of which stem from Japanese tradition along with a wide-set belt, high collar, and wide sleeves. 

PROS: It features a stunning Japanese traditional design with a good length. 

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CONS: The belt is Velcro and comes with Japanese instructions. 

  • Fit: The fit is as expected. 
  • Comfort: The material is a bit rough and scratchy. 
  • Durability: This kimono holds up well for special occasion wear. 
  • Value: At a reasonable price men can enjoy this Kimono for occasional use. 

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HAORUN Men Kimono Robe

Best for Vintage Style

The style of the HAORUN Kimono is simple and comes with several different vintage designs. It comes with a loose fit and half-length, wide sleeves, making it ideal for wearing over additional clothing. With 13 styles and six size options, there’s a fit for every man. 

PROS: It has a loose, comfortable fit with several design options and comfortable material. 

CONS: This robe does not have a tie and features a short length.

  • Fit: The oversized design fits well with the usual sizing. 
  • Comfort: The lightweight, thin material is comfortable. 
  • Durability: The material is minimal and tears easily.
  • Value: This kimono is worth the cost. 

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Haseil Men's Satin Robe

Best for Sets

Most Kimonos don’t come with pants, but the Haseil set does. The elegant set features three bold, Japanese-style designs in blue, black, and red. The full-length sleeves offer full coverage, while the robe closes with a classic tie. 

PROS: The silk-like fabric is very soft and lightweight with impressive design options. 

CONS: The design is printed, not stitched. 

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  • Fit: This robe fits as expected. 
  • Comfort: The soft material is highly breathable and comfortable. 
  • Durability: It holds up well with washing and regular wear. 
  • Value: This robe is a good value for its price. 

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The Kimono Robe

The Kimono robe is a traditional Japanese garment that usually features a rectangular-shaped body and long, wide sleeves. The proper way to wear a Kimono is with the left side wrapped over the right and tied at the waist with a wide sash called an obi. 

man in robe

More specifically, a men’s Yukata robe is a casual Kimono that Japanese people traditionally wear in spas, around hot springs, and after bathing. 

Kimono robes and Yukata robes both have become very popular outside of Japanese culture. The culture holds no rules about wearing the robe other than wrapping the left side over the right, and they can be worn for any occasion – even sleeping. You can wear them with jewelry or even fun socks!

Can Men Pull off Wearing a Kimono Robe?

In Japan, it is very common for men to wear traditional Kimonos – though the style differs slightly from a woman’s Kimono. While women typically wear kimonos as a complete outfit, men usually sport them over other clothing. 

Around the world, men enjoy wearing kimonos. The most common way a man wears a kimono is as a house robe to cover pajamas or after bathing. 

Final Thoughts

Japanese culture has contributed so many good things to the entire world. Men can enjoy this culture by selecting a real kimono robe mens that suits their style. 

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