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Best Armaf Cologne for Men: Affordable Quality?

Are you looking for a new cologne to boost your confidence? If so, Armaf is one of the best brands for you to consider. 

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Men often strive to enhance their style and confidence but at the same time are pressed for time and money. We've featured many affordable fragrances for men in the past. But this shortlist is a little different. 

armaf citrus

Armaf strives to prove that a great men's fragrance can be of the highest quality while being affordable.

To save you some time, we test-drove some of the best Armaf colognes for men and jotted down a short review each.

Armaf Favourites

Below are some of our favorite Armaf fragrances. Read on to find the Armaf cologne that could become your next go-to scent. 

tres nuit armaf cologne

Armaf Tres Nuit 

Armaf Tres Nuit offers a complex blend of aromas that create a deep masculine scent. You'll first notice floral scents like iris mixed with citrus.

As you dive deeper into the fragrance, you'll detect some of those classic masculine scents like sandalwood. While this mixture of scents might be too much for some, they make for a mysterious overall fragrance that others will love.  

hunter intense armaf cologne

Armaf Hunter Intense

If you want a fragrance that is bold and will help you stand out either in business or in romantic situations, Armaf Hunter Intense is what you are looking for.

The top notes for this Armaf cologne consist of several citrus varieties, including bergamot and grapefruit. But the real power comes from the presence of black pepper.

le parfait armaf cologne

Armaf Le Parfait

Armaf Le Parfait is very fruit-forward, with top notes arising from sweet sources like pineapple, black currant, and lemon.

The middle notes are a blend of spice and florals like rose and jasmine. This Armaf cologne finishes with smooth base notes of vanilla and musk.

club de nuit armaf cologne

Club de Nuit

Armaf first introduced Club de Nuit in 2012. This fragrance somehow manages to be both masculine and lighthearted, with citrus serving as the primary note.

You'll also find that this Armaf cologne has a spicy aspect as well. But if you want more intensity, check out the more recent variation of this fragrance. 

club nuit intense armaf cologne

Club de Nuit Intense

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense man is a fragrance for the boldest among us. Emerging in 2015, this Armaf cologne is a more intense version of its precursor, Club de Nuit, as the name implies.

Club de Nuit Intense incorporates a host of fruity top notes and middle notes that include a lovely birch. Vanilla, ambergris, and musk round out this fragrance. 

craze men armaf cologne

Armaf Craze

Armaf Craze cologne is not just appealing in smell. It is long-lasting as well.

For the numerous hours that you give off this Armaf cologne, those around you will be intrigued by the subtle fragrance you give off. The addition of cumin, along with citrus and florals, makes for a lovely blend. 

ventana armaf cologne

Armaf Ventana

Although Armaf Ventana is one of the newest fragrances the company has to offer, it maintains a classic aroma that any man would be wise to choose.

While there is plenty of citrus in this blend, the earth notes dominate this Armaf cologne. 

About the Armaf Brand

Armaf is a Middle Eastern brand with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. They now create fragrances for men and women, but that wasn't always the case. 

Armaf began as a company that focused on creating perfume bottles for the top brands rather than developing the fragrances themselves. But in recent years, they have expanded their operation in more ways than one. 

armaf floral

They now create some of the most unique fragrances for men and have managed to offer these throughout the entire world - so establishing their global presence. 

Their first success came when they began to sell fragrances in South Africa. They then spread quickly to India, followed by dozens of other countries. 

The Armaf Scent

The Armaf approach to fragrances is a unique one. They are interested in creating scents that are tailored to specific locations. That approach includes a respect for local climates and regional market trends.

With their success in creating captivating scents, Armaf has not forgotten the roots of what made their company a success in the first place. They still create some of the most attractive bottles and packaging for their colognes. The only difference is that it is not their formula that is inside those bottles. 

cologne armaf

While men's fragrances is still a relatively new venture for Armaf, they are already making a splash in the industry by challenging some of the most long-standing companies. Armaf aims to compete with the top designer brands while maintaining accessibility for consumers at all price ranges. 

Armaf is a busy company that is invested in advancing the state of the fragrance industry. As such, they invent and sell several new fragrances every year. So, if you cannot find a fragrance from our list that suits you, there may be one you like coming very soon. 

Who Makes Armaf Fragrances

The Armaf company manufactures its own fragrances in regions within the Middle East. Their process focuses on creating products that are of the highest quality while managing to have reasonable retail prices. Armaf recognizes that in an ever-changing world, fragrances need to evolve also.

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