How to Wear Green for Men

Sage Advice: How to Wear Green for Men

Sage is suddenly everywhere. Décor wise, it entered the Pinterest 100 toward the end of 2017, and Southern Living declared it the new neutral. Last year, the dusty, almost genderless color with yellow and olive undertones found its way onto the runways, in both men’s and women’s presentations, and now, you’ll find it […]

Oxfords vs Brogues

Oxfords vs Brogues: What’s the Difference?

You know not to wear sneakers to a formal event. Some slip-ons are okay, if they look like fancy loafers. Lace-ups are good, too, unless they look too much like Dr. Martens. Men’s dress shoes sit somewhere between these extremes. Sometimes, an oxford is expected. Other times, you can get […]

Light Wash Denim Jeans

Lighten Up: How to Wear Light Wash Denim Jeans

Recently light wash denim – and not, keep in mind, pure white jeans – have been a menswear must-have – a casual wardrobe cornerstone. But how, when and with what do you wear them? We look at the trend and four tips on wearing light wash denim jeans. Denim Jeans […]

LGBT Gay Pride Shirts for 2019

Whoa Daddy: LGBT Gay Pride Shirts for 2019

It’s Gay Pride 2019 — what are you going to wear? This June, you deserve better designed t-shirts that are cuter and more flirty fun. Printed with love in LA, Whoa Daddy t-shirts are ridiculously flirty and profits go to support LGBT causes like the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program. They […]

Smart Casual Dressing for Men

How to Master Smart Casual Dressing for Men

You’d think that, by opting for more casual dress codes, workplaces would offer their employees some relief. Instead, we’re left with the ambiguousness of “smart casual” – definitely not formal yet somewhat more laid-back than business casual. It purportedly smooths the transition from office to evening and factors client meetings […]

Chain Necklaces and Accessories

How to Wear Chain Necklaces and Accessories for Men

What’s linked, metallic, and looks like it belongs in the late ‘90s? A chain necklace. Or, it could be one, equally intricate, dangling off your belt, reminiscent of a skater’s wallet chain. Either way, both build upon two foundational trends: The growing market for men’s jewelry, and the ‘90s revival […]