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Carolina Herrera Cologne: A Review on 2.0

For men who aren’t afraid to stand out from the pack, Carolina Herrera eau de toilette for men is back with a new reformulation that won’t blend into the crowd.

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The old version used to be a fan favorite, so how does the newer reformulation stack up? Unlike many reimaginings in the fragrance world, this Carolina Herrera cologne has undergone a DNA makeover.

CAROLINA HERRERA Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Here’s our Carolina Herrera cologne review with everything you need to know about the new and improved version of this eau de toilette for men.

 Who Makes It?

First off, for those who have yet to explore this fragrance or ones like it, the house of Carolina Herrera has been a reputable producer of fine fragrances since 1988. 

Founded by Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera, the brand with the same name started with bridal designs. After designing Caroline Kennedy’s wedding dress in 1986, the brand launched into the fragrance world with its first women's perfume in 1988.

Carolina Herrera

Don’t let the name and the brand’s beginnings fool you. Its mens’ fragrance offerings have been equally as notable. Carolina Herrera for Men, the Eau de Toilette, was originally launched in 1991 and has been a hit since.

Is Carolina Herrera a luxury brand? With a global reach and exposure, especially for fragrances, this is certainly a luxury brand with lots to offer.

Scent Notes

The Carolin Herrara cologne's original version launched in the early 90s was a deep, tobacco-centered fragrance with some herbal and citrus top notes anchored by sandalwood and ambergris. 

So now, what does Herrera for Men smell like? In the new reimagining, the scent takes a deeper look at its original fouger-inspired DNA, retaining its deep nature thanks to a leather note. With a frozen mint, passion fruit, vodka, and even caviar accords, this reformulated Herrera cologne blends all the finer things of life into one bright, cocktail-like package.

Carolina Herrera Cologne

Who Would Like It?

Despite the openings with fruit and mint, this fragrance is unmistakably masculine and sophisticated. It retains a deep, woody dry-down from its base notes that project a modern, eclectic, but still sophisticated image.

While its predecessor might have been more suited to evening wear, this is the perfect cologne for daytime wear. Formulated as an eau de toilette, the scent won’t overwhelm or offend, making it great for office wear.

However, make no mistake, this scent transitions great to nighttime, as well. It paints a sexy and sensual image, so it wears effortlessly from your workday right into date night. 

A little mysterious, a little refined, a little flirty—this Carolina Herrera cologne has all the makings of a great spring with its freshness or a fall scent with its deeper qualities. The fresh, bright opening is perfect for warmer weather, while the woody dry-down is still rich and lasting.

Packaging and Presentation

The box evokes a sort of perforated leather that hints at the wealthy-smelling scent inside. The bottle itself is an homage to art deco culture, with a minimalistic glass bottle and silver cap that both feature precise, angular shaping that give a sturdy but cultured impression.

From the presentation, you know that this fragrance is for a sophisticated man who wants to smell both reserved and rich but who isn’t afraid to be the life of the party.

CAROLINA HERRERA Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Personal Impressions

Despite the rich and deep nature of the notes, this cologne is a light and fresh scent that won’t fade into the rest of the crowd but also won’t offend. 

Although it may need to be reapplied throughout the day, as it has the traditional lacking staying power of an eau de toilette, the scent is unique and classy. The new reformulation injects a modern personality into the original DNA.

boys enjoying the evening

For fans of traditional masculine scents, don’t be turned off by some of the more unique notes. This cologne isn’t too sweet or heavy. The freshness, fruit notes, vodka, and caviar are well blended, and the deeper leather base notes balance it all out well.


As mentioned before, don’t approach this fragrance with high expectations for lasting power. As an eau de toilette,  it won’t last all day or perform as a beast-mode fragrance. 

In fact, through the years and with multiple reformulations, this scent has gotten lighter and lighter. Don’t expect any more than a handful of hours of good performance. 

This is a fragrance that you might want to keep with you throughout the day if you prefer to have a stronger scent trail.

Copies (Dupes) Worth Mentioning

Especially now with a tweaked fragrance, there aren’t many on the market that are extremely similar to it. In its original form, there were many contemporary men’s colognes that had similar notes.

Many people considered Chanel’s Egoiste Platinum eau de toilette for men to be a similar pick for its aromatic, herbal, and woody notes, even down to the sandalwood and amber base. 

Now that Carolina Herrera for Men is a little more modern and unique, you’re not likely to find anything that perfectly matches it. However, Carolina Herrera does have a line of flanker fragrances: Sensual Ginger and Refreshing Vetiver.

These also share the DNA of the original Herrera for men, all anchored around that tobacco, sandalwood, and amber base, with some of the original aromatic notes thrown in.

While the best Carolina Herrera cologne is a subjective choice, the brand offers many other popular men’s colognes, such as the Carolina Herrera cologne 212, Bad Boy, and the CH line.

Final Thoughts

So, does Carolina Herrera smell good? We certainly think so. This reimagined version of a popular classic takes a solid foundation and polishes it up with an incredibly appealing, modern vibe.

If you want to come across as confident, refined, unique, and a little bit mysterious, this Carolina Herrera cologne for men is the perfect thing to try both for the office and for nighttime wear. 

Just remember that it won’t give peak performance for more than a few hours, so snag a travel size for your briefcase or car to keep the scent fresh and bright all day.

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