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Best High Top Shoes for Men: A Must-Have in Your Collection

Best High Top Shoes for Men: A Must-Have in Your Collection

The high top shoe should be a classic staple on any man’s shoe rack. Whether going out for a night on the town or shooting hoops at your local court, these versatile sneakers will carry you every step of the way and have you looking good while doing it.  

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Reebok Royals BB 4500
  • Comfortable
  • Resilient
  • Sporty
Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0
  • Classic
  • Reliable
  • Good ankle support
Converse Chuck Taylors
  • Easy, breathable shoe
  • Iconic
  • Pairs well with every outfit

Below are the best high top sneakers for men worth considering buying.

Our Top Ten Picks for High Top Shoes Men’s Fashion

Reebok Men's Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker

Best for Fashion and Sports

The Reebok Royals BB 4500 are a throwback classic. By sporting these kicks, you show an appreciation for the clean aesthetics of the past.

Choose high-top shoes white or black for a simple, yet measured, design. A pair of these in your wardrobe can never lead you astray, whether it’s a night on the town or a flag-football pick-up in the park. 

PROS: Comfortable, resilient, and sporty 

Fernweh Editions: Candles That Take You on a Journey

CONS: Limited color selection. 

  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars  
  • Fit: May run small
  • Comfort: Very comfortable
  • Durability: Strong leather and lasting durability
  • Value: Excellent

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adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Best for Basketball

If you’re okay with a bulkier option, the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 might be for you. Great for basketball, these shoes give you plenty of support for anything from sprints to jump shots.

They also look good off the court. Pair these Hoops with a denim jacket for a vintage rock look, or match them up with a slick pair of joggers for a modern look of Run DMC’s iconic style. 

PROS: A classic, reliable product. Good ankle and arch support. 

CONS: Not the most breathable

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
  • Fit: Excellent
  • Comfort: Excellent ankle and arch support
  • Durability: Made of durable, long-lasting leather
  • Value: Excellent

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Converse Men's Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Best for Casual Wear

You can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylors. These sneakers are timeless and for a good reason. They are a comfortable, casual, handsome design that pairs well with just about anything. They even look good with formal wear. Pair them with one of these classic colognes for an optimum fashion statement.  

Don’t rely on these shoes to keep your ankles safe on the court. The Chuck Taylor All-Star has been much more fashion than function since its introduction in 1917. 

PROS: Stylish, classic, breathable, and reliable.

CONS: No ankle or arch support. 

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars 
  • Fit: Easy, breathable shoe
  • Comfort: May be a bit narrow fit for wider feet
  • Durability: Canvas wears quickly
  • Value: Good for the price

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Vans Men's Sk8-Hi(Tm) Core Classics

Best for Skateboarding

These high top Vans are essential for any wardrobe. The breathable canvas, padded ankle support, leather signature side stripe, and gum soles make these shoes a handsome and necessary addition to any collection. 

Although their flat soles make them ideal for skating, I would not recommend trying to play any kind of recreational sports with these shoes. However, toss them on with a distressed pair of jeans and a white tee to give off a worry-free, punk attitude. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

PROS: Trendy, classic style. 

CONS: Flat soles. Not good for sports (other than skateboarding). 

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars 
  • Fit: Difficult to get on and off
  • Comfort: Soft and supportive
  • Durability: Canvas wears out quickly
  • Value: Good

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Levi's Mens 520 BB Hi Fashion Hightop Sneaker

Best for Waterproof

The Levi’s 520 BB Hi kicks are a confusing take on multiple high tops and end up looking more like a mid-level boot than a true high top. These kicks are comfortable, functional, waterproof, and are a high top shoes boys can use when the style isn’t the sole focus.  

PROS: Warm, comfortable, and waterproof. 

CONS: A bit narrow. Not for the wide-footed. 

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars 
  • Fit: Snug and comfortable
  • Comfort: Shoes may run a bit narrow
  • Durability: Vegan leather may not hold up as long as animal leather
  • Value: Good for price 

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HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men's Nathan Vulcanized Sneaker

Best for Motorcycling

Maybe you’re looking for a low-maintenance ride on your hog and don’t want to feel weighed down by a heavy boot. We recommend the Nathans from Harley-Davidson. It has a classic Chuck Taylor vibe while being made of durable leather, so you can feel safe from burning yourself on the exhaust pipe. 

PROS: Durable soft leather. Good for a casual motorcycle ride. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

CONS: Not the most comfortable or breathable. 

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 
  • Fit: Great
  • Comfort: Good comfort, but not very breathable
  • Durability: Soft leather is more durable than its canvas competitor
  • Value: Good for the price

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FZUU Men's Fashion High Top Leather Street Sneakers

Best for Your Wallet

Only buy FZUU men’s high top shoes if you’re on a budget. They may do the trick for a couple of flashy nights at the club, but these high tops are guaranteed to fall apart. There is a reason for the saying, “you get what you paid for,” and these shoes are it. 

PROS: Affordable and flashy 

CONS: Flimsy and cheap material, so won’t last very long 

  • Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Stars 
  • Fit: Good
  • Comfort: Thick and comfortable material
  • Durability: Poor
  • Value: Decent for the price 

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Fila Men's Transition Athletic Sandal

Best for Wide Feet

These shoes from Fila are great if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe to wear all day long on a budget. They’re slip-resistant, which make them great for work or play.

You’ll especially love them if you have difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable for your wide feet. Even if they don’t last too long, they’re cheap enough to buy again (and many people do).

PROS: Slip-resistant, solid arch support, comfortable for wide feet, great ankle support.

Fernweh Editions Candles

CONS: Don’t last long.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: Good
  • Comfort: Comfortable without rubbing, even for wide feet
  • Durability: Poor
  • Value: Decent for the price

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Best High Top Shoes Nike

While the materials are on the cheaper side, you can push these Nike shoes pretty far without worrying about them falling apart.

They’re extremely responsive with excellent traction on the court and even for outdoor adventures. You’ll appreciate the great lockdown on ankle and forefoot, which gives them the perfect fit. 

PROS: Comfortable, durable, responsive, great traction, lightweight

CONS: Narrow

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Fit: True to size
  • Comfort: Good, but best for a narrow foot
  • Durability: Good
  • Value: Great shoe for the price

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Converse Unisex-Adult Trainers

Best for Classic Style

Chuck Taylor All Star hightops are a timeless design that goes back to 1917. They’re the quintessential high top that comes in several colors to pair with fashion both on and off the court. You can even choose high top shoes black from top to sole. While they’re comfortable, they don’t have tons of arch support.

PROS: Classic, lots of color choices, good ankle support, comfortable

CONS: Craftsmanship on this style is lower than it used to be

Fernweh Editions Candles

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Fit: Order ½ a size up for wide feet
  • Comfort: Moderate
  • Durability: Good
  • Value: Great shoe for the price

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When To Wear High Top Shoes 

There is no correct or incorrect time to wear high top shoes. Like the hightop shoes Jojo lyrics say, hightop shoes “put me in a good mood.” So, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference for style and activity type. 

high top shoes men

High top shoes provide more ankle support than low-top or mid-top shoes. They’re popular for playing sports like basketball, where speed and dexterity require ankle support.  

Typically, high tops are a fashion choice, which means there is no “right” or “wrong.” That said, a little aesthetic consideration can help perfect your fit. 

How To Style Your High Top Shoes 

How you may style your high tops all depends on the style of the shoe itself, but you can never go wrong with a well-cuffed pair of blue jeans to help show off the entirety of the sneaker. Jeans are like a neutral canvas that goes with just about anything. Let more stylish accessories, like shoes, pop.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your taste, there is a high top for you. From sporty to punk, classic to functional, this versatile list should keep you outfitted for months (or years) to come. Treat yourself to a few fresh new pairs and greet the summer with style.

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