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Hacks to Not Look Sick (Even When You Are)

It’s cold and flu season and while we should all take a week off to recover properly, life must go on. Sometimes you just can’t call in sick — whether it’s the coveted interview you finally got, your wedding day, or something else uncancellable, here are some hacks to help […]


Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas for Men

Looking for some Halloween or costume party makeup ideas for men? Makeup Artist Samuel Rayy from Pout gave us a step-by-step how-to for guys to achieve a modernized Day of the Dead skull or a haunted spider look. Modern Day of the Dead or Neon Skull Makeup WHAT YOU NEED: […]

LGBT Gay Pride Shirts for 2019

Whoa Daddy: LGBT Gay Pride Shirts for 2019

It’s Gay Pride 2019 — what are you going to wear? This June, you deserve better designed t-shirts that are cuter and more flirty fun. Printed with love in LA, Whoa Daddy t-shirts are ridiculously flirty and profits go to support LGBT causes like the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program. They […]