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Celebrity Hair Stylist Andrew Fitzsimons: From Adele to the Kardashians

You might not recognize Andrew Fitzsimons name, but surely you've seen this celebrity stylist somewhere - perhaps with the Kardashians or by supporting his Trans Cosmetic Donation Program, which we've covered here.

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Or, else, you've come across his star-studded Instagram account. Those in the industry might have even signed up for this year's HAIR MASTERclass.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Fitzsimons traveled to Paris at 18 to study with one of the city's top beauty agencies, and not long after, he started working as a hairstylist there. A few years later, he ventured off to New York City, where his skills and love of fashion led to magazine work and styling celebrities for red carpet appearances.

Aside from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who regularly appear in his Instagram feed, he has worked with Shay Mitchell, Adele, Mariah Carey, and Ashley Graham and has served as a brand ambassador for Alterna Haircare.

Fitzsimons understands the power of looking and feeling good, and in response, his work and efforts have emphasized inclusivity and giving back. ANDREW FITZSIMONS: THE HAIR MASTER class, held this past February, saw him presenting tips and strategies for salon workers and other beauty enthusiasts.

Launched in 2017, the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program, a partnership with the L.A. LGBT Center, helps with supplying hair, beauty, and other wellness products to trans and gender-nonconforming people.

The organization takes unused, unopened products and distributes them to shelters and other organizations working with the LGBT population.

As he starts a new endeavor as a brand ambassador for NatureLab. TOKYO, we had a chance to speak with Fitzsimons about his varied and illustrious career:

Andrew Fitzsimons
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So far, what have been your responsibilities as a brand ambassador?

NatureLab. TOKYO and I hit the ground running! We've already been busy shooting video content, which should be coming out soon.

At the end of January, I attended the Indie Beauty Expo with the brand, which was a lot of fun - we spent the whole day talking to media, influencers and discovering new brands. I've also been testing formulas of products that are coming out later this year!

You have several celebrity clients and commercial projects to your name. To date, who have been your favorite people to work with?

My first celebrity clients were Adele and Mariah Carey, which was an incredible way to break into the world of celebrity hair styling! To be honest, I don't really have a favorite person to work with. I'm lucky that all of my clients are genuinely great people and are some of the most inspiring women on the planet. 

You've also been a stylist for the Kardashians. What's that been like?

When the work you do is seen at such a large scale, ther's certainly a sense of pressure to make sure that you're always on top of your game.

We're all beauty lovers, so we get to have a lot of fun playing with new looks and trying new things, which is the dream as an artist. 

Andrew Fitzsimons
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What are some styling tips you have for men? What should a guy absolutely not do?

One of the most important things men should do is take the time to figure out what products are best for them and their hair type.

A lot of men tend to rely on heavy gels or waxes simply because that was the status quo for so long, but a lot of these products marketed for men can weigh your hair down and make your hair look dirty. Less is often more! Try out a lighter product, like a pomade or a texture spray. 

A guy should absolutely not get married to one way of doing things and shouldn't be afraid to experiment with your style! It's really not as intimidating as you might think.

For a stylist, you have a fairly large social following. What impact has this had on your career?

My favorite thing about social media is how you can use it to foster and encourage creativity. On my page, I really love sharing my work, images that inspire me, and causes that are important to me.

Social media is also a really great source of inspiration you used to have to go through archives at libraries to reference looks, which is something I did at the beginning of my career. Now you can discover all kinds of inspiration, both new and historic, right at your fingertips. 

When it comes to my career, it's been a great tool to help educate around hair. One of my favorite things to do when I work with brands is really get into teaching people how to use products properly to create a look.

I think a lot of people tend to be a little reluctant to try new hair products (who wants to risk having to wash their hair again if it doesn't work out?), so it's great to be able to show people how to properly use products to give them the confidence to try something new.

Andrew Fitzsimons

Aside from this new partnership with NatureLab. TOKYO, what can we expect next from you?

I'm going to be ramping up my advocacy work a lot this year, especially around the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program and expanding that to new markets. I'm in talks with some very exciting brands to help bring more awareness to the program.

Andrew Fitzsimons
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What are your five personal favorite grooming products?

Best Hairsprays For Men

NatureLab. TOKYO Perfect Volume Texture Mist

This mist helps add body and texture to the hair without any crunch or drying it out.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 

What I like about it: This spray gives hair a really nice tousled, messy look without a hint of crunch. Great for styling men's hair!

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator

What I like about it: This product is a great gel/pomade/wax hybrid that's amazing for definition and isn't too heavy. It also provides great hold.

best body spray for men

Tom Ford Oud Wood 

What I like about it: I think this is the sexiest fragrance on earth. It's really masculine and earthy.

Sheer Fluid Sun Shield

Dr. Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield 

What I like about it: I wear SPF everydays which everyone should be doing, by the way, but I hate the feeling of clogging up my pores with a heavy formula, which is why I love this one. It's super lightweight and soft.

Andrew Fitzsimons, What hair products do you recommend to your clients?

Goody Fine Tooth Comb  

Goody Fine Tooth Comb

You need a great comb to get the quiff right. Goody is available just about everywhere (including Amazon!) at a great price.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer  

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This dryer is more of an investment, but it has a super-sleek design, is very lightweight (great for travel), and dries hair in a flash. 

Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade 

Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade 

This water-based formula gives great hold and definition but is easy to wash out of the hair and doesn't create product buildup.

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