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What You Need to Know On Styling Your White Suit (+ Top Picks)

Labor Day may be on the horizon, but that doesn't mean that you have to stop wearing white. A classic white suit is a look that never goes out of style. The key is to know when, where, and how to rock what type of suit. Read on to learn all about white suits for men.

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Are White Suits In Style?

You may have been seeing more guys in white suits lately—and for a good reason—it has come back into favor. Best of all, there is no one single trend dominating this ensemble for men right now, instead, you'll find a diversity of options.

man in white suit

For a casual day look, try an 80s-inspired white blazer and matching pants paired with a simple t-shirt. Need something for the night? Take a page out of Gatsby's book and don a slim-fitted, perfectly tailored white suit with a vest.

These are just a couple of examples. The point is: Yes, the white suit for men is in style—and there's a style to suit every taste.

When to Wear One

Thanks to the diversity of white suit styles available, you can wear them for various occasions. In general, a suit of any kind gives more of a dressed-up vibe. You thus probably want to save white for weekends—think dinner parties and date nights.

How to Wear a White Suit

There are many ways to wear a white suit. Here are some style ideas to inspire you:

  • Try an ivory suit with a colored shirt (we like blue under a suit jacket) and matching white sneakers for a casual summer look.
  • Opt for a double-breasted jacket with penny loafers and a charcoal necktie for a sophisticated and straightforward appearance.
  • Wear a white suit with a necktie and a matching pocket square for a formal preppy vibe. Take it to the next level by adding suspenders.
  • Add a dash of hipster vibes to your white ensemble by pairing it with a checked shirt for a fun look. If you want to go even bolder, pick a more vibrant pattern.
  • Pair a loosely fitted white linen suit with sandals for the perfect dressed-up beach day outfit.
man in white suit

Whatever look you go for, keep a few basics in mind. First, your white suit should always be spotless. Nothing can ruin the crisp, clean appearance of a one faster than an unsightly stain. Second, make sure it's pressed and wrinkle-free.

Finally, ensure that it's tailored to your body. Men's suit tailoring is making a comeback thanks to innovative companies like Institchu. Take advantage of it.

How to Clean a Your Suit

For serious cleaning, take your it to a professional dry cleaner. However, you can handle some DIY maintenance. This will allow you to cut back on dry cleaning, saving money and prolonging your suit's lifespan since rigorous cleaning can wear the material.

After each wear, use a suit brush to brush the fabric—go in a downward motion—to remove bits of food, skin, or hair. In case of minor stains, spot treat using a bit of mild detergent and water or a designated stain remover. Finally, steam your suit to remove wrinkles and let it air dry.

Our Shortlist: Best White Suits for Men

As mentioned, the diversity of white suits available means there is truly something for every style and occasion, from a casual day at the beach to a formal dinner party. We've rounded up six of our favorites according to the event they're best suited for below.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Business Suit Pants Set

1. Best for a Formal Event: U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Business Suit Pants Set

If you're headed to an elegant event, this white suit with the two-button jacket and notched lapels is a solid pick. It's 100% cotton, ensuring breathability to keep you comfortable no matter how long your night is. The flat front pants make for a sleek and stylish overall appearance.

Calvin Klein Men's White Slim Fit Linen Suit

2. Best for a Beach Day: Calvin Klein Men's White Slim Fit Linen Suit

This suit is made of linen, making it a perfect pick for a summer's day. Wear it with a simple white shirt to keep it casual, or dress it up with the jacket for a more formal event, like a beach wedding. It's Calvin Klein, so you can't go wrong.

STACY ADAMS Men's Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

3. Best for Impressing Your Date: Stacy Adams Men's Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

A three-piece suit should be reserved for exceptional occasions—like a unique date you want to impress. Adding a vest to a white suit gives off some of that class 1920s vibe (think "The Great Gatsby"), making this a fun and eye-catching statement.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Linen Suit

4. Best for a Garden Party: U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Business Suit Pants Set

This white suit offers an elegant vibe but is made of linen, making it perfect for attending dressier outdoor sporting events. If you're headed to watch tennis or bet on some horses, throw this look on. It's also great if you're going to a garden party.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Pant Modern Fit White Linen

5. Best for Business: Tommy Hilfiger Pants in White Linen

If you want to make a splash in the business world, rock a white suit. We like this one because the separates can be easily mixed and matched, giving you various work-day looks to coordinate depending on the purpose.

Perry Ellis mens Linen Suit Jacket

6. Best for Last-Minute Rendez Vous: Perry Ellis Linen Suit Jacket

This simple white suit jacket is the perfect solution if you need to add a last-minute dash of style to your outfit. You can even pair it with jeans for a simple cover-up or wear it with white pants for the whole head-to-toe look.

The Final Word on These Suits for Men

If you came into this article thinking, "I could never pull off a white suit," we hope we've proven you wrong. As you can see from the options above, there is a one to suit every type of style, body type, and occasion.

Choose the look that you're most comfortable with and make the most of it.

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