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What Does Versace Dylan Blue Smell Like?

As an international brand, Versace is renowned for trendsetting menswear and innovative scents. Versace Dylan Blue is a masculine scent that is evocative of the Mediterranean Sea and the company’s trademark high-class luxuriance. 

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If you are looking for a new Versace scent and have wondered to yourself, “what does Versace Dylan Blue smell like?” we have the answers for you in our comprehensive Versace Dylan Blue review. 

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme EDT

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Who Makes It?

Founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy, by legendary designer Gianni Versace, the company is an international fashion design house that epitomizes the ideals of Italian luxury.

Along with clothing, handbags, watches, jewelry, and more, Versace is well-known for its perfumes and colognes.

Versace Luxury Outlet in Italy

Versace hired Alberto Morillas to design the cologne’s sensual scent. The brand launched Versace Dylan Blue cologne in 2016 as part of the Versace Pour Homme collection under the license of Euroitalia. 

What Does Versace Dylan Blue Smell Like?

So what does Versace Dylan Blue smell like? Imagine a bold scent reminiscent of warm Mediterranean days and sensual nights spent at the seaside. Fresh citrus notes offer a pleasing smell, while the strong, aquatic notes will make this cologne, and you stand out from the crowd.

Scent Notes

The top notes of Calabrian bergamot, aqua, fig, and grapefruit create a pleasant introduction that draws your attention.

bergamot: what does versace dylan blue smell like

Hearty notes of black pepper, ambrox, and papyrus wood are interlaced with tones of violet and patchouli. The middle notes of Dylan Blue provide a lasting and impressive scent that is warm but not spicy.

Base notes of musk, incense, and saffron provide balance to this cologne. As the day unfolds, these lingering scents continue to deliver an inviting aroma. 


  • Strong enough to stand out while still being well-balanced enough not to overwhelm the senses.
  • Scent works equally well for a day in the office or a weekend date night.
  • Bottle is a statement piece with a modern, angular design and Versace’s trademark Medusa’s head logo.


  • Might be too expensive to wear every day.

Sillage: Good

The scent trail of Versace Dylan Blue is moderate to substantial, being bold but not overwhelming. We found that the smell will stand out in a crowd, and the sillage can initially be intense. However, the sillage drops off quickly and levels off to be pretty average.

Longevity: Very Good

We found Versace Dylan Blue to be long-lasting. On average, it offers about six to eight hours of scent. That is a pretty remarkable result for the price of this perfume.

Scent Potency/Appropriate For: The Office

Versace Dylan Blue is one of our favorite scents for the office. It is a pleasing, inoffensive scent that is bold enough to stand out but moderate enough not to invite any complaints from coworkers with more acute senses.  

The performer clearly took their time to deliver a well-balanced product. After the initial bloom of scent wears off in the first few minutes, you are left with something subtle and striking, without being overpowering. So, while you might get positive feedback about the fragrance, Dylan Blue isn’t going to be so pronounced that colleagues find it exasperating. 

Price: $$$

Versace Dylan Blue is a higher-end scent. However, it is not the most expensive perfume from Versace and outperforms many of its competitors at the same price point.

Who Would Like It?

If you like a scent that combines confidence and luxuriousness, we think Versace Dylan Blue Eau de Parfum would be worth trying. The scent is particularly popular with young men and older gentlemen alike.

man getting ready for the office

Whether heading to the office or getting ready for date night, a few spritzes of Versace Dylan Blue are ideal if you’re looking to make a statement with a bold, confident finishing touch.

When To Wear It 

The mixture of citrus, spice, and musk notes makes Dylan Blue an excellent choice for spring, summer, and autumn.

Moreover, its scent is light enough that it wears well throughout the day, but it’s also weighty enough to work for a night out on the town.

Where To Wear It

Dylan Blue works for any occasion or location, including parties, meetings, dates, and casual get-togethers.

casual get-together

Still, while it is undoubtedly versatile, we prefer Versace Dylan Blue a little more for nights out than running errands during the day.

However, the balance of citrus fruit and aqua notes means this perfume works as a comprehensive all-day choice.

Packaging and Presentation

Versace Dylan Blue is packaged in a decadent blue glass bottle that features an attractive, angular design. The angles give this sleek bottle an appealing look that reflects light and makes for a statement piece on your shelf.

A bold, golden Versace Medusa’s head logo stands out against the dark blue glass of the geometric bottle, and the gold cap is a fantastic accent that rounds out the overall appearance of this impressive Versace Dylan Blue 100ml bottle’s presentation.

Personal Impressions

The Versace Dylan Blue men’s scent is an excellent choice for men who want to display confidence and bold style. Its fragrance combines the sensual style of the Mediterranean with powerful aqua and citrus notes.

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme EDT

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The presentation of the perfume is a showcase of Versace’s classic, luxuriant style mixed with modern geometry that will make you want to put the bottle on prominent display. 


The sillage and longevity of Versace Dylan Blue are impressive, given the price of the scent. So, what does Versace Dylan Blue smell like? You’ll find fresh citrus notes blend with strong, aquatic notes for a Mediterranean vibe.

There are practically no overpowering opening notes, and the smell quickly settles into an inviting aroma that trails behind you pleasantly.

You should be able to enjoy this cologne for at least six to eight hours or more, making it a great all-day scent. Apply Versace Dylan Blue before you head out for the day and enjoy the aroma as you transition from your professional workday to a lively night out.

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