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Essential Travel Clothes for Men: Your Packing List

Whether you’re exploring the world, jetting off on holiday to an adventure-packed city or a sun-soaked destination, or traveling for business, there are some travel clothes for men you need to invest in if you want to balance effortless travel style with practicality and functionality.

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The recent rise in the athleisure trend means that garments that combine these two elements has become a vital part of the modern man’s wardrobe and therefore, it has never been easier to achieve a comfortable yet stylish look.

Travel style can be sleek, sophisticated and comfortable if you choose the right combinations. Read on for the travel clothes for men essentials guide:

Business: Suited Up Without Wrinkles

Unfortunately for some, travel doesn’t always mean pleasure. Many of us embark on journeys across the globe for business too.

If you have a chance to freshen up in the hotel before you start a business, then you can perfectly pack your favorite suit in a travel bag specially designed to keep your suit intact for the journey. 

However, if you find yourself going straight from the plane to the meeting room, then you’ll need a travel-friendly, smart look to suit. Nowadays, many retailers, such as Theory, offer suits made using wrinkle-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about looking unprofessional and untidy.

  • Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics
  • Invest in a travel bag to protect your suit during travel
  • Dress up or down with accessories

Pack a spare shirt too, just in case, and add a tie to your outfit just before the meeting to take your outfit from business casual to business smart.

For business, you won’t go far wrong if you stick to slick structured blazers, neutral-colored tailored trousers which can be teamed with various colored shirts, and a smart pair of dress shoes.

Our Top Picks for Men's Business Travel

The blue suit with brown shoes is a modern take on the traditional suit.

Theory Wellar HC New Tailor Suit Jacket

Theory Wellar HC New Tailor Suit Jacket

Theory Men's Mayer Micro Dot Suit Pant

Theory Men's Mayer Micro Dot Suit Pant

Brooks Brothers Men's Regent Fit

Brooks Brothers Non Iron Dress Shirt

Casual Style: For Sightseeing and Comfort

Gone are the days when casual, comfortable clothing is confined to home wear due to unflattering, baggy shapes and classic marl grey color. 

A slim, tapered sweatpants or jeans, a graphic tee, and pair of crisp white trainers can form the basis of a stylish travel look. You can take gym or athletic wear and transform it into an outfit that you wouldn’t be surprised to see on a modern catwalk. 

Casual clothing can also be combined to create the ideal outfit for embarking on some sightseeing or just relaxing during your downtime on a business trip.

For leisure, we recommend a basic packing list of versatile dark wash denim jeans, a fashion tracksuit, one button-down shirt, and a collection of basic t-shirts that will get you through most of your travel clothes for men needs.

  • Slim-cut joggers
  • Dark-wash jeans
  • Stylish sneakers
  • Graphic tees
  • Button-down shirt

A crewneck jersey t-shirt and dark wash jeans will get you through most of your casual travel travel clothes for men needs.

Our Top Picks for Men's Casual Travel

Under Armour Men's Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tactical Tech T-Shirt

Champion Classic Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Champion Classic Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Men's Graduate Jean In Jack

AG Adriano Goldschmied Men's The Graduate Jean

adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

The Go Anywhere Versatile Jacket

Invest in a jacket that can be worn, not only for travel but as a part of a trendy outfit whilst on holiday too. Opt for a timeless denim jacket that can be worn over a loose tee and checked shirt or a luxe bomber jacket over a slim-fit hoodie.

Not only is layering garments very on-trend, but it also means that you can add layers of clothing if the air con on the plane gets too cold or the chilly evenings set in as a result of sea breeze and clear skies.

  • Think layers, avoid bulk unless it's extremely cold
  • Pick a classic style that matches a variety of outfits 
  • Go for neutral colors and high quality materials

Our Top Picks for Men's Jackets

carhartt jacket

Carhartt Loose Fit, Duck Fleece-lined Jacket

Nautica Mens Classic Fit

Nautica Men's Classic Fit Wool/Cashmere Blend Overcoat

Cole Haan Men's Cashmere Blend Coat

Cole Haan Men's Cashmere Blend Coat

An Investment-Quality Carryall

Being organized whilst traveling can make the difference between a stress-free, leisurely journey or a chaotic mess, and a lot of the time this can boil down to how easily accessible and organized your travel documents are in your luggage.

Whether reaching your destination on an airplane, boat or train, when traveling we have to be responsible for a lot of important documents such as our passport, boarding passes, and money, if they are scattered in your baggage this can be a nightmare. 

  • Consider this travel piece for men an investment, go for quality
  • Keep functionality and ease of use in mind
  • Consider your packing list and try to find one bag that can handle it all

Our Top Picks for Men's Carryalls

Vintage Brown Satchel

Flap Over Vintage Brown Satchel

Tumi Leather Briefcase

Tumi Leather Briefcase

RIMOWA Lufthansa Bolero

Rimowa Business Trolley

Hook and Albert Carryall

Hook and Albert Carryall

By investing in a quality carry-on or holdall suitcase to store all of your vital documents, you’ll not only finish off your travel outfit with a stylish and sophisticated accessory but it could hold the key to a more straightforward and enjoyable travel experience. We recommend opting for a statement, leather holdall.

Not only do they last a lifetime and match pretty much any travel outfit for men , but a mid-sized holdall is also big enough to fit a couple of days' luggage in if you’re only visiting for one of two nights.


Many factors can influence what you choose to wear whilst traveling, such as your own personal style, fashion trends, the length of travel, the weather when you arrive, or if you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Remember that less is more and that the ultimate aim of travel style is to create an outfit that is effortless and you look at ease. Truly trendy travel clothes for men will mean that you can save room in your suitcase by recycling staple pieces that you can easily mix and match whilst on holiday to create a fashionable look for any occasion, whether it be business or leisure. travel clothes for men


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