Best Sneaker Cleaners to Keep Your White Sneakers Fresh

With the white sole sneaker trend, keeping your shoes clean has become more important than ever. We reached out to industry professionals to weigh in on their favorite sneaker cleaners — or other tips they use to keep their sneakers looking fresh.

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    “Not only is it about maintaining the white color of your shoes, but protecting them BEFORE putting them to use! This spray I’ve used on client’s shoes (and even my own). It is easy to apply and gets to ready to sport your new shoes :)”- Cassandra Sethi, Founder of NYC Fashion Styling Service — Next Level WardrobeConnect on Instagram | Facebook

“My favorite white sneaker is the Royale by Greats, but like any white shoe, they’re not immune to scuffs, dirt, etc. The solution is simple — I use an old toothbrush with some Dawn dish detergent and warm water and, as the dentist recommends, brush in light, circular motions to clean the surface and then use a cloth to wipe away clean. My sneakers look brand spankin’ new again.”

– Anthony Mastracci, Founder of Menswear and Lifestyle Blog The Next GentlemanConnect on Instagram | Facebook

“If you could protect your new $190 APL sneakers, wouldn’t you? All fabric can beprotected. You can use an old toothbrush or cloth and a small amount of HEX Performance Advanced Detergent with some water to brush off dirt and scuff marks around the sides of the shoe. For tough stains, pretreat spots with HEX Laundry Odor & Stain Remover before washing.Unlike other pretreat formulas, HEX will fight those tough dirt stains and the odor at the same time! If you wear your running shoes out on a muddy trail run, just grab a bucket of water and HEX Performance Gear Wash, soak first and then scrub them back to new.”

– Drew Westervelt, former 9-year Pro Athlete and Founder of Hex Performance cleaning line for Fitness Gear and Fabrics.Connect on Facebook | Twitter

“Bring your sneakers back to life and have them looking brand new again with SneakerCleaner by Grandma’s Secret Products.Safe enough to use on rubber, canvas and leather. Simply remove laces first and spray one to two pumps of Grandma’s Sneaker Cleaner on each shoe. Use an old toothbrush and gentle back and forth motions to remove stains causedby dirt, grass and unsightly marks. To restore your shoe’s look, rinse and let dry.” 

– Michelle Molison, Publicist for Orca Communications Unlimited, LLCConnect on Facebook | Email

“Here’s my simple strategy for cleaning white leather sneakers using household cleaning (and surprisingly, grooming) products: 1. Use a cleaning wipe like a Magic Eraser, wet Swiffer cloth or Mr. Clean wipe to remove surface stains on the leather.  2. To address any stains or scratches not removed by the wipe, you have two options. First, try using whitening toothpaste. Using an extra tooth brush or your finger, dab on a little toothpaste, and rub it into the trouble spot, then wipe it off using your wipe from Step 1. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can try covering the spot with a small bit of white nail polish. 3. To clean the laces, you can either throw them in with your whites and wash them in the laundry machine, or simply place them in a bowl and add in two parts water, one part bleach and one part baking soda, letting them soak for about 10 minutes.”

– Dave Bowden, Founder of Irreverent GentConnect on Facebook | Instagram

“We found out on accident that our All Purpose Cleaner is an amazing shoe cleaner! One of our employees spilled a batch of cleaner on his whitesneaker (only one). He had mowed the lawn the day before. I looked down a few minutes later and started laughing – One shoe looked new and the other looked like he had just mowed the lawn! He had to clean the other shoe! It was incredible!Through my hubby’s stinky feet, we found out the our air freshener can kill ANY foot funk. It’s make with pure ethanol, so it actually kills thebacteria causing the odor!”

– Amber Malcom, CEO, JD of Shabby Chick CleanersConnect on Facebook | Instagram

“For white sneakers, you can’t go wrong with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for tricky stains on the upper. But, my best is advice is don’t be scared of the washing machine. Take the insoles and laces out, then just stick the sneakers in there on a delicate wash, and they come out looking brand new. Let them air dry and they’ll be ready to go.Keep it simple. Stay away from too many chemicals, or you can do some damage.”

– Danny McLoughlin, Writer at RunRepeatConnect on Facebook | Twitter

“I’m a big fan of these sneaker wipes: Sneaker King Premium Sneaker Wipes If you look after your white sneakers and work to keep them clean, I find the preventative measure of not letting the dirt build up will prolong the life of your footwear. Don’t wait until they are filthy to try and breathe some life back into your shoes. Consider it a weekly chore and just brush over with a specialist wipe. Your sneakers will last longer and probably save you money in the long run.”

– Ian Tomkins, M and M DirectConnect on Facebook | Twitter

“The best and simplest tool for keeping white leather shoes and soles white? The Magic EraserThere has never been a more accurately named product its ability to erase just about any scuff or scum mark in and around the home truly feelsmagical. I wet my mine a little bit before scrubbing away stains and dirt from my white sneakers. Here are some before and after photos to prove how well it works… like magic.”

– Kait Schulhof, Writer for A Clean BeeConnect on Instagram | Facebook