Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

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What are the overall trends in men’s grooming for 2018? We asked experts to weigh in on the biggest changes they see coming for men’s grooming in the new year.

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Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

A Return to the Classics

Are beards on their way out? Not exactly, but we will see a little less scruffy beards. 

The lumberjack look, so popular in many circles, will be supplanted by the re-emergence of the always-in-style classic suit.

On the horizon are more extreme skin fades in barbering (à la TV’s Peaky Blinders) and extreme mustache styles like Kenneth Branagh’s in the recent Murder on the Orient Express remake.

Also look out for lots of sharp tailoring, while men’s shoes finally will come in from the cold. 

— Aidan Gill, Founder Aidan Gill for Men 

Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

Holistic Anti-Aging

Men are now spending time looking at ways to preserve their youth. An effort long time entertained by women, men are now considering a more thoughtful daily regimen. From moisturizing products and SPF to anti-aging, men are now concerned with the long term effects of the everyday. Natural products like hemp, essential oils, and even detoxifying agents like charcoal will continue to have a bigger play. We also anticipate a more diligent  interest in considering dietary adjustments to help improve their grooming habits… considering foods that not only help hair growth but also improve skin health. Grooming will become more holistic than ever!

—Jared Friesner, Founder Cliff Original

Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

Higher Quality Ingredients

Over the last few years, men have been shifting away from over-the-counter products in search of high-quality ingredients. They’re also looking for ingredients that can pull double duty such as epidermal growth factors, peptides, retinols, and mineral protectors like zinc.

We’ll see this become an even bigger trend in 2018 particularly as men continue to educate themselves on the ingredients that actually make a difference in the skin. At RA Method, we’re seeing men adopt healthy regimens — cleanses, tone, protect — recognizing that looking and feeling your best has a positive impact on every aspect of one’s life. 

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—Rhonda Allison, Founder RA Method

Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

Men’s Skincare Comes of Age

Now more than ever, men are recognizing the importance of skincare as an integral part of their grooming routine. In the morning, throughout the day, and at night men need to moisturize and hydrate their skin with natural ingredients to prevent aging, fine lines, breakouts and more. I am proud to provide a smart solution for men’s skincare.

—Mirela Mitan, Founder of Mitani Group and creator of MMXV INFINITUDE Universal Facial Treatment

Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

Embracing Your Gray

This is the year of embracing your gray! The undeniable trend for 2018, and I speak emphaticly that the beard is not over and let that grey shine through!   Smelling good has never been more important.  Grooming yourself with a beard oil that contains a masculine scent such as whiskey or tobacco is bound to not only make a great  appearance but also a great impression.

— Daniel M. Sheehan, Owner Sheehan & Co.

Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018

Anti-Pollution Push 

The effects of excessive sunlight on skin have been recognized for a long time.  We are now just seeing the emergence of evidence that urban pollution has a seriously negative impact on the health of your skin. 

—Ben Rose, Founder and Senior Editor at

Thanks to everyone who gave us their predictions. 2018 should be an exciting year for men’s style and grooming!

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Top Men’s Grooming Trends for 2018
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